To close out this relatively brief conclusion, Old Forester Bourbon 86 Proof is a decent bourbon that isn’t going to blow anyone away, but it’s also not bland or offensive so it’s easy enough to drink without issue. Old Forester Bourbon 86 Proof is a shelf staple offered by Brown Forman, the company well known for Woodford Reserve and Jack Daniel’s. They were far from bad bourbons, they just weren’t all that memorable.

For the longest time the Old Forester brand suffered from brand identity. Unfortunately what was most memorable about them was their dreadful finish. I lament that Virgin 7 Year Bourbon was discontinued in mid-2019 because that was the one sub-$20 bourbon to rule them all. Ditto, with even more pronounced vanilla notes. 2020 Bomberger’s Declaration Bourbon Review, Gentleman Jack vs Elijah Craig Small Batch Comparison, Russell’s Reserve Single Barrel Bourbon Review, Potomac Wine and Spirits WhistlePig 10 Year Single Barrel Rye Review, Maker’s Mark Private Select Bourbon Review, Kavalan Single Sherry Cask The Whisky World Review, Kooper Family Prodigal Son Bourbon Review, Knob Creek Single Barrel 9 Year vs 14 Year Barrel Select. As to be expected, there isn’t much heat either.

Charbay “Whiskey S” Hop Flavored Whiskey Lot S 211A, Peerless Small Batch Barrel Proof Bourbon, Joseph Magnus Cigar Blend Bourbon - Batch 24 “The Fruit Bomb”, Going All in on Whiskey: One Mountain at a Time, An Unlikely Marriage: Penelope Bourbon's Thorny Road to a Rosé Finished Bourbon, 2020 Buffalo Trace Antique Collection Review & Final Thoughts. It’s not enough to make a good bourbon bad, but it might be keeping a good bourbon from being great. After swirling I smell the same combination of roasted caramel, smoked grain and oak, and crème brulee followed by dried citrus, apple, cinnamon, eucalyptus, and a little roasted banana / plantain. The finish, while light, is actually kind of nice and certainly a good ending for Old Forester.

Sweet caramel and a cherry brightness spring from the glass, followed by ample amount of oak. This price range comes with certain expectations though, like a more memorable flavor profile, that while not overly complex, still provides some flavor depth and sophistication. And most importantly of all, it's in a position to make a name for itself, by providing its competition with quality counterpoint. It’s just always been here. Old Forester Bourbon has this oaky, roasty, and sweet caramel, vanilla, and gently smoked grain up front, followed by dried citrus peel, apple, candied fruits, cinnamon, and hints of licorice afterwards. Putting things in perspective, though, its premier-bourbon-big-brother – Woodford Reserve – reported revenues up 24% and sales approaching 1 million cases annually. As of June 2019, Old Forester was seeing annual double-digit sales growth, surpassing 250,000 cases sold – the most since the early 1990s. At one time, Old Forester was considered fine bourbon, releasing special decanters each year for the Christmas holiday. I love its rich history and it is a very “classic bourbon” with a good, solid, consistent flavor profile. If you're not old enough to drink, then you're not old enough to read Breaking Bourbon. It definitely smells young and is generally light, but it’s not all that bad. Thankfully this doesn’t deter from the overall palate since the proof also does a lot to make up for it.

I like the 86 quite a bit as a everyday bourbon that you don't need to feel bad about using up too quickly.

In 2014, Brown-Forman began reinvesting in the brand, including returning to its roots along Whiskey Row in Downtown Louisville. Everywhere.

7 and Gentleman Jack. I haven't had the opportunity to try the 100 proof but the 86 doesn't allow for many complaints. Not exactly a budget bourbon anymore as it creeps into the $30 range, Old Forester Signature will be an introductory bourbon to a lot of people, or an everyday bourbon to more seasoned drinkers. It doesn’t derail the entire finish, but puts a blemish on an otherwise solid pour. It tastes toned down from years past where it was overpowering. This has a GREAT nose. No age statement, but rumored to be in the 4-6 year range. It wasn’t much longer after that something began to change.

This aroma is nicely balanced and inviting. The nod goes to Old Forester 100. And in fairness it was the least expensive 100 proof I've bought too. It is the lowest proof offering in the Old Forester family of expressions. It’s a decent option for daily drinking, but you’re not missing out if you pass on it.

As a much improved product, Old Forester Signature 100 Proof goes a long way correcting its past wrongs, and can finally stand toe-to-toe with its competition. With this nearly fixed, and a rich palate and respectable depth, Old Forester Signature now provides a solid pour at a great price point. Throughout the 1980’s-1990’s, the brand languished and continued to lose market share. Brown-Forman survived Prohibition as one of only 10 distilleries authorized for medicinal production. It may not be overly complex, but its pleasantness makes up for it. Much smoother than its sibling. Distillery: Old Forester Distilling Company, Mashbill: 72% Corn, 18% Rye, 10% Malted Barley, Old Forester Signature 100 Proof doesn’t actually say “Signature” anywhere on its bottle. In 1897, they were one of the first to introduce a bottled-in-bond product, produced under the Old Forester name. It’s a little like McDonalds or a Hampton Inn. Old Forester Bourbon 86 Proof is a shelf staple offered by Brown Forman, the company well known for Woodford Reserve and Jack Daniel’s.As the Old Forester line has expanded to include the Whiskey Row series and more recently the 100 proof and cask strength Old Forester Single Barrels, the 43% ABV version continues to be the most affordable entry point into Old Forester bourbon at around …

I recall when we visited the Old Forester Experience in Downtown Louisville last summer and my wife – not a bourbon drinker – remarked in our sampling of how smooth the 100 was, and that even she liked that one. After a minute or so I get some roasted banana, dried citrus, licorice, and mint. Over the years, Brown-Forman produced many brands including its flagship brand – Old Forester. In fact, tasting this side by side with Old Forester 1897 Bottled in Bond, the Signature’s finish is the only thing holding this bourbon back from being on almost equal footing. Evan Williams Single Barrel, Four Roses Small Batch, and Eagle Rare all accomplish this within this price range. As the Old Forester line has expanded to include the Whiskey Row series and more recently the 100 proof and cask strength Old Forester Single Barrels, the 43% ABV version continues to be the most affordable entry point into Old Forester bourbon at around $18-25 per bottle. They have been one of the big boys on the shelf, but there just wasn’t any excitement surrounding the brand. It unfortunately follows its non-Old Forester Whiskey Row bourbons and features an aftertaste thats mildly danky and overly oaked, resulting in a bitter taste. The oldest bourbon in continuous production, it was first sold in 1870 (the first bourbon to be sold exclusively in a sealed bottle) and it continued production through prohibition as one of only 10 brands authorized for medicinal production.

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