The click-less spring contact in the middle was obviously the hush/test button, so I pressed it and started a new hush cycle. But now I can’t get anything out of the new one. 7/6/18:  The alarm went off with a false positive in the middle of the night – just enough cycles to get me out of bed, but not enough to verify what the heck was making that noise. The alarms are hard-wired into a home’s electric power.

Yeah, since the photo smoke detector seems to work by sensing IR reflected off particles in the air in the chamber, any particulate – like dust from sanding – should set it off. There was one clip visible from the back that looked like I might be able to open it up, so I tried that. I took the detector outside in the clear, sunny 60 degree fresh air, but it kept alarming. Though I indicated I still wanted the product, he promptly sent a full refund. I pressed the terrible “hush mode” buttons, with even less success than expected, and blew all 3 out with compressed air in the garage. There were 452,000 sold … The Kidde P3010CU is a 10-year, sealed battery, smoke and carbon monoxide alarm with a voice warning system that features photoelectric and electrochemical sensing technology with … Update a couple of hours later: Wow. Blew at the smoke chamber to clear. It beeped and probably went thru a test cycle of fire and CO.  Great – it looks like it works again! The P3010CU I have has two independent noise makers – a piezo buzzer for the loud, obnoxious beeping, and a speaker for the voice messages. They should only remove and discard the recalled smoke detector after they receive and install their replacement. Yeah, I opened it up, but wasn’t aware of doing anything that might interfere with the CO side – and it passed its internal test. Each time I’d press the hush button (well, at least many times:  that button still gives the appearance of being terribly unreliable) it would say “Hush mode activated” and be quiet. Hmm – I read the user manual and it said not to put it close to an attic fan – but that’s right where it’s mounted.

I opened that, inspected it (saw nothing), blew at it, and closed it up again. On July 25, 2020, after a long wait on hold at Kidde at 1-800-880-6788 they ran thru a “test procedure”.

After releasing it and its three brothers, the unit opened neatly. The recall: This recall includes Kidde dual-sensor (photoelectric and ionization) smoke detectors (models PI2010 and PI9010). When I looked at the back though, I did recognize the torn paper seal over the ‘switch of death’, and remembered enough to turn it the opposite way from OFF. Terminally infected with the thoroughness bug, I did an actual smoke test on it.

Between my surprise at fire alarms and a lot of noise (two sets of 3 beeps and at least one saying “Fire!”), I didn’t properly note which detector was doing what. That cell’s blown some of its energy making noise all those time, so it’s probably not worth saving. The Kidde P3010K CO combined smoke and carbon monoxide detectors are the ones which I most highly recommend because their built-in sealed lithium battery lasts for 10 years of continuous operation!. On the plus side, the piezo is pretty well sealed to the front of the device, so putting a thumb (or some duct tape) over it quiets it down a lot. Maybe they’ve set their testing/manufacturing thresholds on the conservative side, expecting that decision to result in a small number of returns and free replacements. Your email address will not be published. My wife and I got woken up this morning by the P3010CU beeping and yelling fire right outside our bedroom door. The next morning, I took it to work with me to see if that would stop it and it did not. ET Monday through Friday or from 9 3 p.m. on Saturday and Sunday. November 10, 2016 > Product Safety Notice: Hardwired Combination CO & Smoke Alarm KN-COSM-IB. (The matches from the mostly-full carton dated 10/10 that had been sealed in a ziplock bag lit much more reliably than the ones (probably from the same carton) that had been sitting in a parts drawer for some years.)

But I’m confused about what you said regarding putting duct tape over the ‘piezo’ to quiet things down. Hush mode apparently only takes effect after any beep/voice warning cycle in progress has completed. I wasn’t able to open it as easily as you did, but whatever I did to it, it stopped beeping. No voice alarm, only the beeping. My P3010CU went off early this morning. The old CU and the K-CO responded with the expected test noises. Fire safety product maker Kidde is recalling nearly 500,000 smoke alarms that could be faulty. 10 years my… Anyways, thank you for your write up.

Blowing it out with compressed air is an appropriate remedy, though I’ve had mixed results with that. It is apparent that Kidde would much rather send out another identical POC replacement with the identical product issues in the hope that the consumer will just go away and they can pocket the profit they are still making…It is a 2 for 1, deal (so far) with absolutely no upside to the consumer…or Kidde…Someday, this will be pointed out to Kidde in court, I suppose, or perhaps before the Consumer Product Safety Commission…, So, now having been unable talk to CS by phone, I am leaving a message online at Kidde, which quite obviously does not want to hear my complaint by voice, or online, and makes it difficult to do so…If I have to resort to returning the item by snail mail, it may arrive there in pieces…. And I don’t think I’ve ever read anybody saying the detectors last over 7 years (OK, except implicitly in the advertising for the 10 year units.) Still the same behavior. “Hush mode cancelled.”  I’m now confident enough that it works that after I put it back up on the hallway ceiling I’m going to forget about it. A few seconds later it started alarming again. The noise subsided, but the new 3010CU kept up its fire alarm. The recall involves Kidde dual sensor smoke alarms that were sold between September 2016 and January 2018 at The Home Depot, Walmart, Amazon, and more.

