Perhaps you lost them in a spelunking accident or a arts and crafts accident. They are good. If you lose a class III weapon you are in deep do do no matter what the circumstances. fined or face punitive action because I lost it. . Shame. I’m not sure what those plans include, but I assume there are at least some external parts that the owner must assemble or purchase and install before the thing can shoot. Securing your gun in your vehicle: Amazon Basics Portable Security Case XL with Combination Lock, Carry Your Gun. They could probably kick you out and I guarantee the left as shit librarian would call the cops but ultimately it isn’t illegal. I lost my thundercats glock when my rainbow unicorn pool floatie sprang a leak... Be careful trying to retrieve them. It looks like you're new here. HEh heh heh heh………and these guys work/ed for the gang that MAKE the rules. Copyright & Trademarks There's a bunch of gotchas since the end goal is a plastic part with enough strength to withstand the forces without shattering. Good thing Governor Brown didn’t sign SB 299 in 2013, which would have required “any person whose firearm is lost or stolen to make a report to local law enforcement within 7 days from the time the person knew or should have known [ha!] If you read the instructions for the lower, you'd see. You’re a great American. re: The "I lost my guns in a boating accident" Line Posted by TotesMcGotes on 10/2/17 at 9:21 am to Stingray Obama is going to have to give back all of the guns he took from all of you so that you can then lose them in a boating accident or defend them with your cold, dead hands. Please try your search again later. (This is assuming anyone there actually recognizes what you print). It's oddly coincidental how many guns of this type were inherited from dead relatives or neighbors and never underwent any kind of registration or formal transfer of ownership - or happened to be firearms with no serial numbers... At least 50 deadly black rifles, just waiting for Beatoff to get elected Pres. They're insured against all "accidents." Send it in to Smith & Wesson, and see if they really do have the best customer service in the biz. The idea of a “code of silence” or all “brothers in blue” is just so much BS, sometimes your worst enemy is the guy sitting next to you in the car who will sell you out for silly little rule violations just because he is jealous or some other petty reason. Even specifically non criminal conduct can have very serious consequences, even if done off duty and has no connection to the job. But, this time I was too far back and my feet were under the aluminum bench (with the flotation foam in it) and when I stepped, they didn't immediately come out.

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