In one lifetime, we may encounter and come to recognize such individuals only rarely, and there are no restrictions or limitations as to the circumstances that might lead us to them, or where and when our recognition might occur. Our gift of life, embodied in the sunrise and sunset, promises only to illuminate the path of possibility, but it does not direct it. over the years. Is this sentence correct English  ? What appeared to be a long swath of darkness was actually receding to the left, leaving the startlingly beautiful panorama on the right, and it occurred to me while I was standing there staring at the sight, that what has felt like a long swath of darkness in my personal life, needed to be viewed as receding as well.

A sunset is a decrescendo of every day. What sounded like hundreds of birds were already busy with their morning conversations, chirping in a cacophonous symphony, and I wondered momentarily, what they could possibly find so compelling to talk about at such an hour. That exploration may take the form of rigorous work designing instruments and analyzing data for a few, but, Reddy explains, “for the rest of us, exploration happens through a moment of reflection about those discoveries and appreciation of what it means to understand another piece of the large universe.” In the words of vlogger Hank Green, NASA is using your tax dollars to “increase the awesome” and so it only makes sense that we let you know all of the incredible ways we’re doing this and invite you to participate in this thrilling work! Zum Hauptinhalt wechseln.

Sunsets are peace and warmth brought forth for all eyes to see. Join Yahoo Answers and get 100 points today. Change ), You are commenting using your Twitter account. For example, in the book "The Outsiders" by S.E. Sunsets, Scattering, and Similes. ), but I digress. Copyright © 2020 Multiply Media, LLC.

The famous philosopher, William James, once told the story of man who found himself at night, slipping down the side of a steep slope toward the edge of a cliff. Why is communicating with the public particularly important for NASA? Both poets associate sunsets with closure and an end to one's daily experiences. What is the hink-pink for blue green moray? What he was unable to appreciate under the circumstances, was just what that inevitable event might hold for him. To Snow writing in England during the 1950s and 1960s, the division was a major obstacle in overcoming many problems facing the world (though he later felt his judgment was a little too harsh). Because she says so. The spigot of my creative juices have suddenly been turned off LOL. Sunsets are God's flares to warn Earth of the coming darkness.

There are two sides to every coin. A Little Parenthesis In Eternity; All Heaven and Earth Are Still; A Teacher's Dream; Friendship, Love, and Truth; From Ancient History to Modern Consciousness; Campfires and Tranquility; Friendship and Pain; The Dawn of Awareness Reflecting on what I had lost, rather than what I had gained by their presence in my life, I nearly missed realizing what all the fuss was about. However, a poet may just as soon describe the very same event as a poignantly emotional moment that arouses a sense of finality and subdued reflection as a chapter of life comes to a close. Sunsets represent warmth and beauty, often signifying an important season in a character's life, so descriptions tend to have a peaceful, melancholy tone. This duality, or multiplicity as the case may be, of descriptions for a single phenomenon is an example of what British scientist and novelist CP Snow once described in his book entitled “The Two Cultures.” In his experience, modern society seemed hopelessly split into two camps -the humanities and the sciences. Use adjectives such as perpetual, relentless, timeless, unremitting and unfailing, to describe sunsets. Sunsets are the bonfires of angels to celebrate every new phase of the moon. Still have questions? Astrophysics Science Division Another great post. Therefore no one word by itself can be a simile and so the word "as" is not a simile. Swedish sunset (due to Sweden's geographical location) is thought to be one of the most beautiful sunsets in the world. The Earth is a beautiful place to behold, and sunrise is a phenomena one should take the time to experience once in a while.

Each ‘culture’ had its own distinct interpretation of the world around them, but neither had even the most basic content knowledge of the other discipline. What do you think of the answers?

When writing about sunsets, focus on visual aspects of the sky and how the sunset makes the characters in your story or poem feel. And there are (at least) two ways to describe any natural phenomenon. You were joined in an ancient and eternal way with the friend of your soul.”, So many of us spend a great deal of time searching–hoping to experience such a friendship–and even when we do, we don’t always recognize it right away. When you had an anam cara, your friendship cut across all convention and category.

