Digital Cameras, Misc. Mini Cooper Fuse Box location and how to check Fuses on BMW Mini Cooper 3rd Generation. YOUCANIC is designed for educational purposes only and it is not intended as, nor should it be considered a substitute for in-person diagnostic and troubleshooting by an automotive expert. Open the glove compartment, remove the damper (arrow 1) from the lower holder by applying forward pressure, disengage the glove compartment by pressing on both tabs (arrows 2) and fold it down.

Watch this video on how to test convertible switches using a digital multimeter. It sounds like the switch has gone bad or that there is something wrong with the track. If you can not hear the motor check the fuse. Another way to prevent getting this page in the future is to use Privacy Pass. how to reset mini cooper convertible roof the sunroof opens, but the roof will not. e36 convertible top won't go down should still be replaced as part of your electrical problem troubleshooting Likewise, you can select the car make and model listed below or from the menu on the right. If one of them fails your top will stop working.

In this article, we consider the first generation BMW 1-series (E81/E82/E87/E88), produced from 2004 to 2013. If the fuse is blown replace it and check if your convertible will operate normally. mustang convertible top won't work to install the new fuse with the fuse puller tool or just my fingers. vw eos convertible top won't open mustang convertible top won't latch Electrical Fuses Replacement Guide You can't fill them past the filler hole since the fluid will leak out, which is by design. Cloudflare Ray ID: 5ecce36c6a8319c1 Pull the convertible top fuse. If the relay and the fuse are not the problems, move to the next step. To troubleshoot your convertible top problem, we assume you already know how to locate and check fuses, relays, convertible top components such as lift cylinders, convertible module, and pump. I suspect some sort of debris in the track. If you cant see it move when it is supposed to open pull the switch and see if you are getting power to the open and close side of the switch. convertible top won't latch If you are experiencing problems with your car, we strongly recommend seeking the advice of an auto mechanic that can diagnose your vehicle in a repair shop with the right tools. Also make sure seal is not stuck together. In order to find out what's causing the problem, the headliner must be dropped (removed) to access the sunroof motor so it can be inspected and removed to inspect the slide cables up inside the sunroof/moonroof assy. bmw z3 convertible top won't open If the fluid level is too low the convertible pump operation completely to protect the motor and the hydraulic system components. mini convertible top won't go down

If a convertible system may seem complicated at first, don't let fear stop you from carrying a few basic troubleshooting steps yourself.

2008 Mini Cooper Convertible, Apr 14, 2014 | Click "Add" to insert your video. Locate the fuse box and look for the convertible top fuse.

Follow the steps in this guide to eliminate some of the most common convertible top problems. If you need replacement convertible top parts,  you can find new and used convertible top parts online at a fraction of dealer prices. If you are having trouble finding these parts visit your dealer; most dealership parts departments are kind enough to print the convertible top diagram for free. 2001 mustang convertible top wont go up Answer questions, earn points and help others, Can not open my mini cooper roof all the way, 2005 mini convertible roof wont open motors work but nothing open, WHERE CAN IDOWNLOAD OWNERS MANUAL FOR 2009 MINI COOPER S, - If you need clarification, ask it in the. This at least will get the roof closed until the problem can be fixed. bmw e46 convertible top won't open Can't say for sure about this particular model, but most vehicles with sunroofs have a manual crank for situations like this. Gently pull down the tab to release the My Blog. 2003 beetle convertible top wont go up

convertible top won't go down all the way ford mustang convertible top wont go up Articles            known as a piggy-back or fuse tap). 2004 sebring convertible top wont go up MINI Motorer Joined: April/11/08 Location: Ballard Status: Offline Points: 56 Topic: Convertible top adjustment Posted: April/28/08 at 8:06am

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While the pump is running the hydraulic system has air trapped in the lines. Let us go over the list of most common convertible top problems: Don't spend a fortune on convertible top parts. Since new fuses are so inexpensive, the fuse Checking the fuses is easy and you can complete this step yourself. Keep in mind that the Power Top Control Module (PTCM) (Convertible Top Control Unit) monitors and controls lowering and raising of the convertible top. the light blinks repeatedly, and I don't hear any noise at all -- I don't know if that's good or bad. e46 convertible top won't go down Replace the contents of the glove box and If the level drops below the MIN the convertible top will either not operate at all or move to slowly, not close or stop halfway. The motor is stripped out. sebring convertible top wont go up The hydraulic cylinders move the hardtop or soft-top up and down.

mercedes convertible top won't go down Completing the CAPTCHA proves you are a human and gives you temporary access to the web property. Owners of other MINI models or some smaller BMW TROUBLESHOOTING CONVERTIBLE TOP PROBLEMS DIY GUIDE. All automotive fuse box diagrams in one place. instructions to be helpful. If so, can you hear the motors try to turn or hum? crossfire convertible top won't go down • having issues with such as the windshield wipers, radio, horn, power Operate the convertible top up and down a few times and inspect for binding as you do this. Your IP: There are two fuse boxes in the Mini Cooper: one under the hood and the second one is inside the car, by the driver's side footwell. There's not a heck of a lot to the manual sunroof. Then close the top of the cover and push on Don't need to push the convertible top very hard just provide a little bit of help during the operation and your convertible top will most likely close.

All hydraulic convertible top system function practically the same, no matter if you own a Mercedes-Benz convertible or a Mazda, Chrysler, Toyota, Porsche, BMW or Lexus. If you would like to add a hardwire 12V power Swing open the cover and remove the two tabs Home           Digital Cameras, Misc. Clear all Power Top Control Module DTCs, convertible tops won't If you are still having the same problem, Check convertible top fuses and relay. camaro convertible top won't go down online at Amazon. beetle convertible top won't go down

You can get an o-ring assortment kit online and replace any damaged gaskets. 2001 vw cabrio convertible top wont go up or down 15 relay is mounted on the PCB in the housing, Internal interface, junction box control unit, Relay for wiper stage 2 is mounted on the PCB in the housing, Jump start terminal point - DDE main relay, Solenoid valve, exhaust gas recirculation, B+ potential distributor - Digital diesel electronics control unit. Take those screws out and then the glass. e36 convertible top won't open To pinpoint the problem and fix it properly takes patience and requires some knowledge of how convertible tops work. If you look at the fluid reservoir, you should see a MIN and MAX on the side. Convertible top leaks are quite obvious but in the early stages, they may difficult to locate. 2003 mustang convertible top wont go up Make sure they are tightly connected.The hoses should not be cracked or leaking.

2006 mustang convertible top wont go up

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