I am now saving a lot of time and quickly achieve the kind of result I am looking for. I use it all the time. Not only is there ample variety to choose from, they include "singles" (each drum in a separate file) so once you lay down your scratch tracks, you can easily create individual tracks for each drum, giving easy editing and variability.

- Full of patterns in all the time signatures Michael Oliva. They work with any Beats Per Minute setting I give them. The libraries make it much easier to start producing and with a wide variety of genres there is something available for everyone.

Free MIDI Files Of Loops Free Midi Metal Drum Tracks. Tambourine=TAMB | Cowbell=COWB | Triangles=TRIA Basic rock grooves in close to any time signature imaginable. I would do this choice again and again. Remixes of classic rock songs are less common than remixes of hip hop, RnB, modern pop and electronica. The items in this list are packs of free MIDI loops. I am using them every time I perform as well as during recording sessions. They have have always been created with great care. The Prosonic sets have provided exactly the tool I needed to quickly assemble arrangements when the inspiration strikes. He is signed to the huge record label MonsterCat Records. These Packs Are opening up creativity for me.

I also like having a wide variety of styles and patterns, because these suggest ideas I wouldn''t have thought of. Pappas!!! The inspirational kick-starts I get from these sessions have fueled countless song ideas.

It was created by classically trained musician Haywyre. Here you can get a FREE mix-ready drum samples which will empower you to get the high quality drum sound you are looking for.

I am surprised and inspired in all kinds of new musical directions...directions that I would have never thought of. Aaron Knapp, ItsAK Music Productions, Plus versatile, intuitive and very well catalogued. I have to say that ProSonic products have really helped inspire my songwriting and filled in the gaps where I was short on ideas. Key. These aren''t your average MIDI packs.

Sticks=STIX | Kicks=KICK | Clap=CLAP These are triad chords and vary for each of the MIDI loops. I like very much the products of Prosonic. This isn't like one of those old "drum pattern" books made of paper. They are perfect for Cakewalk, Project5, Battery 3, Cubase, Garageband, Pro Tools, Motif ES, Fruity Loops, EZdrummer, DFH, Sony's ACID® Pro, Ableton Live, and many more! This results in complex, textured music that can For another song, “Swing Illusional #2”, I was looking to add a more subtle background ambience to contrast the rhythm of my funk guitar style. They have made putting music together incredibly easy and in turn saves a ton time and you end up getting a lot more done because of it. Add to cart. Trust me, you can waste years and decades looking and looking, but I''ll save you the pain and time - just go holler at Prosonics and let these libraries spice up your productions and compositions.

They changed my workflow instantly and are a great inspiration for every music producer! I have browsed the internet for these libraries and I don''t want you to waste your time. I even started learning new techniques for midi programming and this helps me every day. I know some people like using .wav loops for their drums, but I paid a lot of money for high-end drum sample libraries. After asking Tony what would be the best collection for my style he suggested the "PoP and Soft Rock"....it really fit the bill. I use them in EZ Drummer & Beat Buddy. Mathematical signatures imbued with the human spirit to give it life.

Played by a pro drummer -compatible with all recording software. Thousands of people from all over the world are using Prosonic Patterns and they're telling me they have: And hey, I get it. I can catch ideas and push out demo''s super fast. Very musical. Amapiano Sample pack + FLP by Bedroom Studio Corner, Ultimate R&B Nexus Expansion (FREE DOWNLOAD), Trap/Phonk Drum Kit | Free Sample Pack by PHONK’BOI, Afrobeat & Dancehall Drum Kit by Paul Hauss, FREE 500 PRESET NEXUS TRAP EXPANSION – COLD X…, FREE 808 MAFIA X METRO BOOMIN SAMPLE PACK VOL 2, TM88 Nightmare – GROSS BEAT Preset Bank For FL…, Dancehall Don Dadda Drumkit Vol. Metalcore Drum Loops V3. Great ! Thanks for the resource of these midi loops. Prosonic MIDI drum libraries are my "go to" resource for creating drums quickly. Need to bring the hi-hats up in the mix? I have been able to publish my music on Spotify and iTunes where people from all over the world have been able to find me. Meet UK drummer extraordinaire and mastermind behind the Drum Beats MIDI pack. You will only sign up to get our newsletters, offers and promotions to your inbox. Can''t thank you enough Tony, you have eliminated all writers block and given me an infinite pallette of musical capability for years to come. They have been a great tool for me to use in Ableton Live (they will work in any DAW). The drum beats give a good fundamental structure to which you can slice and dice and edit to come up with beats like you never heard before, really cool! Best money I have ever spent on Midi...PERIOD! The sound may be coming from a sampler, a hardware synth, a soft synth like Xfer Serum, a drum machine, or something else. It is not a genre i usually produce. I typically don''t have time to program drum patterns a note at a time, and I don''t have a MIDI kit to record in my production studio. The mapping works well in General MIDI compatible drummer settings, and I haven''t experienced any problems with other software. I am very pleased with the product. I highly recommend Prosonic Libraries to all music producers, whether to fill in music sections or as a source of creative inspiration. I know drum sounds and these are great.

