However, this attractive combination does come at a cost, which I’ll explain later. This is the LS2’s take on that helmet. All in all, we’d expect the LS2 Valiant to give decent impact protection. Además viene disponible en varios tamaños para que puedas elegir el que mejor se adapte a ti y lograr un ajuste seguro y confortable.

The broken visor is the main negative here, as well as its vulnerability to scratches.

It is a little bit harder to get in, as there are two snaps, but ultimately, we would sacrifice the plastic connection point rather than potentially having pressure points in the front of the helmet and along the back, as it’s just a slide. Essentially the LS2 Valiant is a flipfront with a difference, with a chinbar that pivots up before sliding over the top of the shell to rest at the back of the helmet. The accident was as he approached a stop. Interior con propiedades antibacterianas. Bikers Insider is your go-to resource when it comes to motorcycle market guides and reviews. Bosch Professional GWS 7-125 - Amoladora angular sin disco (720W, 11000 rpm), Bosch Professional GWS 880 - Amoladora angular (800 W, 11000 rpm, Ø disco 115 mm). Shark Evo-One 2 – a compact, flip-front helmet with Pinlock Max Vision included. It hasn’t been Snell tested, but looking at the UK SHARP test data, their average score for a tested LS2 polycarbonate helmet is 3 stars out of 5. I had visions of an open-face helmet providing a complete view of stunning vistas through Cornwall and Scotland, and a full-face blocking out cold, wet days and slogs to the start at Land’s End and home from John O’Groats at the end. Like other helmets where the chin guard rotates round to the back of the helmet, the movement of unlocking and pushing up the chin guard on the Valiant opens the faceshield  and moves it out of the way of the guard. Where most makers put large cut-aways or mesh panels into the lining to allow air through, the Valiant’s liner is much more solid. La marca Givi nació en Italia hace más de 40 años y ha logrado expandirse por el mundo entero debido a la calidad y variedad de productos. It slides out from back to front and snaps in the plastic on the front. I’ve changed the visor on three Valiants now and they all differed in the amount of force required to free it from the housings. Check out the prices for the LS2 Valiant! You can also obtain further information by reading our Cookies Policy. Ver Precio. For a reasonable price, you get a full-featured helmet that should work well anywhere from a daily commuting helmet to a touring helmet. It’s quieter in open-face mode and sometimes I lifted the chinbar just to get some respite from the noise. You have entered an incorrect email address!

Owners say the unlocking and rotation of the chin guard is effortless and smooth. Shark EVO-One 2 Helmet - Solid Just as the Bull Shark can live in salt and fresh water, the Shark EVO One 2 can operate as a full face and open face helmet with a quick flip of the chin bar.

That’s the LS2 Strobe and that scored 3 stars for safety plus a 100% score for number of times the chin bar stayed locked during testing; which is obviously an excellent score. © All text, photographs, and content on are Copyright © since 2000.

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