"Looks like he knows what he's doing." She is also the technical and mechanical expert (much like her rival, Tails), who designs the team's Extreme Gears.Her skills with this surpass that of both Tails and Eggman. Wave, Jet, and Storm sought to awaken Babylon Garden and find its treasure. If the player controls Team Babylon, Wave sabotages Team Heroes' Extreme Gears without Jet's knowledge, prompting Jet to seek a rematch to save the Babylon Rogues' reputation. “N-no mistress.” He didn’t dare look away from his mistress when he spoke to her, no matter how loud Jet cried out as he heard Storm’s answer. When Sonic nearly beat Jet in the final round, Wave detonated the bomb and blew up his Gear, causing Jet to win. When Eggman stole two Arks in the possession of Jet, Wave took them back from him. Wave was listed as Jet's first emergency contact, but honestly, it's fucking 2 am. She is the creator of Jet's Extreme Gear, Type-J. Wave the Swallow is a purple swallow, one of the Babylon Rogues descended from the Babylonians, other two being Jet the Hawk and Storm the Albatross. If the player controls Team Heroes, Team Heroes wins the competition against Team Babylon and Jet blames Wave for technical trouble with his Gear, prompting Sonic to race Jet in a rematch to be fair. When Storm lost his race to Knuckles, Wave said that his skills suck. Wave is one of three female villains, other two being. Anyone can join this website if they are fans of the Babylon Rogues. A highschool au with sonadow and silvblaze, plus many friendships. After Jet got the treasure, a flying carpet, the Babylon Rogues went their separate ways from Sonic - for now.

I am currently taking requests, see the first chapter for more information, and chapter 15 for where to leave them.

~Jet The Hawk and Wave The Swallow in Unanswered Questions. However, he's scared and hiding something. But unlike Storm, Wave does not bother calling Jet "Boss", as she simply calls him by his name. Her best friend. Wave, Jet, and Storm found an Ark of the Cosmos and began seeking the other four, racing against Sonic's team as they did so. Wave the Swallow is one of the three Babylon Rogues. Sonic manages to provide something that no one else can. "Yeah. Immortal Prince Shadow threatens with a rebellious attack! She is also the technical and mechanical expert (much like her rival, Tails), who designs the team's Extreme Gears. tip: "uchiha sasuke/uzumaki naruto" angst kudos>10. Jet showed Jason to the training room on his ship where Jason learned to use his abilities. Mainstream Sonic Wiki is a FANDOM Games Community.

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