I bought the Pop & Soft-Rock style MIDI phrase patterns to quickly help me bring in some drum beat/rhythms quickly to pop music arrangements/project I''m currently working on. As a foundation for any good song you can find, if not exactly what you are looking for, you will find something very close. I find the drum loops to be useful and versatile. The performances on the grooves are very tight, and tasty, to fit each particular style.

There are so many great grooves to inspire your creativity, and there are a lot of small variations to give your songs some life! These are exceptionally well crafted libraries that give you great value for your money. I have used their libraries in a number of my compositions and scores and have always had amazing results. His Prosonic Midi browser lets me sample the midi parts I pick in any key, and in multiple octaves...a Huge benefit in my song writing endeavors. With every collection purchased, I was never disappointed. If you perform an instrument these patterns are an invaluable tool for learning rhythm. +100k options its hard too deal with sometimes. The midi files worked great with superior drummer 2. Do it! Very impressed with their quality in Logic Pro. These live, acoustic metal drum loops bring the pain like no other sample pack you’ve heard. Inside the TIME SIGNATURE & FEEL folders are the THEME folders. Now my wife and I entertain as a duo using my created backups. The variety of Prosonic patterns are just what I need. The midi files I use are for all aspects from kicks, baselines, hi-hats and percussion loops. The last number is just a unique index and has no significance.

There are plenty of patterns. The Common and Complex time signature midi patterns are a real time saver that help me build very realistic drum tracks within my Cakewalk production environment. They were really easy to use with my DAW and have really taken my productions to the next level. There are plenty of them with a lot of great variety. I got so much more pleasure messing with my DAW because of my purchase. I just bought Tony Pappa''s midi patterns. Throwing together a mock-up or prototype is fast and easy. Scoring music for film and video can sometimes sometimes lead you down the path of listening to numerous bland patterns. With Prosonic Studios everything is easier! I ordered the metal/punk midi library a few months back. In the Complex Time Signatures library there are 7 time signatures: 5/4, 6/4, 7/4, 5/8, 7/8, 10/8, and 11/8.

It takes a lot of tedium out of my workflow, drastically cutting down production time, (and money). With assurance that "the notes go together", which is an important benefit for someone like me who has only limited music theory. All the Midi files are all constructed with human feels which make them perfect for recording and live performance. I have used Blues & Rock and Roll, Country & Folk, and Pop & Soft Rock. These are not loops my friend, they are gold. Each THEME has a particular groove to it and there are lots of variations within each THEME. Everything is on point. TYPE O NEGATIVE. A GREAT EXPANSION TO MY TOONTRACK MIDI LIBRARY!! Some of them are very unique. Like many singer-songwriters, I''ve taken a complete DIY approach to music scoring and production. Tremendous value, they''re excellent patterns... As a songwriter they do just what I need them to. With Prosonic Studios everything is easier! The items in this list are packs of free MIDI loops. thank you Presonic Studios. Period. I am usually not the kind of guy that likes everything without finding something wrong or scanty about it... Well there is nothing scanty here.

I have been using Prosonic MIDI Libraries for over 10 years. I purchased 2 libraries from Prosonic. Pour un prix plus que raisonnable, c''est un pack merveilleusement organisé que j''ai reçu, permettant de donner l''impulsion parfois nécessaire à ma créativité. First off I want you to know that the work you guys do over there is not only fantastic but really a dream come true to me. But with that pack I got many more patterns and I can instantly try them out instead of having to program them in myself. I mostly work alone in my home studio and Prosonic Studios midi loops open up a world of creativety and just makes things easier for me to achieve an end result I can be proud of. I get particularly happy results using the chord progressions for feeding any arpeggiator. I wanted to try them straight away!

And they should be particularly helpful to people trying to understand harmony, composition and music theory. It's a full-blown midi library that's over-flowing with thousands of professional Heavy Metal & Punk drum beats and rhythm patterns! And with MIDI files, nothing is committed...you can change tempos and keys and structure before ever locking down the track. Prosonic's Heavy Metal & Punk Drum Library is packed with thousands of professional midi drum beats in common time and they're all royalty free! I use Prosonic loops in my home studio, and have been very impressed with their quality. Recently came back and picked up a few more pattern packs to really branch out with some songs. Thanks again. This has been a real blessing for me to find these patterns because I was really struggling to come up with my song structure including verse and hook. Malcolm McConnell As you go down the list the patterns continue to "build up". No matter how your imagination puts them to use, their libraries can do the same for you.

I would highly recommend the Prosonic Libraries.

I would recommend these libraries to anyone who don''t really have a background in music theory. Recomiendo mucho estas librerías para mejorar la creatividad. If you are like me and swimming in Kontakt instruments, drum machines and thousands of individual drum samples then these packs are perfect to build a new kit, get a drum beat down quick, build a click track or just get moving quickly on other parts of your productions. Create your own unique website with customizable templates. Also that the MIDI files are grouped, is a big help, when using multiple files in a song. Thank You!! Every imaginable progression and drum beat is at your beckon call. Our very own Rikk Currence gives you three reasons why your songs will thank you for using Toontrack drum MIDI. I recommend at least trying out one of the Time Signature and Genre sets to see the benefits of purchasing these for yourself!

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