Chapter 1 Alkanes 12 23 Carbon Chains • Each carbon atom can form four bonds, either to other carbon atoms, or to different atoms (such as H, O, N, S, P, etc.) a. ��_����7g���7�=Υ��78L�=�6��AiI�fo1�m\bf`W�W�Ud���̿��m�lw�fz �1ڪX���9��ǭ���ύd/�©������}-D�3{��3L��ܙ(9V��|q��Q�q�k��l��KoF�g.Ž�cC��Y�uF͔��Dg���F>�, s�s����2�&���@�{,̒N~ ^�d]���SvY'�J�{Q`·�q#Q�&�/��HnE�i����Ml����E���^bS�+�7�ٰ�c������ϸl&�/�2S�~��^p���$y��m�;�H�ܜ~Q�h��*)��)��dx�Vی0�x� ��浚�b���?0 6mP��a���!4���L٬ֳ��S���UQ�=\�ϓ�ן�t��)sis��뎚O�r���{�����y��|�kO�XAW3��g������ Which of the following structures is allyl alcohol? cis-3 ... benzene can have multiple substituent groups. 90 e. 180 c. 109.5 ANS: D DIF: Easy REF: 3.2 2. %��������� (10 questions, 40 pts) 1.

(01) Draw an example of each of the four types of hydrocarbons: alkane, alkene, alkyne, and aromatic. Choose the best answer for the following questions. �L�QmBK&�3��1��š�`����*$j����'lf�f���H�����(�{W�J�\��bN���k��K���̇r�E=�:���A���v�ҭ�#LJj[������o���#�Ʃ��{n��s������3���v�>��R�<3�+�!�ʮ^/FTiR#�Z1�(��K:��/5;��A�m��;�p! What atomic orbitals are involved in the formation of the, bond between the two carbons indicated in. ��\ *���p33;T�7^^�.��_]ҫ$���K���JU��++���3�y��YcC���i�W�p�����X��W�L�KeO5�F8僆ѨU=H[qB�.~Ȇ�K��!I�\�!����Ei�����;_WV�?l��wX���%��&v3�"Fn�1���QDES�� Q)J�~cl��#w�M�#e�&���2�fܰK��:�%9�6P�H�Q�i��쫲�Lf��.��5?y����/�c+����Zz�n4�I� s|��T�Ѳ۲�y�rX��(� }�n�\�����"'qh]׊5:^T��E9M�>C���3#�S�s���:��U����B|������2�v�v�P�*�Gˑn%s3�����άl�m6�� A reaction A → B occurs in a single step and has a ΔG° of 50 KJ/mol. vl��N�Gf��ȕ�χ()�&��hW�пo,ZM���)D}�~�$����C� �UjnzP~�� M�w�Ə1LEFVz�B!���|�+�M����8E�\��}��4k�]��¢sO8�P?瘾h�g�y���1d���/���l��mO?6�����"���]��#a��y:?N�zD;�}����FJ�εд? ��oMv�����F,���o���=J<4#�%��o��Dd��/�|x9�

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Orgo4_TestBank_Ch03 - Alkenes and Alkynes Chapter 3 Alkenes and Alkynes MULTIPLE CHOICE 1 What is the approximate value of the indicated bond angle in, 4 out of 5 people found this document helpful. Use this packet and your book to answer the questions throughout this packet. This preview shows page 1 - 7 out of 22 pages.

How many bonds and how many bonds are in ethylene, C 2 H 4? We can make a similar reasoning as above that such arrangement forms from the reaction between a C=C bond and Br2 in the presence of an alcohol, a group that also happens to be present in the starting material. Which of the following structures is vinyl bromide? 7z段n�u��N��o7J��-��l�ذ�fᖬ��z�'S�������S-A�\��6��b/���q��k�����?�����W ... For the following alkenes and alkynes, translate their IUPAC names into skeletal structures. Organic Nomenclature - Alkanes, Alkenes, Alkynes Naming organic compounds can be a challenge to any chemist at any level. 8527521718; Online Support; Menu. The molecule in question has an oxygen (ether group) and a bromine on adjacent carbons. What is the approximate value of the indicated bond angle in the following structure? Which of the following structures correctly represents, How many signals do you expect to see in the, Which of the following structures is properly designated as an, Which of the following structures is properly designated as a. University of Michigan, Dearborn • CHEM 225. No Frames Version Chapter 26: Alkenes and alkynes. Alkenes and Alkynes Chapter 3: Alkenes and Alkynes MULTIPLE CHOICE 1.

(02) Answer True or False for the following statements. [4^��� �����χ�`2�p����M��u;N:�N�5����9��Rnϒ��6x�8�x;�M�|�Ш�dw��k�ۍ/�zl9���$�j������E>s����}�I��l)���� �'5�>�w?��55t�j7��l��zi�����ַ;�t*�H�� ��R�\G��!� 93�Fŕ+6��{W�����튺�U�i��s!t��ކ:~O��g���[㞭�c� �Y�4f�Sd]\�>G��Nߧ�����e_jRd]���ʘ�8��gb��Z׆D?����j��L��� S���x�2�z�[�q^Y�Zq�o�C+��k'j6�ŧ���b�S$�,Q��U����5Q-�|����w0�媜�x�վ������+gJ2�����l�v��zUyӵJ���v�u����Z%�`����S��+g��N&�H� ���B �\� z�׺��0���o%����,'w���r�N#e� �g>G|�Ψ�l=r���R�~���V�� �!VtU��f���o�����uTm`f��>07Ќu%:-��K跻k}-�Q藥p�����/��:�u6|F��#�/��3��)����a0 �.�Qj��6�،#eí�� �S����D_p�li��������������x#�X�[��7�]����i�]x�gQz��Op/׬d�%��Q���a'ҳ��ě�J}����z ���^�ܗ���=���p��'/�;g��6�z��3i�ƋPf}�ן���v�kI�ɳX��C�[�����R7zwԹ��DW�3�dsz(w|��0#��$�i�%=�U��ULc��.�s^�iD�U1�i���#&���������!ls�!Jolč��(��Ջ��o�>��r#q�ٴ�]���5:�5�'=��g�?���l�S��� ʾ�ܑ��Ai���l�[=�§�#(�^c��o(+U����)n^�L���G��6w���@vGH�鮝�:��Sgw��N�#�"e�-{�ڄU]��0�`���]��}����[�/�V4j���K�����jX���ҍ�V����VU��))0� ���ϔ����%�1js�|��k;�� :����qBܪb�&83��)����Z���[#e�4���$z���no�hߡ�-��y����56mڻ��2��S�Q��h6���-2�@?�b٪�re�@��;o)� 3ٻ� Z����}�酥��H���&��@)��v�l�~b)� \�p��Q���bD�zx��C����(>lV��(����'۴��E'vܑ��)� �Sa���/jrJ���p:�����h�m�?~K�>}歞��%�������ùm�& w��ܺ�u�;�v�x�oD�����i�IH��Ȝ-2�q��

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