But slime and unicorns together are a pretty good combination. outline: none; .crp-popup-thumbs-grid.lg-outer .lg-thumb { Before you start I really do recommend reading the instructions properly as we didn't and the first attempt was a bit of a disaster and very messy. margin-left: 5px !important; Saying that though she absolutely adores the Poopsie unicorn and we love her long hair and glittery eyes! .ui-widget-content[aria-describedby="crp-product-enquiry-dialog-11"] .ui-dialog-titlebar .ui-dialog-titlebar-close { .ui-widget-content[aria-describedby="crp-product-enquiry-dialog-11"] .ui-dialog-titlebar, background-color: #fff; You need to make sure the dial on the unicorn is turned to feeding then you can start to feed the unicorn the ingredients to make slime.

Surprise dolls. }