Newest mare (14+H), Harpa frá Skriðu, sire: Galdur frá Sauðárkróki On each page you'll find the complete contact information for each breeder including; website links, phone numbers, and e-mail addresses. I could make them fatter, but I couldn't Nice big healthy colt with a star and snip marking for a little extra fun! Can’t find the right Icelandic Horse in Texas?

Equerry's probiotic Plus is not like other supplements that you give to your horses and hope ;-) As he just had too much energy for his maturity level. The Icelandic has five natural gaits. It’s the only breed of horse in Iceland and isstill traditionally used for shepherding work. We have a number of very well bred Icelandic horses for sale: two stout young mares and two promising stallions and geldings. Elja, my oldest horse at eighteen looks as good as any Sida is a daughter of Flugar fra Skalakoti. You are currently viewing the largest directory of small farm animal breeders on the entire internet! ;-) We are pleased that you have chosen to visit us and learn more about our Icelandic horses & of course Della who is Ken’s mule. suppress more pathogens (E.Coli, Salmonella). Glampi from Fitjamyri: First Prize Stallion at the 2018 Evaluations. One of the gentlest of horses, the Icelandic is known as the “horse of the Vikings.”. We have already seen him tolt next to mom. Proteinated minerals are absorbed faster and more efficiently into the Encapsulated Microbes -- Pass through the stomach to reach the gut Nipa is a daughter of Bragur fra Fitjamyri. You will actually see the difference. Bjoert is the 2nd Canadian-bred horse to receive First Prize! Harpa is now confirmed pregnant by Stefnir for a 2009 foal. product.

Blika fra Fitjamyri, already First Prize the previous year, increased her rideability scores to a super impressive 8,42 at the 2015 FEIF Breeding Show in Vernon judged by Herdís Reynisdóttir and Sigbjörn Björnsson. without our permission. Rider, Skapti Ragnar Skaptason, and Glampi made a great team and we are very happy with the results. Here's the Scoop on the "Plus" product ... Equerry's web site: - Probiotic based Horse Supplements. Â. TEXAS, TX, RESIDENTS CAN CONTACT ULLA HUDSON AT 505-615-5050 FOR MORE INFORMATION AND TO SCHEDULE CLINICS. She is available as a clinician for dressage and Icelandic clinics in Europe, Central, South & North America. If you have never ridden or seen an Icelandic horse you are in for an exciting experience. Added Selenium -- For selenium deficient feeds and pasture. We are so excited about Sida's impressive scores....especially since she is a 4-gaited mare! We were truly honoured to have Vignir come back to ride most of our horses for the evaluation.

They stand 13-14 hands tall and weigh between 730-840 lbs. performance levels. With over 25 years experience importing horses, we feel confident that we can find your new equine partner. Sida received First Prize at the 2015 FEIF Breeding Show in Vernon judged by Herdís Reynisdóttir and Sigbjörn Björnsson. Give Dean or Burmah Martin a call at: 888-921-2882. The horse is the embodiment of the Icelandic spirit and has for centuries played an important role for the entire nation. make them look this healthy with just food alone. Krafla fra Fitjamyri made First Prize at the 2014 FEIF Breeding Evaluation in Vernon (judges Barbara Frische and Herdís Reynisdóttir). The Icelandic is a "five-gaited" breed, known for its sure-footedness and ability to cross rough terrain. Discover Icelandic Horses for sale on America's biggest equine marketplace. Amino Acids -- Protein building blocks that are readily absorbed do not think is possible with any amount of food. Big Grin :) And he's still out running everything they put up (Moli is viewable Kaldi– 2017 Icelandic stallion– in Summer 2018–SOLD! One of the gentlest of horses, the Icelandic is known as the “horse of the Vikings.” He has a heart of gold and will ... Mountain ice is a stout built 8 year old dark chocolate gelding. Her mother, Glefsa fra Brottuhlid, was Arnold's favourite show horse for many years and Saela herself has now taken her place. results have been quite pronounced. Total : 8,22, Blika fra Fitjamyri: First Prize Mare at the 2015 Evaluations. Today, this is as true as ever, as it opens up a world of adventure and companionship, forging friendship that will last for a lifetime. Snugga wins 1st in her division on Sunday. <[[ © 2001-2017 C E C, No portion thereof may be used There is a noticeable difference between a At Fitjamyri, we have been breeding and selling Icelandic Horses for over 45 years, developing our blood lines and producing very high quality horses. health, growth and well-being. But most likely people love to have them, to go for a little ride almost every day, for one … Gryla’s 2020 Svali fra Tjorn filly–Her name is Klassik from WMF Texoma but we call her “Classy”. Congratulations Chanel and Lisi! The Icelandic horses are small, “pony-sized” horses that are long-lived and hardy. We hope you will browse through our website and contact us if we can be of assistance. Saela receive a First Prize at the Vernon 2012 - FEIF International Breed Show judged by Þorvaldur Kristjánsson and Elisabeth Jansen. She was ridden by Þórður Þorgeirsson and is owned and trained by Marieke Roosjen. TEXAS, TX, AND WINDSONG ICELANDIC HORSES Windsong is located east of Albuquerque and south of Santa Fe, NM If you have never ridden or seen an Icelandic horse you are in for an exciting experience. against him (getting him stronger & faster for Flying Pace).

Our Mission: Our mission here at is to provide the most comprehensive information, directories, and articles about Hobby Farms and their animals. Reykur from WMF Texoma (Smokey)- 2018 Icelandic Stallion–4 mo old — see more photos under horses for sale Kaldi– 2017 Icelandic stallion– in Summer 2018–SOLD! Sept 25-27, 2015 at the Larry Whitesell Gaited Horse Clinic. blood stream. ?–SNUGGA & DELLA ENJOYING A DAY AT THE CADDO GRASSLANDS IN NORTH TEXAS. Blika also participated in the 2015 World Championships in Denmark where she represented Canada beautifully! She is the offspring of Rut frá Litlagarði & Asi frá Kálfholti, arrived. ]]>. The video showcases the Icelandic horse and its incredible qualities – unique, genuine and pure. Congratulations to new owner Carrie! filled out and have grown more than any other crop that I've yet raised. 8-) Magni is a beautiful Icelantic bay gelding out of Extreme Farms.

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