He later moved to Savannah, where he was a "ne'er-do-well"[1] attorney.

In retelling the story and ensuing trials, he created an extraordinary portrait of Savannah and a few of its colorful citizens. Tefft was himself an avid collector of books, but he is primarily noted for his vast collection of autographs, which grew to be one of the largest in the United States. With the owner absent, he charged tourists three dollars to take a short tour of the first floor. “Joe is so talented.”. They performed music together only and owned a bar, Sweet Georgia Brown's, in Savannah's City Market. – Bull Street By 1820 she was twice a widow. Savannah › )[9] Hillis also said that, contrary to what Berendt wrote, she and Odom did not meet until Odom had moved from 16 East Jones Street in Savannah to 101 East Oglethorpe Avenue. – Historic Forsyth Park She looked like she’d just come over from central casting: black dress, white apron, big smile. According to Berendt’s book, Joe was a charmer, piano player, and bar owner. So Sandra The Latest Fashions: A Little Gossip. This house a little off Bull Street is thought to be the very first residence erected on Jones Street. The truth is somewhat more prosaic: Berendt met her through Joe Odom, a contact in Savannah provided to Berendt by a mutual friend before the writer ever arrived in town. Porches, where present, are in many cases later additions, constructed to take advantage of Jones Street’s brick paving, which removed much of the dust of Savannah’s earlier, sandy roads. Noah Barnum Knapp was a prominent Savannah citizen, whose harness business and later positions as director of several Georgia banks and then as a judge had made him one of the wealthier men in the city. Mike Kavanaugh: From ‘No Cover’ to Unlike Any Other, Women Who Rock:The Lowcountry’s greatest hits, Let Us Entertain You:Maggie and Jevon Doin’ Lowcountry Stuff, Club Tan: Fun in the Sun… Without the Sun, The Flamingo House of Doughnuts - Indulge Your Sweet Tooth, Create Your Own Holiday Wonders: An Excerpt from Richard Coyne's Upcoming Book, From The Editor - Don't Feed The Alligators, C2's Women In Business: Catch 22 & Salon Salon, 2015 Hilton Head Island Wine & Food Festival. In Savannah, for the past 183 years, it has meant something very different. We were the only ones with kids. › His former residence is presently occupied by a realty firm. After the conclusion of the Civil War, his collection of rare books was shipped to New York, where it was sold at auction. After the death of her husband of 56 years, Gwendolyn was married to Aubrey Strickland until her death in 2013. The interior layout of the house also reflected the mores of the time, with the upper three stories intended for the use of the family and the ground floor, for the people they enslaved. Distinctive features of the house include a freestanding spiral staircase of a style found nowhere else in Savannah. Joe is buried in the town of Claxton, GA, where he grew up.

By the time the Budweiser Clydesdales passed before us, about midway through the parade, I too wanted to know where Joe was, if only the shut “Ms. Like many parts of downtown Savannah, Jones Street entered a period of decline in the 20th century. Its charm lies in the picture presented by its mid-19th century architecture and its trees, with its many high-stooped Greek Revival houses softened by the fronds of moss suspended from its overarching canopy of trees.

A few pioneer houses were constructed south of Madison Square in the late 1840s, spurred by the establishment of its southern neighbor, Monterey Square, in 1847. Opt out at any time. By the time the parade got to our personal “viewing stand,” most of the guests had made it to the balcony. They performed music together only and owned a bar, Sweet Georgia Brown's, in Savannah's City Market. We had gone to the parade BT (before twins) and joined a few of the parties along River Street.

Jones Street. The restoration came at the expense of poorer residents who were soon priced out of their homes, prompting the redesign of the Foundation’s later projects in the Victorian District and elsewhere in an effort to minimise the impact of regeneration on a targeted neighborhood’s existing residents. Berendt’s book, published in 1994, is the true story about a murder in Savannah that took place in the 1981. It ended with a Sea Pines home that exults in the extraordinary. A number of properties on and around Jones Street were constructed by Eliza Ann Jewett, one of several women in 19th-century Savannah active in the real estate business. In 1855, Joseph died. He definitely did not own the Hamilton-Turner mansion. Most of the characters depicted in the movie were based on real Savannahians, but some details were changed for dramatic effect. The name of Jones Street honors Major John Jones of Liberty County, GA. Jones was an aide to Brigadier General Lachlan McIntosh in his command of the Georgia Continentals during the Revolutionary War Battle of Savannah.

It is currently known as Morris Hall, home to parts of the college’s fashion department. Its exterior is a restrained interpretation of the Greek Revival style commonly employed in mid-century Savannah. But in Savannah the first question people ask you is, ‘What would you like to drink?’”. Most of Jones Street’s buildings date from the 1850s-1860s. If you have not read the mammoth best-seller, Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil, by John Berendt ( now simply referred to as “the book” in Savannah) or seen Clint Eastwood’s film adaptation, the name Joe Odom might not mean anything to you; therefore, an ultra-short synopsis. More details, Home His townhouse on Jones Street was completed in 1857, among the many works in Savannah attributed to the New York architect John Norris, who completed at least two dozen commissions during his years in the city.

Canapés” up. Additional investment properties were constructed from the 1840s, including two behind her own Bull Street house and several on Jones Street. [2], Odom died on November 2, 1991, of complications from AIDS. Jewett is remarkable not only for being a woman in a heavily male-dominanted trade and era, but also for having apparently made a success of herself without the benefit of a substantial inheritance. A Whole Lot of Fun, Craving Connection? Jones Street has few “attractions,” as such, and is more of an attraction in itself, a quiet and beautiful place for a walk that has retained much of its architectural cohesiveness. [4] He is buried, in a family plot in Bull Creek Cemetery in his hometown of Claxton,[5] beside his father, Herman (1921–1995),[6] and mother, Gwendolyn (1920–2013).

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