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Konohamaru teaching the steps of the Rasengan to Boruto. You can't get mad at this show for following the formula for a long running shounen.

By adulthood, Konohamaru is shown to care greatly for his students, especially Boruto. I actually think people over value this moment when evaluating Konohamarus resume, but you can't take it away from him. And i havent been wrong yet. Later, masked attacker managed to capture Tomaru and left a ransom demanded of 20 million ryō which Ashina was to deliver. NEXT: Naruto: 5 Original Ninjas Who Got Better In Boruto (& 5 Who Got Worse), Rei Penber is an avid fan of anime and manga. Konohamaru Sarutobi is the grandson of Konoha's Third Hokage, Hiruzen Sarutobi, and the nephew of Asuma. He's not just any kid, he's the grandson of the 3rd hokage, from the legendary Sarutobi clan, trained by the son of the 4th hokage who eventually becomes the strongest shinobi ever. By the time they arrived however, Urashiki was already defeated by Naruto and the others. While being raised by his Anbu parents,[7] Konohamaru was never referred to by his name by the villagers, only ever called "Honourable Grandson" (お孫様, Omago-sama) because of his relationship to the Hokage. I've always thought of Naruto as a rock, paper, scissors game, the elemental affinities even highlight this. People are still made of flesh and bones (even tho that guys was like a weird robot). Upon arriving at her mansion, they were surprised to see Remon preparing for a ceremony.

In the anime, as Konohamaru's team was assigned to find Anato, a missing researched in the Land of Valleys, Konohamaru was overjoyed to see that they would be working alongside Mugino. Ao managed to break free and faced off against Boruto's Rasengan.

Afterwards, Konohamaru wondered how Boruto was able to summon such a creature. PLUS PLUS Naruto it didn't take Naruto that long to learn it either? Konohamaru attends his uncle, Asuma Sarutobi's, funeral. Sakura tries to make an excuse when she realises how she reacted, but Konohamaru's suspicions that Sakura is just as much a pervert as he is are confirmed. Main article: Ao Arc Before leaving for the Five Kage Summit, Naruto congratulates Konohamaru for his performance against the Naraka Path. When following him to the sacred shrine housing Sōma, Konohamaru was discovered by the security. Having learned she was aiming to become Hokage, Konohamaru told Sarada that would make them rivals. Like Sasori vs Chiyo and Sakura, the author spends a bunch of time hyping up the akatsuki and Sasori, gives him an interesting backstory on how he was infamous throughout the sand and killed the strongest kazekage and whatnot,....and then he fucking dies to Sakura and a 95 year old woman. Although Sarada and Mitsuki are interested, Boruto is not.

His least favourite are onions. Konohamaru intended to take Tosaka back to Konoha and have him confess his role in the outbreak, only to be informed Karin and Suigetsu had taken him with them when they left. After he suffers repeated defeats, Konohamaru attacks her with the Rasengan as a last resort, but is stopped by Shikamaru Nara, who was alerted by Udon and Moegi. While the higher-ups didn't listen, they found several of Naruto's friends, who quickly agreed to help. He replaces this with Naruto's old goggles for the rest of Part I, replacing them with his own forehead protector in Part II. Team 7 decided to investigate more carefully. After downloading its information, he found Mugino badly injured, looking up to find the assailant, which turned out to be a group of advanced self-moving puppets. Jūgo woke up and protected them from a bird attack, curing it from its cursed seal before leaving.

The seal grows weaker every hundred years, and a special marriage ritual is required by blood descendants of Kuen to restore the seal.

Although Himawari isn't focused on in the series as much, she's likely to grow up to become a decent Kunoichi in the coming years. Boruto however, revealed to be a shadow clone, began the next part of the team's plan, grabbing onto Ao, letting Mitsuki restrict Ao's hand on the activated prototype weapon, which quickly drained Ao of his stamina.

People are getting defeated left and right, Chojis dad, the torture guy, even Kakashi. Boruto however insisted that they had to stop before he continued to abuse the technology that Katasuke gave him. That's what happened with Sasori vs. Chiyo & Sakura. Learning this Jutsu could be her way of paying homage to her idol.

His request however was denied as he was too emotional on the matter.

The attackers were revealed to be Omoi and his team, sent by the Fifth Raikage to retrieve the Hashirama Cell for Konohagakure. Upon returning to the village, they arrived too late, as Kankitsu, who was actually possessed by Sōma, destroyed the seal to free the demon. In some of Konohamaru's appearances in the anime, he is depicted with blush marks on his cheeks. He confronted Mitsuki, surprising the boy when he hugged him and said he was happy to have Mitsuki back.

This later prompted Sasuke, who tested Boruto into learning the Rasengan, to accept Boruto's request to be his student. Nuff said. He was then approached by Mitsuki. It's not too big a stretch that he knows it. !覚えとけ コレェ!! When Kawaki killed Garō with a blast, Konohomaru was protected from it by Boruto, who activated his Kāma, using it to absorb part of the explosion. aside from giving them one op ability each which means they have 12 eyes and made it so easy for all of them to fight and kill jiraiya. After Omoi recognised Konohmaru, the situation was explained and the group worked together to hunt down the true thieves, who were deduced to be shinobi from the Land of Haze. [16][17] Initially requiring a shadow clone to perform the technique, Konohamaru eventually learned to perform it alone with a single hand. Naruto's leadership and navigational skills are very lacking and they become lost, forcing Iruka to come find them. Naruto agrees and they become friends during their time together. Although it is widely known to be an incomplete Jutsu, it is undeniably one of the most used techniques in the series. Kakashi-Sensei's True Face! I agree though, there's way too much plot armor in Naruto, the show is really predictable, you can usually tell whos gonna win the fight before it even starts. As a genin, Konohamaru earned praise from Temari for pressuring her,[12] and also managed to defeat Pain's Naraka Path. Likewise, he is also revealed to have immense reserves of chakra.[27]. Furthermore, he managed to add his nature to the Rasengan subconsciously, leading to the creation of Lightning Release: Vanishing Rasengan. I love Naruto but honestly i think the show would have been so much better if people actually died.

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