From the main menu select VCS | Git | Rebase: Click Modify options and choose --interactive. Detailed and easy to understand. This is useful when you're working on a feature branch and want to clean it up and make it look the way you want before you share it with others. Our task here is to mark all the commits as squashable, except the first/older one: it will be used as a starting point. Below the commit list there is a short comment (omitted in my example) which outlines all the operations available.

Even beginners can understand this easily. For example, you can edit commit messages, squash together smaller commits related to the same functionality, or split a commit that contains unrelated changes into separate commits, add changes to a previous commit, and so on. Both commands append staged changes to the selected commit, but handle commit messages differently: squash adds the new commit message to the original commit, fixup discards the new commit message, leaving only the message from the original commit. Ignore a commit: click Drop so that the changes from the selected commit are not applied. A nice way to group some changes together, especially before sharing them with others. That simple clarification you made, and the first that you even addressed the reverse order made this super simple to me after years of shame! Also, you cannot perform actions that modify a branch history for commits that are not contained in the branch currently checked out. Click the arrow on the Commit button and choose Commit and Rebase. Thanks mate. The Interactive Rebase dialog will be displayed containing the list of all commits in the current branch that were made after the selected commit. Pick a commit: this is the default state for all commits. The result would be: You have just told Git to combine all seven commits into the the first commit in the list. Thanks a lot mate... :). For example, this is a hypothetical list of commits taken from the git log command, while I'm working on a generic feature Z: Notice how a rebase generates a new commit with a new hash (84d1f8 in the example above).

A fantastically written article. Thank you :). By using our site, you acknowledge that you have read and understand our Privacy Policy, and our Terms of Service. Better than the other articles I read! Thank you for the very useful explanation ! Thanks. Thank you !! If you'are using the Commit tool window, click Amend next to the Commit button so that it changes to Amend Commit. IntelliJ IDEA allows you to edit the commits history in the current branch before you apply the changes to a different branch. The only difference for me was: I needed to squash all into the first commit. If the only thing you need to change is a commit message, you can edit it before you push this commit. As a result, the Rebasing Commits dialog shows a graph illustrating all actions you've applied to commits in your branch, so that you can review them before starting the rebase: IntelliJ IDEA allows you to rebase a branch on top of another branch and edit the source branch history before you apply the changes.

Stackoverflow - How can I merge two commits into one? Thank you for your efforts! I had heard about squashing commits with git before, so I was confident it would be easy to do. Good job! I've been struggling with git interactive rebase for quite a long. Git allows you to edit your project history. Select the changes that you want to add to the previous commit in the Local Changes view .

This will be required when you've pushed your previous commits into remote. Squash commits into one with Git Step 1: choose your starting commit.

Great article, best squash explanation I've found.

In the dialog that opens, edit the commit message (by default, it contains the messages from both commits) and click OK. Push Ctrl+Shift+K the changes to the remote branch. You can do many smart tricks during an interactive rebase, let's stick with the basics for now though. Not found such a clear explanation so far. Since 2018.3, there is also another option - autosquash which allows you to fixup selected commit with your local changes. Nice explanation.

There is a request to allow squashing by selecting commits in the Log directly - see Very nicely and simply explained. Thanks a lot! Even a beginner can do it, very explanatory thanks a lot.

Great write-up! There is a request to allow squashing by selecting commits in the Log directly - see

The most comprehensible article introducing "git squash" I've ever read! it creates a commit with all the changes.Is there a way I can get back the old "feature"?I don't want to commit everything in one commit after I have squashed everything in.Thanks,Dave, Please see,, IDEs Support (IntelliJ Platform) | JetBrains,, which, | ok, got it, — Written by Triangles on November 17, 2017 In the Log tab of the Git tool window Alt+9 select the commits that you want to combine into one and choose Squash Commits from the context menu. Thank you so much, Very Helpful. All the important details that one would have to know. best squash instructions I have seen.

Thanks for the simple and to the point explanation. I always refer learners to this page when it comes to squashing commits. Helpful :).

This allows you to clean up the commits history by altering individual commits, changing their order, squashing commits into one, skipping commits that contain extraneous changes, and so on before you integrate changes from your feature branch to another branch.

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