It wouldn’t even be far off to say that Su Yunjin resembled Bella Swan, in her introversion towards everything.

After that they go out drinking with just Cheng Zheng, Su Yunjin and Juan (that's the only part of his name I remember.. According to, ‘Train to Busan’ smashes South Korean box office records, BIGBANG's film is viewed over 10 million times within 18 Hours in China, Vancouver Asian Film Festival’s AIM³ Summit to feature the man behind #StarringJohnCho, FILM REVIEW: I’ll Sleep When I’m Dead – Steve Aoki, WATCH: The First Trailer For Crazy Rich Asians Has Arrived, FEATURE: The real problem behind the Oscars. 原来你还在这里》 Never Gone Premiere Press Conference with Kris Wu (39min) The Dreamer. I know this is not a drama, but a movie and it is also not Korean but Chinese but I decided fuck it whatever.

Admittedly, I never watched the first installation of the series, so it’s hard to tell if cohesion was lost in the process of adapting the novel into a script, or if it had to do with Zhou Tuo Ru’s directing style. I wasn’t ok with the ending. In fact, he is the sole reason why I went to see Never Gone. Zheng is drinking angrily.

I like how unbiased you were. 21:10. Cheng Zheng has taken Su Yunjin under his wing. Their two completely different family backgrounds sets them apart and Yunjin labeled Zheng as a disgusting rich and spoiled boy. 6.2. Yo Hua told her that she wanted to be alone. The usually anti-social Yunjin even agreed to come along. He fell in love with her and started to pursue her until they sat in college, even when they studied in a different university. SPOILERS (because I love spoiling so much). The film was established as the second instalment of the So Young series, which played in favour to its initial hype. But he is back, stalking her and he is a high-powered businessman. A few years later, Yun Jin established a successful career and Cheng Zheng reappeared in her life. Mr Touqeer. Setting aside their two family backgrounds, Cheng Zheng still loved Yunjin unconditionally (someone pls love me like that). ... or her daily business wearing a black cloth tied or pinned to his or her sleeve. The story started in high school. He fell in love with her and started to pursue her until they sat in college, even when they studied in a different university. She has finally reached the building and you see Cheng Zheng next to a car. Never Gone is the second film in which Kris Wu plays a starring role, his first being Peng Zeyang in Xu Jinglei’s 2015 drama, Somewhere Only We Know. If you listen hard enough, you’ll hear her in the distance, crying over her favourite celebrities. She set her heart into studying science but her grade is atrocious. We use cookies to personalise ads, provide social features and to analyse our site usage.

Zi Yi then came back alone to the karaoke booth as if nothing happened but Yunjin knew that Yo Hua had planned to confess. Cheng Zheng asks Su Yunjin for a dance but she refuses. The film had a crappy ending but if you search on Youtube another ending for the film, about 14 minutes long, can be found and it was a happy one. Get started today by creating your free online memorial to … But that’s another matter altogether. The next day Juan would not talk with Yunjin continuously avoiding her. One might even get the impression that this is a lighthearted romance with a tinge of comedy from its colourful introduction. [2], It received negative reviews, particularly for its lack of substantial plot, poor characterization and the lead actors' performance. © Global Granary, 2020. | “July Found by Chance” is the Most Beautifully Self-Aware Manhwa, Classroom of the Elite Volume 3 – Epilogue II. Instagram: GlobalGranary Facebook: @globalgranary youtube: Global Granary. Liu Yifei isn’t exactly the perfect actress. The film is directed by Zhou Tuoru, produced by Zhang Yibai and stars Kris Wu and Liu Yifei. That day they had agreed to hang out but Cheng Zheng was also there. Once they are separated, Cheng Zheng went to America and (I think) Yunjin became a pretty successful business woman.

It is based on a novel Xin Yi Wu. Cheng Zheng falls in love with Su Yunjin and pursues her through college, even when they study and live in different cities. She currently calls Vancouver her home, where she studies business by day, and lives as a fangirl by night.

Suddenly Zheng abruptly asks Yunjin why she ran away after kissing him, giving him hope for their relationship when the reality was was that she ran off the next day. I have watched the movie version of Never Gone when it first became available but it fell short of my expectation.

Though the stories are unrelated, the film was promoted as the sequel to 2013 youth romance film So Young, and released in China on 8 July 2016.[3]. Zheng decides to stop meeting with her.

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