This makes the Straw Hats victory here feel a bit hollow and ultimately became a forgettable arc. The percentage in relation to the series total is also presented for each of the cases. This arc is also the first time that viewers got to see Luffy's new gears, which are physical boosts that show just how far he's willing to push himself to keep his crew safe. Skypiea Arc. And best Arc in One Piece in my opinion is......... 1. The Straw Hats soon discover that there is a war between the Sky People and the natives who originally inhabited a place known as the Upper Yard. This is one of the biggest sources of inner-crew conflict that the viewers have ever seen, so watching it unfold hit hard. There are many One Piece story arc list. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. One of the early One Piece arc and also fan-favorite. Luffy soon discovers that the women on the island are led by Warlord of the Sea Boa Hancock. 7th is skypia, this one is simply because the crew comes across someone invincible, no one can even lay a finger on enel (only wiper did, but it was no good), and luffy just comes to enel and destroy his world vision of him being unbeatable, 8th is jaya, just for the introduction of blackbeard and the ideals of both luffy and blackbeard being the same, but their approach is quite the opposite of each other, 9th is fishman island, for being the start point on to the end, showing how everyone has become impressive over the two years, and how the search for the history behind the blank century will be important for the rest of the series. So what is the best One Piece story arc to date? After two years, the Straw Hats are finally beginning their undersea journey to Fish-Man Island. With 900+ episodes and chapters, it is really hard for the begginner to start the adventure as it will seem too long. The famous gladiator of the Corrida Colosseum, Kyros was also among the strongest fighters in the Dressrosa arc. The Water 7 arc accomplished several very important things, despite being mostly a buildup arc. Some people may say Marineford arc, but for us, Enies Lobby arc is the best. TV Specials five onward are two-hours long and aired outside of the TV Series schedule. RELATED: One Piece: The Strongest Vice-Admirals, Ranked. The Alabasta arc was the first long arc in the series and was one of the better ones. Each of these stories, known officially as Short-Term Focused Cover Page Serials (短期集中表紙連載, Tanki Shūchū Hyōshi Rensai? The island was also very interesting, with a surprising source of the opposite landscapes.

Not only G2 but also G3 for the first time. Led by the mysterious Mr. 9 and Ms. Wednesday, the Straw Hats go to Whisky Peak, where the townspeople immediately start a party to celebrate their arrival. Fishman Island was the first arc after the two-year time skip and led into a fascinating world under the sea. Marineford Arc - also part of Summit War Saga and it run for 31 chapter from 550 - 580, 4. The main important thing that came from this arc was the introduction to the Emperor, Big Mom. The combatant of the Straw Hats, Roronoa Zoro played quite a big role in the Dressrosa arc and took on Pica of the Donquixote Pirates. Sabaody Archipelago arc, who can forget this arc? Some of the favorite One Piece story arcs among fans such as Enies Lobby arc, Marineford arc, Dressrosa arc and Skypiea arc are included too. When a devious plot is revealed, Usopp's courage is put to the test as the Straw Hat Pirates prepare for a battle with the Black Cat Pirates. Skypiea was an arc that began to give viewers a deeper understanding of the world of One Piece.

Strawhat Crew : Luffy, Zoro, Nami, Usopp, Sanji, Chopper Allies : Nefertari Vivi, Karuu, Nefertari Cobra, Pell, Chaka, Main Villain : Crocodile (Baroque Works) Other Villain : Nico Robin (Mrs. All Sunday), Dazz Bones (Mr. 1), Miss Double Fingers, Mr 2. One Piece is a japanese manga created by Eiichiro Oda in 1999.

Vivi was the first significant character that the Straw Hats helped that did not afterward join the crew. Doflamingo fought both Law and Luffy in the arc, and although he was superior to Law in terms of fighting prowess, he proved to be much weaker than Luffy once the latter transformed into his Gear 4 form. The Chief of Staff of the Revolutionary Army and Dragon's Number 2, Sabo also took part in the arc, mainly to find information about the illegal weapons export in Dressrosa. NEXT: One Piece: 5 Things That Show Wano Is Already The Best Arc (& 5 Things It Needs To Do Better). I don't think I have a top ten fav... maybe 5.

