Greenville County: From 1979–80 to 2012–13, state and local government expenditures on corrections in South Carolina increased by, Between 2007 and 2016, the South Carolina prison population decreased by.

click to view detailed information. On their website, they have information about visiting and sending money and gifts as well as details about their programs.

Programs. If known, enter inmate's SCDC number or his/her State The FOB has an extensive website making it easy to research each of the facilities or to visit friends and family who are held there. However, anyone wanting to find out about a specific inmate in a South Carolina juvenile detention center can contact the South Carolina Department of Juvenile Justice directly to inquire. If SCDC number and SID are unknown, enter the name of the inmate for whom you are searching. Why are People Incarcerated in South Carolina? Inmates are allowed to move to these facilities within 36 months of release. The inmate's search detail Records, Property The state of South Carolina makes it super easy to find South Carolina incarcerated inmates in SC prisons and jails. Parole is when an inmate is released early before completing their sentences. Ridgeland Correctional Institution. A table of results will display below containing the inmate’s SCDC ID, name, gender, race, height, weight, and age. South Carolina’s prison system holds 20,858 residents in various kinds of correctional facilities, from which 20,399 residents are held in state prisons, 61 in federal prisons, 42 in juvenile correctional facilities, and 344 in local jails. Go to the SC Inmate Search Page and type in at least the last name. They are well organized by state name (South Carolina), These machines spray virus-killing sanitize…, SCDC and the ⁦@SCNationalGuard⁩ are standing strong together against the COVID-19 virus. Click any inmate’s row to see additional details including mugshots, the facility they are held in and crime details. If SCDC number and SID are unknown, enter the name of the family - communication and services, find, contact, and visit an inmate. Pursuant to S.C. Code §17-28-330(A), an option. Family. After that, the offender has the right to apply to have those records permanently expunged. The South Carolina Department of Corrections is the agency in charge of inmate records, and they keep them online and searchable. One of the most crucial information you will have to know: Most of the databases provided on the South Carolina Department of Corrections (SCDC) website grants you access to search using an alias or partial name, Bennettsville FCI - medium-security federal correctional institution holding 1,397 male inmates. Scroll down and click the “Search for Incarcerated Inmate” link. If you are unsure of an inmate's first name, leave it blank.

To view a glossary of terms and descriptions used in the According to their website, their mission is to: “protect the public and reclaim juveniles through prevention, community programs, education, and rehabilitative services in the least restrictive environment.” The five South Carolina juvenile detention centers are as follows: Typically, state governments deem juvenile records as sealed until the person is 18 years old. Estill FCI - medium-security federal correctional institution holding 1,206 male inmates. If they fail to complete even one of them, they will go immediately to prison to serve out the remainder of their sentence. South Carolina judges have the option of assigning an offender probation rather than sending them to prison. Williamsburg FCI - medium-security correctional institution holding 1,274 male inmates.

This makes…, @allieandtoby1 @SCNationalGuard We have temporarily opened R&E at Lieber for new admissions from the counties and o…, Lieber CI has accepted and processed 121 new offenders so far this week in a temporary arrangement while Kirkland R…, SCDC is now using cutting-edge technology in the fight against COVID19.

All South Carolina federal prisons are owned and operated by the Federal Bureau of Prisons (FOB). They categorize each South Carolina state prison into four categories: high security (level 3), medium security (level 2), minimum security (level 1B), and community-based pre-release/work centers (level 1A). There are couple more correctional facilities which are decentralized and keep their data separately. Where Do South Carolina Inmates Go When They are Released? These facilities confine SC inmates who have broken federal laws inside South Carolina’s borders. South Carolina inmate records are stored online so anyone can perform an SC inmate search 24/7. Most of the databases provided on the South Carolina Department of Corrections (SCDC) website grants you access to search using an alias or partial name, however, for the most part, a full first and last name will be required when searching don't be surprised if you search for a common name and get many results. Inmate Search Detail Report, click on the following link. About 21,000 of those are located in state prisons, another 11,000 are in local jails, 4,600 are in federal prisons, and 690 are in juvenile detention. All SC federal prisons are managed and overseen by the Federal Bureau of Prisons and anyone wanting to find an inmate held there, must contact them directly. Some databases are freely available at the South Carolina Department of Corrections (SCDC) online. Jobs. Victims. South Carolina Department of Corrections (SCDC) maintains a centralized database about each or City, Police and County Jails. Richland County: How to Perform an SCDC Inmate Search? After that, everything that happens in the inmate’s life is documented and added into the file. Therefore, anyone wanting to locate South Carolina jail inmates must contact the local Sheriff’s Office or local police station where the person was arrested.

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sound similar to the name you entered.

Parole is only granted when an inmate has displayed good behavior and has proven to the parole board that they do not pose a danger to society. A phonetic search will return all inmate records that sound similar to the name you entered. South Carolina Department of Corrections (SCDC), PO Box 21787 4444 Broad River Road Columbia SC 29210, Incarceration Rate in Prisons (per 100,000), Incarceration Rate in Jails (per 100,000), Hispanic Incarceration Rate (per 100,000), Custody Rate for American Indians (per 100,000), Disenfranchised Individuals (% of Individuals), Disenfranchised African Americans (% of Individuals), highest arrest rate. The South Carolina prison system is pretty simple, with only a few types of facilities to hold prisoners. They also run the state prison facilities.

If possible you can't still find the inmate, it will be advisable to try your search considering South Carolina’s incarceration rate for year-end 2016 under state prison or local jail jurisdiction per 100,000 population was 408, which is lower than an average incarceration rate by 9%. To look up an inmate in a South Carolina prison just follows these instructions: You can also try the Infotracer search tool to find someone’s arrest records, criminal history, warrants, incarcerations, and other public records. Some hold long-term SC inmates who are serving multi-year sentences, and some are work-release/reentry programs aimed at helping inmates who are being released. Parole is a supervisory program designed to rehabilitate offenders while also keeping residents safe. The process of finding someone in jail is different, though. Most of these are maintained and operated by the local county Sheriff’s Office. What Does South Carolina’s Prison System Look Like? programs dedicated to inmate rehabilitation & self-improvement. All the South Carolina county jails are operated and managed by local law enforcement. The number of South Carolina prisoners at the year-end of 2016 was 20,858, from which 7% were female prisoners, whereas the number of male prisoners was 19,384 in 2016. Records, Then from the right sidebar menu, choose “SCDC Inmate Locator.”. inmate for whom you are searching. About SCDC. @johnnylpricejr @SCNationalGuard They were training last week. MacDougall Correctional Institution (L2). South Carolina Department of Corrections Inmate Search: Step 1: Visit the South Carolina incarcerated inmate search service page, where you will find the search below: Step 2: If known, enter the inmate’s SCDC ID number to be taken directly to their offender profile.Otherwise, you will need to enter at least a last name (though you may filter further by choosing a first name or first initial. After you perform SCDC search, view scdc mugshots and complete SCDC inmate search, you may locate inmate by name in order to locate a person who may be currently incarcerated at SCDC, and Send South Carolina inmate packages. Broad River Correctional Institution (L3). The state of South Carolina has eleven county jails that hold pretrial inmates and recently arrested individuals. Therefore, searching online for juvenile records won’t be possible. A list of 5 counties in South Carolina that have the Manning Reentry/Work Release Center (L1-B). South Carolina’s Department of Juvenile Justice (SCDJJ) is responsible for five juvenile detention centers and programs. This article will guide you on how to search the jail databases through the South Carolina Department of Corrections (SCDC) website for free.

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