Again Adrien's face light up a dark shade of red and he slapped a hand over his mouth, jerking his attention away from Marinette. God just what did he do?! The man looked around the room and it landed on a picture of him. What made Marinette so special?

Just your average sin and smut fluff lemon too. As she continued the motion a thought occurred to her. Hiding behind a fake smile always seemed like the best option for Adrien.

he asked himself. His fingers grazed over the area as I backed away, suddenly his eyes shot wide open. Marinette sucked in a breath when the cold liquid filled ball touched her skin. "Do I?"

When Adrien and Nathalie find themselves kidnapped for some sort of psychological experiment, it turns out to be a battle of wills. Marinette sucked in a sharp breath, and all at once, the sweet scent of Adrien's cologne consumed her. Did that mean he was ready for release soon? Marinette just made love with Adrien. I mean... can I?" She was getting close. Plagg Is So Done (Miraculous Ladybug) Protective Plagg (Miraculous Ladybug) Plagg Being Plagg (Miraculous Ladybug) Not Canon Compliant; Post-Episode: s03 Ladybug; Summary. Man how he loved the taste of her lips, such a sweet flavor- like a swirl of fresh cinnamon buns and croissants. Marinette felt the action and quickly grabbed his hands to stop him. Marinette's eyes widened and a jolt shot through her body. She shouldn't hold a special place in anyone's eyes. An action that was rewarded with surprise from, not just the boy, but her as well. Marinette eagerly sucked in as much air as she could, while Adrien's lips glide to the nape of her neck; where he began sinking his teeth into her soft skin. "Well, I was just so happen, to be passing by this game store when I remembered, once upon a time, this princess and whispered to her knight in shining armor.". Again she found herself wondering. The feeling of power was something extraordinary, she thought as she pressed into Adrien's shoulders causing the jittery man to fall back to the cool grass. "Oh I hope he's alright" Marinette clenched her fists. Marinette quickly put her bra on, then her shirt before standing up to slide her panties and shorts on. It was so hard, and the veins poking out at the sides gave it a strange texture. Adrien swallowed as Marinette glided her finger down his collar bone, pass his abs; pausing there for a little longer than necessary; finally stopping just at the base line of his jeans.

"I heard shouting is everything alright? "Adrien" Marinette's voice made the boy jump.

Adrien said causing the black kwami to get sucked into his ring and transform him. Suddenly he turned me around and began toying with my clit and breast at the same time as he licked my neck.

"S-Stop! "PLEASE" Chat pleaded tears threating to fall from his eyes. ", Marinette knitted her brows together for a moment. I’ll just cataclysm her. With almost a semi step forward the boy froze. "I was so scared!" However the minute she saw the boy acting strange, she'd push away the shyness and fill it nothing with concern. "I wanted to see you" He weakly admitted. It was warm, and silky. Marinette dropped out of college and runs her own popular online fashion boutique. "Now this is what I'm talking about!

"It looks like you're a bigger fan of Chat Noir than you let on princess" Chat found himself smirking. Marinette gasped. Marinette inquired excitingly. Yeah! Marinette had designed them earlier in the week because she didn't have much fabric and it just so happened that this stupid cat was on her mind the whole time, before she realized what she was doing she already finished the bra. It was a different feeling. "Are you alright?". Crossing her arms into her chest Marinette answered. I'm just getting started!" "Hey Chat". Not every sinner is a saint. It was a little bitter, but not to the extreme where it was unpleasant. He choked out almost in a whisper. After all Marinette, was just Marinette. Marinette breathed out slowly; while Adrien, whom had kept a sharp eye on the girl felt his face heat up almost to a burn. "Y-Y-You're wrong! Nino placed a hand on his shoulder. Years since the butterfly miraculous once again slipped through their fingers and into the villainous hands of Lila Rossi. but when she uncovers a secret that seems too impossible to believe, alya opens up a whole new world of danger.

Marinette yelled, another blush painting her cheeks. Marinette asked still standing a few feet away. Right there!

He tried to warn her but it was to late, Adrien lurched up and pulled out of Marinette's mouth grabbing his rod that shot out thick ribbon of cream onto her neck and chest.

Everything I felt with him... every touch and every kiss, I want him so badly! He so was tired of fighting them, so tired of this needing feeling. She fell to the ground with widened eyes. I love helping my parents out", Alya pouted. Same look; the black with the green laces around the hems, but one thing that was different- It had Chat Noir sewed in cursive in sort of a horizontal way. "Relax Adrien it's not that big of a deal" The black kwami stated chewing on some of his favorite camembert cheese. I could hardly breath as his fingers began to massage my folds, slowly entering me as I bit my lip. With a few more laps Adrien replaced his tongue with his teeth, nipping gently on the hard spot in the center of the chest. Suddenly a loud crash echoed through the thin window followed by a loud scream. Marinette shoved away the cotton ball the red Kwami was pressing against Marinette's blood stained shirt. "Come on up to my room" Marinette fumbled up the stairs and Adrien hastily followed. Of course. SHE DIDN'T DO ANYTHING! Marinette let out a whimper when Adrien finally found himself all the way inside of her. "M-Marinette... it's.. alright".

Mari looked down and noticed the agony in his face; his eye brows were pulled together and he seemed to be breathing kind of heavily. Sure is different than she imagined it would be. Because Chat was angry when he left and maybe wanted to vent to the first person he saw, which just so happened to be Adrien. It was such a different feeling for both of them without the bra. Marinette could feel her body shiver in delight when she felt the warmth of the invading tongue inside of her. She always knew that one day, she would meet her match, but she never expected it to be that annoying blonde haired omega. Okay, good news and bad news. He cupped her cheek and wiped the tears near her eyes with his thumb.

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