Honda also started offering ABS as an option with the ’17 model. I don't want to hog your question over there.

Just because the Yamaha is considered an entry-level bike doesn’t mean that the WR doesn’t have the potential to tackle some pretty rough and challenging terrain, because it certainly does, and the fun factor goes up a notch or two as long as you’re not in a big hurry to get where you are going. Fun is also a big factor, and keeping up is part of the fun too, but I think the KLX suits me better. The KLX’s fuel injection is a major improvement over the previous carbureted KLX. If they updated it, there would be no question about the KLX being the bike for me. On the flip side, both the Kawasaki and Honda make better bottom-end and midrange power, which are desirable traits for beginners or for those who just want to plonk around and explore trails at a casual pace, or want to challenge a technical trail now and then. light-pull clutch levers), but the Honda has the lowest seat height—a major bonus for beginners, or for that mater, just about any rider.

What hasn’t changed?

By The Honda holds the most fuel, but not by much. The 300R is also the only beginner bike that's liquid-cooled instead of air-cooled.

It looks like the small bore thumpers are popular, and at a glance the KTM250 doesn't appear to offer that much more for the price, and the Husqvarna TE250 is still a mystery.

We compare the latest entry-level 250cc dual-sport bikes from Japan. There are a lot of variables. I bet a Q on a KLX would help a bunch as well though, I never had that. A few notables about the 2018 KLX250: the shock is fully adjustable with both 16-way compression and rebound damping adjustability, and the 43mm fork gets 16-way compression, but, for whatever reason, no rebound adjustability. It also has petal-style disc brakes, generous 11.2 inches of ground clearance, sturdy engine guards, a large and informative meter and a claimed ready-to-ride weight of 298 pounds. But all is good now thanks to FI. All three bikes, especially the Yamaha, would be better off with lower final drive gearing for riding on dirt. We use cookies and browser activity to improve your experience and personalize both the content and advertising you see. It takes lot more to get the Yamaha’s suspension to bottom out compared to the Honda’s or Kawasaki’s. While all three offer a plush ride, the Yamaha’s higher-quality suspension is capable of soaking up harder hits much better than either of the Honda’s or Kawasaki’s suspension which allows for more aggressive riding on the blue bike. I'm not sure I could keep up with the guy on the WR250F on faster trails, but tight stuff with a bunch of corners I should be set. I'm curious about the comparison myself.

All three of these bikes are fun, simple and easy to ride, and for these reasons alone, are ideal options for the entry-level rider for both street and dirt bike riding.

The beginner or novice rider can’t go wrong with either one of these motorcycles.

But what it really needed was FI. The KLX300R raises the bar for other beginner dirt bikes by offering a larger DOHC liquid-cooled engine, larger fuel tank, and plenty of rear wheel travel, but it also raise the price tag by $900 compared to the Honda CRF250F. It is also quite tall, I would lower it.

I wish I still had a KLX now that we ride faster, so I could get a better comparison. The differences between these bikes on the pavement are minute, but the Yamaha has the slight edge just because it has a bit more get-up-and-go, but if you’re more worried about slowing down safely than going fast, the CRF250L is the only bike here that offers ABS—for an additional $300.

A few similarities (and differences) between the bikes will be noted, but this isn't a full-on KLX300R vs. CRF250F vs. WR250F article. Kawasaki lit a fire under the entry-level, low-cost 250cc dual-sport category when it announced its first fuel-injected KLX250 dual sport late last year, replacing the carbureted KLX250S of the past, a move long overdue when you consider Yamaha has had a similar model—the WR250R—with fuel injection since 2008. In this article, we'll take a look at the 2020 KLX300R. Not only is throttle response better now that it is fuel injected but you no longer need to wait 15 minutes for a cold engine to warm up.

Hopefully Suzuki will surprise us with one of its own 250cc entry-level dual-sport bike some day so we can do this comparison all over again. Keeping in mind of course that the WR250F is more of a performance bike so it uses a different, lighter (and more expensive) frame.

I like the concept of the KLX being lower, with softer seat and suspension, but they could still do that with up to date components.

It’s 2.1-gallon fuel tank, 256mm (front) and 220mm (rear) disc brakes, non-adjustable suspension and its digital meter.

All three bikes have electric starting, which is pretty much a given these days, and all three bikes have six-speed manual transmissions. That drove us nuts with the previous KLX. I am short and the smaller bike is more manageable. I would soften it for sure, but the seat is more difficult to fix. And it came with an amazingly low MSRP of $4499. The CRF’s seat height is a good half-inch lower than the KLX’s and a full two inches lower than the WR’s. Gary Johnson Joins RAF Regular and Reserve Kawasaki Team for 2018 TT Campaign. kathy127, September 5, 2002 in KLR/KLX 125/140/230/250/300.

