We work hard to be GMO-free in every aspect of our homestead. There are many reasons to remove or keep the horns on a calf. Create your own unique website with customizable templates. There is no way to predict genetic behavior in a mixed herd like mine unless you are breeding a foundation pure miniature to a foundation pure miniature and we just simply don’t generally part with those calves. Comments and suggestion are welcome.

There are several things to watch for. We require future owners to own a minimum of 3 acres to adequately accommodate their new pet, and have a plan on either spending time with their new calf or getting a companion animal. Luna is a wonderful little milk cow.

A bull or steer calf will typically have a shorter life expectancy since he will likely be butchered by his second birthday. Some don’t and remain small. These cultures are run on the milk so it's easy to collect samples.

Call Pete and Sandy Michael Mini Miracles Farm Pattonville, Texas PH: (903) 784-0674. Owning miniature cattle is a big commitment and responsibility.

Earth is a mid-sized A2/A2 Jersey girl that is new to our herd. There are medicated blocks that can be set out to help with Bloat. Bulls should additionally be tested for Trichinosis. She is A1/A2 and bred to an A2/A2 bull for a fall 2013 calf. We are very excited to be adding Poirot to our breeding program this year. Calf prices (up to 3 weeks old) Additional information. All Rights Reserved  |  Privacy Policy. Getting on a waiting list is, Getting on our waiting list is extremely easy. Using it later will not be fully effective and might not work at all. You're cow will likely not need much assistance in raising the calf.

A newborn is a blessing and a lot of work. If you have predators you may want to leave the horns in place.

- Mini cows can pay for themselves when you have calves for sale. ” Things to consider if considering a cow. Dairy: Unregistered Jersey heifer out of registered miniature Jersey bull and percentage miniature Jersey dam. Kappa Casein BB cow's milk is this ideal milk, clotting 25% more quickly and twice as firm as AA milk. All our animals are brought up with lots of Love and care. Get on the list today, We are completely sold out for 2020 and are now taking deposits for 2021. She is A2/A2 and bred to an A2/A2 bull for a spring 2014  calf. Allow the calf to rest out of rain and away from other animals. Prices depend on size and rarity. Be careful! If you see a bloody discharge, you've missed it. Lovable Little Ones - Mini Cows For Sale © Copyright. This allows them to handle extreme weather conditions that other cattle would not be able to handle. Jerseys have a gestation five days shorter than most other breeds. She is a very good milk producer and has gorgeous calves. , there's no doubt of the longevity of this registry. Topical numbing agents are not effective enough to be used. Phone number available through primary email contact, Small Family Cows for sale : Jerseys, Percentage minis & Beef x Dairy Dual purpose family cows, FB Link : Small family cow at SpiritGrove Farm, The case for cross bred dual purpose cows, The thoughtfully bred dual-purpose hybrid family cow, Disbudding ( Dehorning) and castrating: our practices, How I ( want to ) write my livestock sales ads. The right Miss Sunbeam is a heavier bodied little lady with less milking room and a … (GC) demonstrates the depth of Jersey ancestry. There are two ways to milk your cow. We have used. We are excited to use this bull on our girls. Babies we have sold to folks on our list. We hope you find the one that you love and would want to take home for your very own. That's why you'll see these tall black and white cows gracing the pastures of Wisconsin and northern California where most of our country's milk comes from. He is a midsized A2/A2 bull with great milking lines behind him. Bulls need to mature before they can breed, just like cows. When the time comes, we use an. Poirot is owned by Pamela Klein.

We find it helpful to take photos so we can refer back. Guaranteed Miniature   We are happy to introduce a new safe guard for miniature cattle buyers.

Change ), You are commenting using your Facebook account. Has a cow been used to raise graft calves? Web design by Foggybottomwebdesign.com. We have been in this business for quite a few years now, and although we may not know the answers to all the questions you may ask, we will strive to find someone who can help you. The milk may taste off or salty and can appear lumpy. Buttermilk and Toro wearing DE to prevent Fly Strike, Alfalfa is fed to increase palatability of milk by adding a hint of sweetness. Really. This can last up to about ten days old. ​. On the right is Buttermilk nursing Emerald.

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