This arc also the first time we learn about fishman. His skills with Armament and Observation Haki remain to be seen, however, he is a user of both the Haki types. Also where the frick is Arlong Park on here?

Covering the hottest movie and TV topics that fans want. Alabasta Arc - is part of Alabasta Saga and it run for 63 chapters from 155 - 217, 7. One Piece novel A manga adaptation. This arc is the first story arc with Yonko as the main antagonist. The battle against Three Admirals was great.

Dressrosa arc have mixed review from fans. In search of a cook for their ship, the Straw Hat Pirates go to a sea restaurant known as the Baratie. Its easily one of the best arcs in One Piece. One Piece tiene un total de 942 episodios, de los cuales: 99 episodios son relleno y 843 son capítulos canon. Since i had to include one arc from East Blue it was a "battle" between Baratie and Arlong Park but in my opinion Baratie left equally mememorable moments just as Arlong Park did. Thing tthat made me chose it sa number 10 aside from great charater introductions(Mihawk,Zeff,Gin,Sanji) was story in general. The Straw Hats are exploring new abilities, and the country of Wano is one of the most fleshed out and unique places the Straw Hats have visited. But other is very long such as Dressrosa arc (117 episodes), Fishmand Island arc (51 episodes) and Thriller Bark arc (47 episodes).

9. The Going Merry officially "died" at the end of this arc, but the Straw Hats set sail with Franky and a brand new ship to take on the world. However, there are more than dinosaurs on this island, as the crew soon finds out when they encounter two giants that have been locked in combat for over 100 years and four high-ranking Baroque Works members. First of all it is a restoraunt on the water ust a tipical One Piece location to boost it's amazingness.

RELATED: One Piece: 5 Reasons Why Enies Lobby Is The Best Arc (& 5 Why Marineford Reigns Supreme).

Trafalgar Law was the mastermind behind the entire clash with the Donquixote Pirates as he held a grudge against Doflamingo. This episode list covers the original episode list for the series.

They try to find the real culprit, but they soon learn that they may have been caught head over heels by the government assassination group CP9. 10 Things About Ishizu Changed From The Manga To The Anime, Avatar: 10 Questions About Katara We Still Want Answered, Sailor Moon: 10 Of The Absolute Worst Bootlegs, Dragon Ball: 10 Best Gohan Transformations, Ranked From Lamest To Coolest, Can All For One Be Stolen? Arriving at the Red Line, the crew searches for a way to get to the famed Fish-Man Island. With the powers of the Ishi Ishi no Mi, he could assimilate into stone and control the entire terrain according to his will. So One Piece is getting close to it's 900 chapter and since I have been re-reading it in Colored version I wanted to share my toughts on best 10 arcs in One Piece including WholeCake Island Arc since it is not finished yet so let's start with 10.

This was the first time Luffy had to fight a Warlord of the Sea and was thus his strongest enemy at that point. What I like here is, Luffy as a captain being test out to make hard decision for Going Merry, deal with Usopp, the WG power (Cipher Pol, Buster Call), the struggle for Robin survival, historian and how she became the most important character for the Void Century and revelation from Prof Clover. But the most iconic moment in this arc is Vivi’s farewell. Nico Robin's wanted poster. 10th Zou's arc, this being the first step to reaching raftel. Privacy Policy. The only real downsides to this arc were the lack of challenge for the Straw Hats and the lack of significant emotional moments.

