If your’e expecting a baby in this month, you could read our list of some October baby names for boys and girls. This makes an apt name for the Fall-inspired baby name for your son. The meaning of the name Melena is ‘Yellow as a canary’. Sabrina is the name of a legendary Celtic goddess, who was known for her bravery and heroic activities. Bean is a  trendy name for boys born during Fall. This name would fit best for babies born between  September and November. Ada is derived from the German name Adelaide, which came from the ancient name Adalheidis. This is a very colourful name for your baby girl. Forrest is a wonderful Fall inspired name that reminds us of great forests who provide us with oxygen. This flower is a purple crocus that blooms during fall and is famous for its fragrance. Ash can also be a dashing short form of Asher,... Read More, Aspen is part of two groups of stylish and unique baby names: nature names and place-names. Nameberry is a registered trademark of Nameberry, LLC. 10 Tips For Choosing The Right Name For Your Baby. This is acute, fall-inspired baby name for a girl. If you are the biggest fan of famous actress Winona Ryder (born on October 29), it can be the perfect name for your spunky little one. Garnet is a lovely mineral that glitters in shades of candied maple, crimson and vibrant red which are the common colours of autumn. These 20 literary baby names for boys make for a great first page. It is one of the most seen autumn-hued colours.

The name symbolizes good or pretty face.

The meaning of the name Silvia is ‘sprite of the wood’. Choosing a baby boy name from a book also lets people get a taste of mom and dad's personality. Rowan is the name of the flowering tree with tiny red berries. © 2010-2020 Parenting.FirstCry.com. Octavia was the name of Roman Emperor, Augustus’s sister. If you want your little angel to grow up with nobility and genuine feminine virtues, Octavia would be a great fit. The name emphasizes on strong and noble features, and you would surely like your girl to get those admirable aspects. Your autumn boy is surely going to bring happiness to your lives. Ivy signifies faithfulness.

The out- of- the -ordinary name Crimson is inspired by the dark red colour of the autumn leaves. An Aldi shopper showed how she makes her fortnightly food shop last for two weeks. So if you are on the prowl for a spooktacular name, look no further. The name Cormac is a unique baby boy name of Irish origin. The female version of Ottavio means vigorous and confident. Names for autumn babies also reference the colors of fall leaves, and autumn-themed nature names such as Birch and Crisanta. Kale is the name of the green leafy vegetable harvested during the Fall. When the leaves turn orange, red and yellow during the fall, it feels as if the magical woodland sprites are painting the world. Humans have so much in common with the oceans—much more than we care to admit at times. The name Damon means ‘to tame’ and when you feel inspired by the literary works of Damon Runyon, you can call your baby boy with that name. The name means morally strong and truthful person. During the autumn season, the leaves of the Aspen tree turn golden, which looks beautiful. This is a great Fall name as leaves from different trees turn all kinds of colours giving us the same warmth as a rainbow. It is a female given name of Celtic origin. The name Cedar is inspired by the cedar trees that turn both red and yellow during the autumn season. Names inspired by the marigold, October’s birth flower, or opal, its birthstone, are equally appropriate for an October baby. If you're looking for water, sea, or beach-related names, here's a list of baby names for boys and girls inspired by the ocean. This is of English origin and it means ‘ powerful strong person’. This name is derived from the Roman goddess of grain which is found during the fall. Here's some unique names for boys and girls to choose from, The Daily Star's FREE newsletter is spectacular! Inspired by the name of popular actress Alicia Silverstone born in October, you can call your little angel by that name. So the name Frost is an English origin name, meaning ‘born at the time of frost (winter). A teacher even asked him to wipe his "distracting" cosmetics off – but now he's opening his own salon, Body modification fan turns 'orc' after getting huge tusks attached to teeth, Orc, 41, from the border of Paraguay and Brazil, has tattooed 80% of his body, including his eyeballs, and has a split tongue and sub-dermal piercings, Mum tears up after finding special note inside eBay gift she bought her daughter, The mum-of-two broke down in tears after she found a note inside a present she had bought for her daughter from eBay. These 40 baby names, inspired by astrology, Halloween, and the season of fall, are perfect for little boys and girls born in October. Russet, an English name, is a lovely reddish-brown colour which is now more famous as a baby girl name. explains more about how we use your data, and your rights. Kellie Kearney is a Dublin mammy of five kids aged newborn right up to nine. Linden means ‘ lime trees’ which bloom during the autumn season. If you haven’t yet decided a name for your baby girl, here’s a list of autumn-inspired names for baby girls. Now the government has announced it will provide further support for self-employed workers in the country, B&M sells Cadbury Favourite boxes filled with old classics – including Dream bars. This is a classic name that denotes the fall season. Carmine is a Latin baby boy name meaning ‘vivid red’.

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