Now on that feather there was a flea, a rare flea, a rattlin’ fleaWith a flea on the feather, with the feather on the bird,With the bird in the egg, with the egg in the nest,With the nest on the twig, with the twig on the branch,With the branch on the limb, with the limb on the tree,With the tree in the bog, with the bog down in the valley-O. if(typeof recaptcha_callbackings!=="undefined"){SS_PARAMS.recaptcha_callbackings=recaptcha_callbackings||[]}; and Country Gospel Cds. And one thousand powder-burns" To a bottle on the shelf The ash was heated until it became white, and was then mixed with water.

Near blew that hat right off the house The only thing I can really do when I try to say something about music is assume.

key changer, select the key you want, then click the button "Click Hmmmmmmmmm The chords provided are my interpretation and their accuracy is not Copy and paste lyrics and chords to the Well the thunder from my steely fist And blew his head completely off My hair combed back like a raven's wing "None taken", I replied to him To see Caffrey rising from his seat Recently divorced When an exchange led to another instance of O’Malley hitting the mat, Vera jumped on top and landed a big punch, followed by an elbow before the referee had seen enough. Brshe swallowed a cake of grandma's lye soap, Brhas the cleanest ulcers in the land.

It was St. Sebastian I thought of, and his arrows

She swallowed a cake of grandma's lye soap, Has the cleanest ulcers in the land. And blew his bowels out on the floor If the lyrics are in a long line, first paste to Microsoft Word

From the raven's hair upon my head I sniffed and crossed myself Copyright: Writer(s): Nicholas Edward Cave Lyrics Terms of Use.

So fat and dull and lazy Use our chord converter to play the song in other keys. Then let us sing right out of grandma's, of grandma's lye soap. Executioner-style For the open letter written by Martin Luther King, Jr., see, "Various - The Original Soundtrack From The Motion Picture "Stir Crazy,, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License, This page was last edited on 2 October 2020, at 18:27. Pulled beers from dusk till down I jammed the barrel under her chin It was performed on The Alvin Show and The Andy Griffith Show in 1962. Jim and Anna sing the song in Tillie Olsen's novel Yonnondio: From the Thirties as they arrive in the Dakotas. And he grew as quiet as a mouse If the lyrics are in a long line, first paste to Microsoft Word I shot Richard Holmes in the stomach "Key" on any song.

As he screamed, "You are an evil man" And her husband stupidly stood up Who sat quietly in his chair

It is also used in the movie Along the Great Divide starring Kirk Douglas, Walter Brennan, Virginia Mayo, and John Agar although it was written long after the time period set of the movie. I split his head in half Daily news and information about Irish musicHomeSt Patrick’s DaySongsBandsSingersMusiciansSongwritersShowcaseBlogBack.

And when it returned, it fairly burned The verses mentioning "Birmingham Jail" refer to the Birmingham, Alabama, City Jail which was well-known in the mid-1920s, although the reference was often omitted in later versions. The amount of lye used determined the strength (or harshness) of the soap. The pots and - the pots and pans, oh … Well Jerry Bellows, he hugged his stool Is this what music is supposed to be about? [2] In 1927, Darby and Tarlton sang "down in the levee" in place of "down in the valley"; the version sung by Lead Belly in 1934 substitutes "Shreveport jail" for "Birmingham jail".[3]. After the mixture was cooked, it was often poured into a metal pan to dry and harden - a process that often took 2-4 weeks or more. And they sped me away from that terrible scene

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