Also too big and I cant see. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. ginseng: B. best healer in the game plus good metergain. Here we've ranked them all from best to worst. And her regeneration passive could save you some of Ajna's Iddhi in a sticky situation (although it does take a while I'll admit).

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Make your way to the Iron Kingdom. :). His damage is slightly better on larger targets when he can more easily land all of his arrows. attacks synergize well with other juggle characters. qadira: C. great single-target damage, but not much else.

Uppercut reaches high. My #1 100% Objectively Correct Character Tier List. Developer Site Game …

Leilani shreds pretty much every normal encounter in the game, especially when paired with other heavy hitters that can make use of her AoE which groups up the enemies, like Dhar, Kampan and Tungar.

Ginseng: The best healer. in testing, some attack strings did up to 50% more damage, while some received no apparent boost at all. Still have to do more testing on Zahra to decide if she's worth the loss of a 4th S rank character, but I think at the very least she deserves a higher tier than A rank for now.

Indivisible, a new Action-RPG from Lab Zero Games! supers deal a fair amount of magical damage. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. Indivisible makes it pretty hard to not obsess over every character that graces your screen. This character is unlocked within the game’s campaign. Learning to block attacks is the most important thing. Tier list methodology. Archived. Would like to hear other opinions. Latigo: Good range and power. (Let Dhar charge up while Nuna block enemies in the mean time was my midgame go to), Razmi: Good early game powerhouse with a great variety of specials including a heal. however, all her damage is magic-type, which heals some enemies. somewhat low damage overall, though. By using our Services or clicking I agree, you agree to our use of cookies. At least she has range. At least she can shield break. 10 comments . Register Start a Wiki . Stand in front of the posters in order to trigger a cutscene with the character. Ajna, Dhar, Latigo and Kampan all have very good Iddhi supers. S: Leilani: Shreds most normal and group encounters and if you start off with her DownAttack the spinning cool down is almost negated by the time your combo is over. i mostly play with Dhar,Ginseng and leilani because i feel like they're A or S tier.but i dont experiment with the other character too much, also heres the tier list maker btw > similar to yan, but lower damage outside of supers. Press Esc to cancel. 163 Pages. great damage, but spends a lot of time reloading unless using supers. Still a good dog, though. Not sure I see why there is so much love for traps and stuns when you can pretty much burst any group of enemies dead in the opening salvo, which also prevents them from attacking. New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast, More posts from the Indivisible community. Find all three resurrection lillies for Ginseng. You use our tier list maker to quickly create your own, unique and interactive template that anyone can use. Who's are the best characterts right now? Indivisible: All The Incarnations, Ranked. terrible metergain. Sumeru section of the game’s campaign, this character will become available. Prototype Backer Preview Characters. naga rider: A. good damage, good at guard breaks and juggles.

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Next, return to the location’s town. The AOE is ok. Also keep her on the top if you can, Altun is so big it makes it hard to see. able to choose between physical and magical damage. Sure, she can't actually do damage on her own, but the buffs massively make up for that, Zebei is great damage and combo extender before you get better characters.Personally I think for the first Kala fight Zebei was the best, Kampan is by far top tier ,because you gonna need her to have access to the insane Iddhi.I also hear Tungar is pretty insane.But I never played him. This character can be found in Tai Krung City. Zahra should probably be S tier, since she has those stacking damage/haste buffs. Games Movies TV Video. Indivisible, a new Action-RPG from Lab Zero Games! Press J to jump to the feed. You will then unlock the character. Indivisible Wiki. Cookies help us deliver our Services. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Yan might not have a super but her regular attack damage is way higher from my experience, and personally I end up using my meter in other places to better effect. After completing the quest, the brothers will become new usable characters. Cant go wrong here. phoebe: A. excellent single-target damage from down+attack. I haven't properly tested Nuna.

