Jorogz’ Heartbreaker HD174127 CH. We have put together a general guideline for selecting an all-around good puppy for you. Moving with head and tail high, the whole appearance of the Afghan Hound is one of great style and beauty. Riverview Despite their independence, they can be extremely loyal and they love to have fun and play all day long. Timothy Catterson, At 16 months For comparison, that’s about as fast as a purebred racehorse. Dancing in the Moonlight was Best Puppy at the AHCA national last Some owners prefer to keep the coat clipped down to a more manageable length. The Afghan Hound is an aristocrat, his whole appearance one of dignity and aloofness with no trace of plainness or coarseness. Afghan Hounds are not known for being aggressive. It's also free to add your dogs pedigees to our site. Dog-Learn uses cookies on this page to improve content and to analyze traffic. Many owners choose to finish with a conditioning spray to give the coat volume and prevent damage. Komar's Storm'N Klouds "Kloud" (Komar's Theodore "Teddy" Sims x Ch Komar's Strik'N Sylver) "Kloud" is a gorgeous blue and white domino male who is very sweet and loving, he is quite the clown too. We are excited with a 9 month old untrained puppy. He is never strung up, or raced around the ring, stands square on his own, with his head held high and proper tail. They will require daily brushing to minimize tangles, they'll need baths often (at least every two weeks, if not more often), and depending on the dog's hairstyle, clipping/scissoring is necessary every 2-3 months. loving pet first, Harry Bennett nine, Jag was Afghan Hounds are often called the "runway models" of the canine world. Domino is a phenotype of the Afghan Hound (Phenotype is the term used in genetics for the composite observable characteristics or traits of an organism). The smooth tail is carried high in a ring or a curve, with a bit of feathering on the underside. Neck too short or too thick; a ewe neck; a gooseneck; a neck lacking in substance. K9 Research Lab - All dog breeds - info, images, videos, FAQs. Pedigree Online's dog pedigree database is the largest collection of dog pedigrees from around the world. " Debra" WD-BOB   Carol Esterkin Thank You breeders. Ch. Komo has 2 majors towards his AKC Field Championship! wonderful. Aretha Ch. and BOB from the classes over the # 1 Afghan Hound,  near Ch. St. Louis Afghan Hound Club - Mr. Lou Guerrero - SBIS Mississippi Valley KC - Mrs. Jane Sheppard - BOB Mississippi Valley KC - Mr. Lou Guerrero- Group 2 CH. Does he not shine like silver and run as smoothly as a swift stream. Thousands of Afghan Hound pedigrees at your fingertips. We can see You'll need an oval pin brush, and a slicker brush for working through stubborn tangles or mats.

Read more about how Google manages ads on this site. Healthy, loyal, and with buckets of character we’re confident you’ll have lots of tails of adventures. Afghan Hounds are extremely sensitive to stress and can end up literally sick to their stomachs, with severe digestive upsets and neurotic behaviors, if the people in their home are having family problems. Are they good guard dogs? He is standard size, He has the Afghan Hounds are known for their speed and in some countries are even classed as racing dogs. we will have for the rest of our lives. Best Opposite Sex    Dan Maly, We are so proud of our MSBIS Ch. Afghan hounds were BIS at the Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show in 1957 and again in 1983. Initially, the Afghan Hound dog breed was used a coursing hound by nomadic tribes to hunt for meat and hare, with the help of falcons, who swooped down at the prey. Coarseness; snippiness; overshot or undershot; eyes round or bulgy or light in color; exaggerated Roman nose; head not surmounted with a topknot. Majic Caution Wet Paint. The wins are To learn more about the dog's lineage, click on any ancestor in the pedigree to dig deeper. conbination. Ch. (Ch Jovan Cruise Control x Komar's Tera'N 'Round) Kruise is a beautiful black-mask red male pictured at 4.5 months old and 14 months old. Use long, sweeping strokes, and brush in the direction of hair growth; brush the legs starting at the top and working downward. Your email address will not be published. The Western world became acquainted with the breed when Major Amps from England was stationed in the Kabul region after the Afghan War of 1919. Let us seek some answers related to the Afghan Hound breed. us very proud grandparents soon, they are almost ready for the their Once the coat is thoroughly dried, apply some conditioning spray for added protection, then brush the coat yet again. Lissue A Winters Tale X Sashkan Black, "That is Shadowfax. The striking characteristics of the breed – exotic, or “Eastern,” expression, long silky topknot, peculiar coat pattern, very prominent hip bones, large feet, and the impression of a somewhat exaggerated bend in the stifle due to profuse trouserings – stand out clearly, giving the Afghan Hound the appearance of what he is, a king of dogs, that has held true to tradition throughout the ages. as a youngster with potential as a sire. The head is of good length, showing much refinement. Do not use as links to advertise puppies for sale The Afghan Hound International Pedigree Database is a combination of several peoples' individual efforts over many years from around the world to provide as accurate information as and pointed siblings with exciting wins. Front or back feet misaligned outward or inward; pads of feet not thick enough; or feet too small; or any other evidence of weakness in feet; weak or broken-down pasterns.

The “peculiar coat pattern” mentioned in the standard refers to the arrangement of the hair on the dog. Puppy.

the STARS.

Afghan Hound’s Life span is about 12 to 14 years. what we already knew. Sighthounds are peaceful dogs who need a peaceful, harmonious home. this years Breeders Cup 2007, 2008, 2009 Once taught a command, they see no purpose in repetition. Breeds in the Hound Group are stubborn, and the Afghan hound is no exception. He is an asset to the breed.

Given their high prey drive and hunting instincts, it’s best to keep an eye on them when around smaller animals. Height: Dogs, 27 inches (69 cm), plus or minus 1 inch (3 cm); Bitches, 25 inches (64 cm), plus or minus 1 inch (3 cm). The fastest horse in the world can run at 55 miles per hour. The face is smooth but is framed by a topknot of long, silky coat and long ears also adorned with hair. Excel Dancing With The Stars  "Bruno"  BOS at and many more questions that a potential Afghan Hound owner may be concerned about. Majic This It Maja You’ll also need to consider the cost of insurance, regular grooming, and food. He and his wife, Mary, developed a keen interest in the breed and established their Ghazni Kennels in the hill country of Afghanistan at an elevation of 6,000 feet. We have loved every If you want your Afghan Hound puppy to grow up to be a champion in the show ring, you should look for confirmation to the Afghan Hound dog breed standards.

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