Keeney added that these new higher-power platforms were the focus of discussions with the new and larger “strategic” customers that nLight is hoping to engage with in the future. Up till now, the bankers who underwrote the IPO had been stuck in a "quiet period" in which they were unable to comment on the company's prospects.

Thus, valued on those earnings, nLIGHT stock sells for about 600 times earnings today. But do these analysts even know what they're talking about? • nLight’s executive team said that sales in the current quarter would again be in the region of $50 million, partly reflecting the relative seasonal strength of the quarter just completed.

Marking is one example of that, and Keeney said that nLight was enabling a new application where previously lasers have proved too expensive. With earnings so close at hand, my advice to investors considering the stock would be to hold off on buying right now, and see what management has to say about nLIGHT's performance and prospects later this week. What's more, all six rate the stock buy. All salaries and reviews are posted by employees working at IPG Photonics vs. nLIGHT. “These new platforms will better position nLight to address the large market in high-power cutting applications,” said the CEO. Morale can change pretty fast. nLight’s biggest customer is currently Suzhou Quick Laser Technology. Now, that quiet period has ended -- and you can hardly shut them up about it. DA Davidson likewise believes nLIGHT is an "emerging player" and likely "to grow at [a] double-digit annual pace for several years." No fewer than six separate bankers, including all five of those that underwrote the IPO, announced new ratings for nLIGHT this morning, according to data from (subscription required) and Asked directly about the contrasting outlook with IPG, Keeney highlighted a key difference between the two companies – that nLight also sells semiconductor lasers, and is somewhat more diverse than its larger rival. Target prices range from $34 a share (Needham) to $40 a share (Davidson and Stifel). Founded in 1993 by brothers Tom and David Gardner, The Motley Fool helps millions of people attain financial freedom through our website, podcasts, books, newspaper column, radio show, and premium investing services. That's pretty incredible, given that less than a month ago, in the days leading up to its IPO, nLIGHT's backers were only hoping to sell the stock for between $13 and $15 a share, resulting in a market capitalization of no more than $510 million. Sometimes goals weigh heavy on the workers. Compare IPG Photonics vs nLIGHT BETA See how working at IPG Photonics vs. nLIGHT compares on a variety of workplace factors. What does the future hold for stock in laser maker nLight? (Free cash flow is also expected to turn positive in 2019.) By comparing employers on employee ratings, salaries, reviews, pros/cons, job openings and more, you'll feel one step ahead of the rest. Solutions for every industry.. Our company was founded more than 20 years ago on the vision that technical innovation in semiconductor lasers would enable laser applications not possible at that time. But since nLight’s final products on the whole do not end up deployed in the US, they are not ultimately subject to the new tariffs as currently structured, explained the CEO. The apparent momentum in the critical Chinese market – Keeney reported initial qualifications at several new strategic accounts – appears to contrast with last week’s indications of a slowdown from IPG Photonics, the market leader in high-power fiber lasers. There's a new laser maker in town -- and Wall Street loves it. By comparing employers on employee ratings, salaries, reviews, pros/cons, job openings and more, you'll feel one step ahead of the rest. “So we've seen really nice growth in that space, and I think we're quite well positioned.”. Like fiber laser maker IPG, nLIGHT "is highly vertically integrated," says Needham. Such a quick run-up naturally raises the question of whether nLIGHT's potential is already priced in. “Only a third of our business is fiber lasers in China, and that’s where we see the most significant competition,” said the CEO. Finally,the Nlight,it is special for high-reflective materials cutting.Cause there is one more laser reflective protector,when cutting the Aluminum,brass,silver,it will hurt the laser source by the reflective laser. Red light? nLIGHT employees rated their Career Opportunities, IPG Photonics employees rated their Compensation & Benefits, nLIGHT employees rated their Culture & Values, IPG Photonics employees rated their CEO Approval, IPG Photonics employees rated their % Recommend to a friend, nLIGHT employees rated their Positive Business Outlook. No effect from tariffs yet Let's conquer your financial goals together...faster. Canaccord Genuity focuses on nLIGHT's "technological differentiation and significant margin leverage potential through vertical integration" as reasons to own the stock. Managers were easy to talk to and manufacturing team was fun to work with. Diode and fiber laser firm reports qualification in several new ‘strategic’ accounts as it plans launch of higher-power sources in the near future. One area where the focus is more on semiconductor lasers than fiber lasers is in microfabrication, across a broad scope of market sectors and applications. Analysts expect nLIGHT's earnings to increase rapidly from here, however, with consensus projections calling for profits of $0.38 per share this year, growing 68% to $0.64 in 2019, and then another 53% in 2020, to $0.98 per share. • Investors reacted positively to nLight's update, sending the company's stock price up around 5 per cent in early trading on August 9.

“We also have very strong markets in microfabrication, aerospace and defense, and it's really a different set of competitors that we face in those markets.”. Returns as of 11/04/2020. And by the time the IPO actually happened, on April 26, the stock was off to the races, soaring nearly 70% from its $16 offering price to close nearly at $27 a share.

Every day, Wall Street analysts upgrade some stocks, downgrade others, and "initiate coverage" on a few more. Green light? “It's a very difficult thing to do, to qualify a laser for space. “We’re not in a position to announce anything today, but that's the direction that we're going,” he said, adding that by incorporating the company’s latest laser diode and fiber technologies, those new platforms should also help improve profit margins. Keeney also reported that nLight had not yet seen any meaningful impact from the “Section 301” tariffs imposed by the US last month, or from retaliatory actions by the Chinese government. Raymond James (which helped the underwrite the IPO) and Northcoast Research (which didn't) also agree the stock is a buy. Learn how to enable cookies. nLight, the US-based maker of high-power industrial semiconductor and fiber lasers that listed on the Nasdaq index earlier this year, has reported a sharp increase in sales as it gains key customers in China. Today, we're taking one high-profile Wall Street pick and putting it under the microscope... Move over IPG Photonics (NASDAQ:IPGP). Glassdoor will not work properly unless browser cookie support is enabled. In a company release Jake Bell, nLight’s general manager for industrial lasers, said: “These fiber lasers deliver the highest power available in the smallest size.

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