thorani: B. can heal more than ginseng, especially with meter, but cant heal herself except with lv3 super. B: Thorani: Second Best healer. excellent if she can steal from overlapping enemies, otherwise invests a lot of actions into gaining coins. strong area damage with downside of having to charge, but charging is quick enough that this is negligible. In order to unlock Baozhai, you will need to first make it to the Tower of Wisdom. Here is a quick rundown of what you are going to need to do to unlock every character in Indivisible. Locations Enemies Links. decent supers. The status effects are just a bonus making him a late game Nuna. kushi: A. altun attacks have the strength of supers but cost no meter. Is a dog! Indivisible contains a staggering 20 different incarnations. However, the character cannot be used in combat. A ranged attack in a pinch and is non-magic healer which is good in the later game encounters. The multi attack is nice, but you have to unlock the 6th chamber and also reloading mid-battle sucks. respawn mechanic can help in a pinch. Ajna Incarnations Guest Characters Lore. A: Nuna: good AEO, and high reach. Decent supers but outclassed. As the first incarnation without supers its hard to want her on the team. Follow up attacks are a nice bonus, Zebei: Good reach, Good AEO, Good power. easily outclassed. Log in sign up.

Near the Temple section of the game’s campaign, this character will be unlocked. Her reliance on magic and slow charge make her harder to place any hire (S for personality), Kampan: Good late game focus fire. Click to see spoiler.

That's it. Prototype Backer Preview Characters.

Notify me of follow-up comments by email. There are already 200,000+ tier list templates available on TierMaker and you can make a tier list for nearly anything by searching for the topic you are interested in or starting on our category page. On the first level, you will discover a pair of posters. Feel free to contribute if you've got a different experience with any of the characters! I'd imagine her DPS is pretty high. This will be the first character you unlock, as Dhar is unlocked early within the game’s campaign.

tungar: A. good area damage, great supers. hunoch/xiboch: B. nice damage with good metergain but only one attack. There, you will find and unlock this character. Yeah but does Naga Rider have legs for days? To make things even worse, there are over 20 fascinating characters you can add to your roster. This was all based on game feel and not at the numbers. Sheild breaker and high reach. If you end up in a small arena, the FF can be more trouble than its worth. ), B: Baozhai, Kushi, Latigo, Qadira, Razmi, Hunoch/Xiboch (Good damage, low speed, some good supers here but outclassed by others - namely Kampan) Zebei (Zebei has low damage but makes up for it with great speed, combo racking, and iddhi gain. Wikis. Wikis. good damage. razmi: B. attacks and supers are powerful and have good range, and "slow" debuff is handy against single-target battles. To make things even worse, there are over 20 fascinating characters you can add to your roster. good damage against rows of enemies with neutral and up+attack. Kampan's is likely the best. Or at least Ren, since his damage is also amazing. down+attack is amazing for juggles, and riding neutral attack has an enormous area of effect and builds tons of meter. Speaking of AoE, Tungar is available very early and has probably the best AoE you can get until you recruit Leilani, and even late game he's still worth using. ren: S. AMAZING area damage, plus traps and powerful supers with stackable status debuffs. ), Keep in mind I could be completely incorrect on some characters as the game hasn't been released for long. Complete the quest to unlock the character. Category:Playable Characters | Indivisible Wiki | Fandom. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts.

Dhar has "low" speed but as long as you end his combo chain with a Down+ATK his speed is great. However, George can be unlocked by returning to your save point just before you are tasked with leaving Port Maerifa. Midair bonuses aren't super noticeable IMO. neutral attack does poor damage. I've used her since I first got her and she gets the job done. This character cannot be used in combat. Ajna Incarnations Guest Characters Lore. zahra: unsure. When not writing about people pelting each other in the face or about leveling up in the latest RPG, he tends to spend his time as a web producer in Atlanta. You can find Tungar within Fortress Vimana’s prison. cannot start juggles and requires 5 actions to break guard. C: Yan: Just has kicks and not super.

Sumeru Base. damage buff seems amazing, but im not clear on how it works.

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