More than ever, there is a need today for people who can bridge this divide, clearly communicating the science that is shaping society and its relevance to those outside of the scientific community. Discuss color variations in the sky and how the setting sun casts shadows across the ground. first day of winter my walk extends After the loss of such a soul in my own life, I found myself confronted with the perplexing mystery, and had an unusual experience which gave me a rare insight, and I wrote about it in my journal: “Unable to sleep this morning, I sat out on the back porch and watched the sky brighten with the morning’s first light. Ano ang Imahinasyong guhit na naghahati sa daigdig sa magkaibang araw? Live blog: Trump falsely and prematurely claims victory, Trump projected to win key battlegrounds of Florida, Ohio, Biden calls for patience: ‘We’re going to win this', 'Hamilton' star changes lyrics of song for voters, Ex-NBA star Eddie Johnson dies at 65 in prison, Jerry Jones: DiNucci's 1st NFL start was 'a lot for him', The Obama-Biden economy outperformed Trump's, Celeb forced to quit 'DWTS' gives health update, Missing absentee ballots lead to lengthy voting journeys, Pennsylvania emerges as online misinformation hotspot, QAnon backers behind Trump caravans blocking roads. In my reading of the writings by Swami Krishnananda on the Mandukya Upanishad, it is during deep sleep that we are finally completely cut off from the external world, “…where all perceptions and cognitions converge into a single mode of the mind – Ekibhutah.” Even when we are dreaming we are still not completely out of consciousness, but in deep sleep: “Consciousness alone enjoys bliss…It is ‘Chit’ that experiences ‘Ananda’, not the Indriyas or the Manas, the senses or the mind.

For example, while preparing for a future missions to Mars NASA developed an innovative, clean and sustainable energy source, which has recently been adapted for commercial use and is now supplying clean, eco-friendly energy to such Fortune-500 companies as Google, eBay, Bank of America, The Coca-Cola Company, and FedEx. There is no magic formula for coming to terms with the many varieties of loss we can experience in our lives, but eventually, as difficult as it is, we must find a way to move forward, as best we can, until the sorrow fades. Still have questions? So far I have one metaphor and I need two more.

There are some nocturnal creatures and plants that become active at night, but they must also slow down and conserve energy during the day, so it is necessary for all life to attend to the renewal of energy at some point.

In that wonderful collection of words, O’Donahue explains the meaning of the phrase like this: “The anam cara was a person to whom you could reveal the hidden intimacies of your life. And there are (at least) two ways to describe any natural phenomenon. The sun is … Yet I was asking something which is the scientific equivalent of: Have you read a work of Shakespeare’s?”.

Sunsets are the bonfires of angels to celebrate every new phase of the moon. Once or twice I have been provoked and have asked the company how many of them could describe the Second Law of Thermodynamics.

A sunset is the epitome of the every day. Conflict ensued. Who is the longest reigning WWE Champion of all time? According to Francis Reddy, the Senior Science Writer for the Astrophysics Science Division here at Goddard, “every blog post, web story, broadcast segment, press release or printed article that explains a scientific or technical finding to non-specialists is an example of science writing.” A successful science writer, therefore, must not only have a thorough scientific background, but they also must be skilled communicators, world-class nutshellers, and masters of metaphor – a tall order to say the least! Does Jerry Seinfeld have Parkinson's disease? Take a sunset, for example. Enter your email address to follow this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email. The nature and study of human consciousness has been a compelling subject for me for more than twenty years. No. Her experiences as vice-president of an energy consulting firm have given her the opportunity to explore business writing and HR.

We cling to life in a completely understandable human way most of our lives, suffering terribly when it is lost too soon, and sometimes despair even when it dwindles slowly in the latter part of a long and fruitful life. How do you think about the answers? Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: You are commenting using your account. I have spent a great deal of my time and energies trying to come to terms with my own very particular “inner experience” of life, and to somehow understand how the events and flow of my temporal life have directly been influenced by the workings within. Use literary devices, such a symbolism and imagery, to describe the natural beauty, warmth and transitional elements of a sunset.

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