All the latest gaming news, game reviews and trailers. NEXT: One Piece: 5 Superheroes Luffy Can Defeat (& 5 He Can't), Rei Penber is an avid fan of anime and manga. Sanji's backstory really shown us what kind of hot temered characters Zeff and Sanji are as well as their farewell which brought emotions to the surface. Misu Gōruden Wīku no Sakusenmei "Mītsu Barokku", Ryokō suru nara... Mugiwara no Ichimi Sorezore no Bōken, Burukku no isshuku ippantsu no go'ongaeshi, Sekai no Kanpan kara: Go-oku no Otoko Hen. Key plot-points: Nami leaves with the Going Merry; Key plot-points: Vivi and Karoo leave the crew; Key plot-points: Robin re-joins; several power-ups for the crew are introduced (Luffy's Gears, Sanji's Diable Jambe, Zoro's Kyutoryu, Nami's Perfect Clima Tact, Usopp's Kabuto and Chopper's Monster Point); Zoro loses Yubashiri; the, Key plot-points: Luffy uses Haki for the first time; the crew is separated; the, Key plot-point: Boa Hancock is introduced; Luffy learns about, Key plot-points: The Straw Hat Pirates are split into 2 groups; the, Key plot-points: The crew is reunited, except for Sanji, who was taken by the Big Mom Pirates; the. In One Piece, we can distinguished each story arc based on each island or place. Nico Robin was the first member to voluntarily join after being a villain and did so by her own choice. The longer arcs tend to be more important to the story, but not all of them are created equally. What a Pain in the Ass, From the Decks of the World: The 500,000,000 Man Arc, The Stories of the Self-Proclaimed Straw Hat Grand Fleet, Emergency Planning, A Perfect Strategy for the One Piece, Long Ring Long Land Arc — A One Night Abridged Special. They are caught between the families' hidden agendas, and form an alliance with Jinbe, Caesar, and the Fire Tank Pirates to take down Big Mom and save the Vinsmokes. Zoro did show his Ashura too, Sanji's burning leg and Chopper's monster point. But we still have full-pack of actions. It also adapted into anime series and still running to date. Here, the crew falls apart as two members leave. A one-stop shop for all things video games. The manga can currently be broken down into 9 parts, following the feats of the Straw Hat Pirates: the East Blue Saga, the Alabasta Saga, the Sky Island Saga, the Water 7 Saga, the Thriller Bark Saga, the Summit War Saga, the Fish-Man Island Saga, the Dressrosa Saga, and the Yonko Saga. Vivi must reach the rebels and tell them the real cause behind the conflict, but Crocodile, leader of Baroque Works and one of the Seven Warlords of the Sea, will not just stand by and watch. The Detective Memoirs of Chief Straw Hat Luffy, Episode of Nami: Tears of a Navigator and the Bonds of Friend, Episode of Luffy: Adventure in Hand Island, Episode of Merry: The Tale of One More Friend, Episode of Sabo: Bond of Three Brothers - A Miraculous Reunion and an Inherited Will, Episode Of East Blue: Luffy and His 4 Crewmates' Big Adventure. This arc was a pleasant beginning to long and interesting storylines in the future. The Dressrosa arc is the longest One Piece arc to date and it sees Monkey D. Luffy and Trafalgar Law go up against one of the Royal Shichibukai and a former Celestial Dragon, Donquixote Doflamingo, who also captains the Donquixote Pirates. Top 10 Best One Piece Arcs Ranked in Order from Best to Worst [Updated], Naruto Shippuden Fillers List (How to Watch Naruto Without Filler Episode), 50+ Famous Muslim Celebrities in US (Singers, Rappers, Actors, Athletes), Champions League 2019-2020 Team of the Season | European Best XI, Serie A 2019-2020 Team of the Season | Italian League Best XI, Premier League 2019-2020 Team of the Season | English League Best XI, La Liga 2019-2020 Team of the Season | Spanish League Best XI, Bundesliga 2019-2020 Team of the Season | German League Best XI, Resident Evil 4 Unlockables & Cheats for PS2 | Costumes, Characters, etc, Chelsea Muslim Players | List of Muslim Footballers in Chelsea, 3 Main Advantages of Online Transportation Services in Indonesia, List of 33 London Boroughs by Population (Inner & Outer London).

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