In a tiny corner of the city, a little enclave known as the Electro-Fishers is facing eventual extinction, trapped between the threat of the Safeguard and dwindling food supplies.

This series gives a gritty, unvarnished look at life on the frontlines of a never-ending conflict and will give you a sense of the human cost behind these massive mech battles. Unfortunately, they do; when the male crew of the Vanguard fire on their captured vessel out of desperation, they created a giant wormhole, which sucks the Vanguard and the Mejeran pirate's ships into itself!

RahXephon, e.g.

As the new war rears its head and violence becomes inevitable, Athrun finds himself as a mentor to the bitter Shinn. [Written by MAL Rewrite], Since the demise of the man believed to be Britannia's most wicked emperor one year ago, the world has enjoyed an unprecedented peace under the guidance of the United Federation of Nations. The action-packed robot battles are bolstered by the deep storylines of their human pilots.

With the aid of L-elf—an enigmatic Dorssian agent and gifted strategist—Haruto and the Valvrave initiate a revolution to liberate the world. However, their peaceful days are disrupted by the threatening terrorist organization Amalgam. Ao launches a certain military FP called "Nirvash" aboard a Japanese military transport in his fervent desire to protect the island. But when startling secrets are brought to light, will the heroes' greatest challenge prove to be the monsters...or humanity itself? The series is the story of Might Senpuuji, a teenager who happens to be a billionaire after acquiring his father’s assets. Zero Two engages the creature in her FranXX, but it is heavily damaged in the skirmish and crashes near Hiro. These two, alongside Macross' crew, experience an epic journey rife with grief and drama, coming face-to-face with the cruelties of war along the way. In an attempt to combat the opposition's overwhelming pressure and put an end to the massive casualties, the army forms a special unit called Wyvern, or W-0, composed of former Japanese citizens referred to as "Elevens." [Written by MAL Rewrite], The war between the Terrans and the Vers Empire of Mars has ended, allowing humanity to blissfully enjoy their lives in a time of peace. Little does he know, he is soon to come face to face with the one responsible for placing the bloodthirsty curse upon him, someone he is far too familiar with... Together they go off with a band of freedom fighters to free humanity from it's underground confinement. She has a "Yuta" power awakened within her due to an incident when she was young. Mecha anime, the genre to which giant robot anime belongs, is likely what many picture when they think of anime as a whole. Meanwhile, Britannian advisor Julius Kingsley and his guard Suzaku Kururugi begin working together with the Knights of St. Michael in order to crush the European resistance once and for all, armed with the destructive power of a giant weapon known as the Ark Fleet. The ceasefire is shattered, and the Martians declare war on the Terrans once again. Chidori Kaname is regarded as such, and Mithril's Urzu squad is in charge of protecting her. Is it the best anime ever made? Every day is just like the last, and it feels like every new day will be the same. As a rule, things are hardly ever as they appear. Join Alpha and get early access. Nice characters, great music, awesome bike mecha.

Thrust into the midst of a dangerous battlefield, Shinji must find the necessary courage and resolve to face against the Angels' incursions before it is too late. By his side are Norman, a loyal and widely skilled butler, and Dorothy, a human-like android with deadpan snark.

Streets of Fire, the anime. The Golds named the human race the Iron Tribe. and lots of fanservice. Unfortunately, nothing goes according to plan as they make their way back to Second Earth.

Continuing on the 80’s OVA Dominion, New Dominion has Tank Police officers Leona and Al piloting their mini-tank Bonaparte and attempting to discover the person responsible for the terrorist attacks in New Port City. While the student's main concern is whether he will ever be able to return home, what he doesn't realize is that he is about to get caught up in a war to protect the world. In the battle Ayato's mother is injured, and Ayato flees Tokyo Jupiter with Haruka.

Directed by Code Geass director Goro Taniguchi, Infinite Ryvius is as much a story about politics more than anything else, as the children attempt to find the best way to make decisions while they make their journey home. Souta Mizushino is a high school student who aspires to be such a creator by writing and illustrating his own light novel.

Thus, the search for so-called 'Element Users' was prioritised, hoping to ensure humanity's future. Not for the faint of heart, especially Be Invoked. Lisesharte then challenges Lux to a Drag-Ride duel.

I think my problem of giving titles of mecha is that i think they are not obscure, but have become forgotten even though they used to be popular when they aired. He desires to leave his home behind and join the mercenary group known as Gekkostate, hoping to find some adventure to brighten up his mundane life.

With the fate of the universe hanging in the balance, the climactic final battle draws near.

©2020 All Rights Reserved. But in the process, Setsuna stumbles upon a conspiratorial plot spearheaded by a new faction, the Innovators, and must contend with his own old wounds and ghosts of the past in order to save a world that despises him. [Written by MAL Rewrite].

Super Machine Beast God Dancouga (has one of the best anime themes ever!). Suddenly, he appears in the middle of the battle and is forced to fight the monster. A girl named Zuru goes on a journey to find food for her village, only to inadvertently cause doom when an observation tower senses her and summons a Safeguard pack to eliminate the threat. Not obscure at all to me).

(It's also one of those few series where I think it doesn't have a DVD release and what we have online is from a laser disc/VHS rip).

Now an unwilling participant in the struggle against GHQ, Shuu must learn to control his newfound power if he is to help take back Japan once and for all. They join together to form a team in order to defeat Black Ghost. Her whole life consists of going to school, helping out at her mother's cafe, and listening to music. A mysterious entity called "Secret" suddenly appears and launches an attack on the Scub Coral lifeform on the island. As their investigation goes on, the line between man and machine continues to blur, and reality and perception become indistinguishable. Which Akatsuki Member Are You, Based On Your Zodiac Sign? However, this fragile calm is shattered when armed militants successfully kidnap former princess Nunnally vi Britannia and Suzaku Kururugi, the chief advisor of the Black Knights, sparking an international crisis. Aoki Ryuusei SPT Layzner.

So if you like your high school comedies tempered with a heaping helping of giant robots kicking the ever-loving crap out of one another, this is the anime for you. Those who cannot are labeled "Norma," outcasts of society who are considered a threat to civilization and live under constant persecution, and Angelise herself is one of many who want the Norma exterminated.

However, its efforts could only slow down the impending defeat, and mankind has been forced to abandon the major areas of the Eurasian Continent.

Our only hope is to fuck their shit up with robots and manly sideburns. Features a GaoGaiGar-esque sentai team of old mexicans, nice music and DAT ASS. ), The story is set on Okinawa's isolated island of Iwado, which has seen a growing movement advocating a return to an autonomous government.

In response to the fascistic behavior of the A-Laws, the anti-terrorist group Celestial Being reappears.

Shrouded in a fog-like mystery, it is up to people like Roger Smith to shine a light through the mist. As the unit rushes into the fight, Akito finds himself possessed by an uncontrollable lust for violence, slaughtering anyone that gets in his way.

Again, Awesome mech battles, MOTHERFUCKING SIDEBURNS and LETHAL TWINS.

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