Steins;Gate 0 is the story of the Okabe that failed to save Kurisu (the one you see in the D-Video at the end). An animated film sequel, Steins;Gate: The Movie − Load Region of Déjà Vu, was released on April 20, 2013. That's why the OVA is often deemed non-canon, despite not breaking any rules. Later, while walking in the streets of Akihabara, Rintaro has a chance encounter with Kurisu, who appears to have retained some memories of the other World Lines. Discovering no one else was aware that the experiment even took place, Rintaro finds his D-Mail had indeed led to Luka purchasing a lottery ticket, although his own personal error led him to get the number wrong. Here is a list of all translated S;G source material. With their relationship repaired, Rintaro sends the D-Mail, moving back to a World Line where Luka is a boy, leaving the next D-Mail to be reversed: Moeka's. There's 3 other Steins;Gate games, all non-canon. In the letter, Suzuha laments that she had failed her mission, as the damages to the time machine caused her to crash and lose her memories for 24 years. So there are places that are contradicted by other, canon stories.

[1] The series has been licensed in North America by Funimation Entertainment. While out doing his laundry, Rintaro runs into Kurisu, who is still in denial about a time machine existing and tells her about the IBN 5100.

This includes Steins;Gate, Steins;Gate 0, Chaos;Head, Chaos;Child, Robotics;Notes, Robotics;Notes DaSH, as well as Occultic;Nine and Anonymous;Code. Daru then reveals that Suzuha's time machine is only able to travel backwards in time, meaning they won't be able to see her again once she leaves. Senkei Kousoku no Phenogram (Linear Bounded Phenogram) is a collection of 11 side stories from each lab member's pespective Hiyoku Renri no Darling (Darling of Loving Vows) is a fandisk dating-sim light hearted game, it's pretty funny at times. As Rintaro attempts to time leap again, Kurisu stops him, worried that seeing Mayuri die over and over will destroy him. Picking up a light up sword in order to use its liquid as a substitute for Kurisu's blood, Rintaro and Suzuha return to the day of Kurisu's death. Wanting to save Kurisu, Rintaro travels to the past with Suzuha in her time machine, arriving prior to Kurisu's death.

On December 2, 2015, an alternate version of the 23rd episode was aired as a part of the rebroadcast of the series, in order to promote Steins;Gate 0 and its anime adaptation. With further information about SERN's time travel experiments encrypted in a code that Daru can't decipher, Rintaro learns from Titor that he needs the IBN 5100 computer Moeka was looking for in order to decode it. Release date: 06 Mar 2011 Genres: Mystery, Science Fiction. When Kurisu tells Rintaro that he should save Mayuri over her, he cannot accept it and runs back to the lab. As Kurisu hears from a contact about the computer's capabilities, maid café owner Faris Nyannyan informs Rintaro that her family had donated an IBN 5100 to Luka's family shrine. They learn what time they can send messages, how much data can be sent, and how far they can send them back.

Also I liked both movie and ep25(ova). As a car appears during Mayuri's fated time to die, Rintaro attempts to change destiny by letting the car hit him instead, but Mayuri pushes him out of the way and dies in his place. Okabe, seorang ilmuan eksentrik bersama dengan teman masa kecilnya, Mayuri dan sang hacker otaku, Daru telah membentuk “Laboratorium Penelitian Gadget Masa Depan”. Dubbing the messages they send to the past as "D-Mails", the group conduct further experiments, deducing the rules and limitations of sending D-Mails. Why "Arc Light" is not canon? I consider the OVA canon, as there's nothing that would rule it out of being canon. Too afraid to tell Kurisu the reason behind his change of plans, Rintaro accompanies Mayuri to a comic market, trying to think of a way he can save her without sacrificing Kurisu. I seem to be getting mixed replies online whenever I search this up online. After being sent to just before the time leap machine's completion, Rintaro manages to obtain Kurisu's aid before they are both approached by Suzuha. OVA takes place after the Steins Gate anime and it was pretty good. Some time after getting rid of the PhoneWave, Rintaro receives a call from an alternate Suzuha, telling him she needs his help to prevent, Suzuha explains that her mission is to prevent Kurisu's death and enter a World Line known as Steins Gate, in which World War III never happens. Do not watch episode 23 24 and 25. Finding that the liquid in the gadget has dried up, Rintaro provokes Nakabachi into stabbing him, leading him to run off in fear with Kurisu's theory. After giving in and choosing to save Mayuri, Rintaro tells Kurisu he loves her, to which she responds by kissing him. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. Please follow this step to get the optimal experience out of it, you can thank me once you have experience it yourself Step 1: The original series but…. Falling into despair over his repeated failures, Rintaro is approached by Kurisu, who gets him to reveal his situation and gives him key trigger phrases to get her past self to cooperate with him. The OVA can be canon, but the movie cannot be. Arc Light of the Point at Infinity, again has a manga and drama cd, this time it's the "beta" cd. It gives the anime series a happy ending and some more closure (imo) while the end of the anime was … Like Faris, Luka eventually recalls the previous World Line where she was a male, distressing her as a return to it would prevent her from pursuing her feelings for Rintaro. This includes Steins;Gate, Steins;Gate 0, Chaos;Head, Chaos;Child, Robotics;Notes, Robotics;Notes DaSH, as well as Occultic;Nine and Anonymous;Code. Kurisu theorizes that, since negating Rintaro's D-Mail stopping Suzuha delayed the attack, undoing the effects of the other D-Mails could bring them back to a World Line where they have an IBN 5100, allowing them to hack into SERN and delete the records that set them on their trail. The next day, Luka comes to the lab, asking to send a D-Mail to before he was born so that he would be born as a girl. Moments after Mayuri's death, Suzuha rushes in the lab and creates a distraction, allowing Kurisu to use the time leap machine to send Rintaro back in time to 5pm the same day. Managing to borrow the IBN 5100 from Luka's father, Rintaro and Kurisu carry it back to the lab. All Series Videos are hosted on sharing website, and provided by 3rd parties not affiliated with this site or it's server. I’m currently coming up with a theory that would make both canon, but if you only consider S;G mechanics, then neither of them are canon. It's basically the anime but 10000x better. I apologize if this has been asked multiple times before. If you like romances and loved romance part of S;G you definitely should watch Clannad + Clannad: After Story. It contradicts The holy day of scourge canon Light novel (S;G epilogue) thus why its non-canon, It's not fully canon but I know those events could occur!

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