The WR250F seat is hard and suspension is harsher to me with a bad back. It caught our interest at the time because it was an all-new motorcycle filling a gaping hole in Honda’s dual-sport line of entry-level dirt bikes, it had fuel injection and was dressed up to look a lot like its CRF-R MX brothers. The 300R has a spark arrestor and low-fuel warning light, as does the CRF250F. In comparison, the KLX250S—the Yamaha’s number-one competitor at the time—sold for about a $1000 less.

The 12.0" ground clearance coupled with the generous 11.2" of rear travel allows the 300R to handle more aggressive riding on a variety of terrains. I just learned of the klx300 and as I am a short 56, the lower seat height sounds fantastic. The seat height of the 300R is 36.4" which falls about midway between the CRF250F (34.8") and the WR250F (37.6"), so the 300R will fit a wide range of adult riders, and the KLX300R handlebar offers a four-way ERGO-FIT® adjustment similar to the Honda CRF250F. The adult beginner dirt bike market has held steady for many years, but there hasn't been much innovation or competition among the manufacturers.

The image below shows the KLX300R ERGO-FIT® handlebars (image courtesy of Kawasaki). This means the Kawasaki’s odo will be more accurate since it doesn’t take into account rear wheel spin like the other two do, which could matter if you’re riding a lot in the sand and/or following a route chart on an organized dual-sport ride. People also swap out the CV carb on the KLX so it will be more snappy, I never tried that either but I bet it works.

The 2018 KLX250, which sells for $5349, took on a few other minor changes besides FI.

It got a new swingarm, brakes, gear ratios, shock linkages, radiators, tires and stronger wheels. I have been posting a lot on this topic lately on various forums.

The KLX300R is the largest adult-size beginner dirt bike and has some features that the other beginner bikes don't have. The Honda lags a bit in the suspension department, but that is only a concern for the more experienced rider who will complain that the CRF’s fork and shock are way too soft and bottom easily; it has the least amount of front-wheel travel of the three bikes and just slightly more rear-wheel travel than the Kawasaki. Copyright© ThumperTalk, Inc. - All rights reserved.

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Unfortunately, there was a price to pay for all these things—the price. This is where the Honda really shines and makes up for its shorter wheel travel.

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The WR250F has the high speed damping adjustment, I wonder if any of those damping kits will fit a KLX so it would have that too.

How does it compare to the yz250f? It's great that consumers have more beginner dirt bike choices, and the KLX300R is a good choice for beginning riders who have enough confidence in their riding abilities to handle a bike with more power, or someone who has outgrown a smaller bikes and is ready to step up, without breaking the bank. So the next bike to compare to the WR250 is the KLX300. 127, try asking that question in the Yamaha YZ/WR 250F forum.

Cycle News last compared these models in 2013, and since then, the CRF250L has, like the KLX, been updated as well. Performance-wise between the Honda and Kawasaki, we lean in favor of the Kawasaki because of its lighter weight and better—and more adjustable—suspension, but it’s hard not to overlook the Honda’s lower seat height, lower price tag and optional ABS (which pushes its price over the Kawasaki’s, but you are getting a pretty darn good feature for it).

It's always helpful to compare one bike to another, but only if you can compare apples to apples. Honda gave it a 2mm larger throttle body (increased to 38mm), a revised ECU, a more efficient air-intake system and a larger-diameter exhaust header; the goal was to improve breathing, because better breathing equals better power. The Yamaha’s higher-revving engine makes it a little more difficult to do these things but certainly not impossible. The KLX has more low end though, thats for sure.

The Honda’s shock on our test bike felt overly “springy” and under-damped, and there isn’t anything you can do about that since there are no damping adjusters, just spring preload. They could easily take out 8 pounds if they tried.

In 2020 Kawasaki introduced not just one, but two new adult beginner dirt bikes to their KLX lineup - the KLX230R and the KLX300R. The Kawasaki is the only bike that drives its odometer with the front wheel; the Yamaha and Honda do so via their transmissions. The KLX is shorter wheelbase and probably steeper forks and that hurts it on the faster stuff. However, new carburetion changed all that in ’09—for a while at least. All that changed a few years ago when Kawasaki introduced the KLX140G, and the bike's popularity indicated there was a vastly untapped market for full-size adult beginner dirt bikes. The WR250F has little low end.

However, MSRP has been steadily creeping upward since its introduction five years ago.

There's an electric start, but no backup kickstarter. Basically, they’re all heavy and you feel it on the trail but not so much on the pavement.

Kawasaki lit a fire under the entry-level, low-cost 250cc dual-sport category when it announced its first fuel-injected KLX250 dual sport late last year, replacing the carbureted KLX250S of the past, a move long overdue when you consider Yamaha …

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