Despite claiming to hate Kazuma, Ayano has a crush on him, but gets angry when he flirts and makes a move on her and is prone to throwing fits of rage when he gets close to another woman.

"Why didn't you say something before, Ayano," Kazuma asked. I'm worried that you might get so caught up in make sure that Kazeko and I are safe that you'll forget to actually be there for us. Such as in volume 2 when he is talking about the rule of power and that the Kannagi only followed this belief when they were the most powerful, any other time and they would play victim. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. Perhaps it was time to stop wishing and face reality. Since every member has the power to wield fire, there should be very little reason for Kazuma to help, and his bitterness towards them makes him even more unwilling to step in. - Yagami Kazuma Kazuma Yagami, formerly known as Kazuma Kannagi, is a Contractor, having entered into a contract with the Kaze no Seirei-Ou, the Wind Spirit Lord. With his contract activated, Kazuma is invincible to the extent that no one was able to touch him and that his power increases ten folds when compared to his normal state which by itself is already enough for Kazuma to overpower his father's godsfire without requiring his abilities as contractor (in contrast to Ren's belief that he couldn't defeat him without being the contractor. "I know you love me, I just don't want to lose you.

Kazuma is an anti-hero and the most powerful protagonist for the series as well as an antagonist for a time. He looked down into her eyes smiling. Despite … Ayano is a beautiful young girl of average height with long red hair in a hime cut and red eyes.

"I worry about you though, dear," Ayano continued. He was even more protective over her since they got married. Your past and future will be lost in an instant, where there will be no second chance. Please also include songs if you want it to be a continuation of this series. The experience of losing his shelter, a place in his very own family, and his beloved due to the sole reason of being weak which caused a tremendous torment to him that led him to seek power. Kei would, under normal circumstances, be a fine candidate to marry his granddaughter. You're the hope that moves meTo courage againYou're the love that rescues meWhen the cold winds, rage. He is depicted as being caring and does not hesitate to protect those who are important to him. She later comes to realize that she is actually in love with him.

Kazuma smiled softly at the image in front of him, but he didn't get to savor it for long before Ayano handed the little one to him so that she could finish making the meal.

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