I was standing in front of the heater when I heard it fire up. Should I activate the no turning back death/deactivate switch on the back? Would have been easier to figure out if it had been one of the talking ones.

Disabled it, maybe gave it a little smashing with my hammer. I thanked him and said good bye. Thought that I was paying more for a quality item for excellent protection. I wonder if it’s a real 3 position switch, with left=battery disconnected; center=battery connected; and right=detector disconnected and a short/resistor across the battery to render it safe. I’m not even very inclined to try to call Kidde. I think it’s happily back to functioning as normal. No change. I took it back to Home Depot and got a replacement. Good. It’s back on the shelf now, silent, future unknown, but trusted less. The way forward is very unclear, but I put the K-CO back up in the family room and the old CU the the main upstairs hallway location. I did not blow it out, nor take it apart, but did think seriously about using my 12 pound sledge and anvil to permanently cure what ailed the Kidde unit…nothing quite like a little satisfaction…but could not bring myself to insult my blacksmithing equipment in that way. The unit has a compartment on the back for the installation of a replaceable 9V backup battery. Anyway, it said “Hush mode activated”. I looked first at the power switch. November 17, 2015 > Recalled Kidde Smoke Alarms and Fire Extinguishers Sold by Home Depot After Recalls Were Announced. Now what? The alarms are white, round and measure about 13 to 15 centimetres in diameter. No smoke, no fire, no anything. Following the noise led to the old, originally failed P3010CU sitting on a shelf in the basement. U.S. Customs and Border Protection officers seized over 60 million dollars worth of hard drugs during two separate enforcement actions, KGNS reported. The first one started randomly alarming after a few months, the 2nd one lasted a month.

It’s been quiet ever since. The dogs that move the switch are marked in red; the ratchet that ensures you can’t ever turn it back on after moving to Discharge is in green. > Recalled Kidde Smoke Alarms and Fire Extinguishers Sold by Home Depot After Recalls Were Announced. Follow USA TODAY reporter Nathan Bomey on Twitter @NathanBomey.

The word Kidde is both on the front and back of the devices, while the manufacturing date is on the back and can be thought of as being in the three or four o'clock spot of a traditional clock. Excel Dry Chemical Fire Extinguishers, > Kidde Recalls Dual Sensor Smoke Alarms Due to Risk of Failure to Alert Consumers to a Fire, > Product Safety Recall Notice: Plastic Handle & Push-Button Fire Extinguishers, > Product Safety Notice: Hardwired Combination CO & Smoke Alarm KN-COSM-IB. I pressed the hush button (once) several times, and each time that it worked (most) it continued the alarm noise cycle in progress, then finally deigned to say “Hush mode activated”. Only then does it speak “Hush mode activated”, start a 10 sec LED blink cycle and stop making noise. I ran a test cycle several minutes later, and that performed exactly as expected.

And hush mode stuck! So I got up and set the thing in the sink just in case. It said “Hush mode cancelled”. I found a post here (about an i12060ACA) mentioning that Kidde support told her to “… hold the ‘Test’ button down for 2 sets of three beeps, then release.

Now (that is since October 17, 2020) getting thru the Kidde customer service phone lines is impossible: I have tried 3 of them.

It was in the house by then, and I blew it out again with lower pressure air in the shop. A little manipulation, and I got the switch back into the OFF position. There also seems to be interaction with a white tab in the mounting slots that would probably be moved when you first twisted it into place. The first step was to get some duct tape to cover the piezo so I could stand to work on it.

Started alarming again. Left is Off; right is Discharge. A little incredulous, I moved it all so the switch was in the center of its travel (as in the picture above). This recall involves two styles of Kidde fire extinguishers: plastic handle fire extinguishers and push-button Pindicator fire extinguishers. IMHO, the user interface it presents is quite flawed. In the case of the model without battery backup, the chirp may not work if power is removed and then restored. A yellow cap was left on during manufacturing and can cover one of the two sensors, making it harder for the alarm to detect smoke.

I felt a little naked with no CO protection, but at least we still had the ionization smoke detector. Remembered that you could pop open the smoke chamber. Can’t find anything on any websites as to why. It took a couple of matches, but it went into alarm, and hush mode activated and shut it up.

It is frustrating and time consuming. Update 9/13/17:  As promised, I received the replacement Kidde P3010CU on 9/2, and promptly replaced the old one, using the old mount uneventfully.

Yeah, I got my money back, but what I wanted was the CO tester! Jim, Thank you for your study and analysis of these issues. I am experiencing the same Damn issues with my Kidde Smoke and Carbon Monoxide Alarm, Model P3010CU units. After two more false alarms I killed it, figuring it was defective. Or are they just light baffles? There’s no apparent latch to prevent that. I set it next to its elder twin and watched two flashes from the older one and none from the new.

Model: KIDDE-P3010CU.

Mine went off for no apparent reason and I couldn’t get it to shut up. You may be able to find more information about this and similar content at The cover holds the piezo and speaker. Kidde 21026065 Smoke & Carbon Monoxide Alarm with Voice Warning.

The recall was issued due to a manufacturing issue in which a yellow cap may cover one of two smoke sensors, compromising the alarm's ability to detect smoke and not go off when a fire is present. After releasing it and its three brothers, the unit opened neatly.

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