Click on the pdf link below to download the Zone Overload Plays Playbook: Your email address will not be published. All five players line up on the line of scrimmage. Defensive End (DE): C-gap, come tight off of the edge. That might be a good idea on longer down and distances. Attention Youth Football Parents! The Promotion & Instruction of Youth Football, Home / Coaching Defense / Blitzes / Overload Blitz Play 53 Defense. The defensive linemen and linebacker & secondary player blitzing lanes do not change. The Promotion & Instruction of Youth Football, Home / General Coaching Tips / Overload Blitz out of the 4-2-5 Defense. The off-season is an opportunity for your child to improve. Copyright ©2020 Youth Football Online. This defensive strategy is known as 'overload' due to the amount of defensive players rushing the line of scrimmage. A life-long student of the game, Kosel honed his coaching skills by working summer camps for various programs in Texas, Colorado, Missouri, and New Mexico. The timing is good with fall camp starting and it will be up in time for the upcoming beginning of Football Season and the Oregon Sports Overload! Oklahoma Sooners – Zone Overload Pick & Pop. Defensive linemen must watch the ball  and use their hands and feet to defeat blocks.

I created diagrams with the defense playing cover 3 and man to man coverage. This blitz is best called to the short side of the field. With the overload right, and several players off the line of scrimmage, the offense normally gets good angles for blocks on the defense. This blitz is a very simple blitz to implement. Notify me of follow-up comments by email. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. The Power I Offense is a great youth football offensive package for any youth football team since its focuses on the run and has great play action passing opportunities. The 4-2-5 Defense is great because it allows you to be multiple.

Overloaded Defense Strategy When using the overload defense, a team's primary goal is to stuff the line of scrimmage in case of a running play . Team B (red), defends from the front and looks to counter as soon as they receive the ball or as soon as the ball is played to a player in the gate, that player then attacks Team A hoping to counter on the team while they are spread. - time limit before attacking team can get a shot or number of passes before a pass or a shot. Here’s how to score more points in youth football- regardless of your teams skill level. This overload blitz play is designed to send more defenders than the offense can block. The left wing back goes in motion (like a fly sweep) full speed and the QB simply turns and hands him the ball as he fly’s by. - When white gets out to the free player they attack the team in black.

Which means if any running back releases to his side he must peel off of his blitz path and take him. Football Defense.

100% Privacy Guaranteed. Kosel also is a Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist (CSCS) and a Certified Personal Trainer, both of which are certifications earned through the National Strength and Conditioning Association (NSCA). An overloaded defense in football is a defensive alignment in which most of the defenders will be blitzing the offense when the ball is snapped rather than dropping back into coverage to defend against the passing game.Usually, only three defensive players drop back into pass coverage to cover the deep areas of the field in case of a deep pass. Required fields are marked *. The off-season is an opportunity for your child to improve. Play animation The reason we have the TB line up where we do, is if you run this [tag]football[/tag] play more than a few times in a game, you can counter back with the TB, and have your full back and QB lead block for him.

The Game: Red team attacks the white team in an attacking overload (5v4). It also allows you to adjust to pretty much any formation the offense comes out in. When you have a mobile QB it forces the defense to have to defend the QB as a throwing and also a running threat. The fastest kid on the team lines up as the left Wing back, where a normal double wing left wing would line up. What is an Overloaded Defense in Football? If the white team wins the ball they have to play out to a free player waiting in the free zone in the middle of the field. Defensive End (DE): C-gap, rush tight off of the edge. All Rights Reserved. reference: numbers mean the sequence of events.

Kosel, a native of Bartlesville, Oklahoma, served as an assistant coach at Southern Collegiate Athletic Conference rival Texas Lutheran University from 2012-2014. What Is The Easiest And Hardest Position To Play In Football.

It will allow you to put more speed on the field while being multiple with your blitz, stunts, and coverages. - recognizing 2v1 situations (overlaps, central combinations and driving the ball).

Post snap, R blitzes off of the edge. Rookie Road may earn a commission when you buy through links on our site. He also will play a peel technique.

I personally like playing press man, but you can play off man coverage as well. The Overload Blitz sends more defenders than the offense has can block. Whether you have a team full of great athletes or a team that struggles, if you utilize these tactics you will be able to move the football and score more points. When you blitz, make sure you blitz strategically. The defensive backs will play a cover 3 zone. You can have him play press man or off man.

Defensive End: C-gap, rush tight off of the edge.

Below are my best 5 Power I Plays youth football that I like to run from my variation of the Power I formation I call Pie in my multi formation Power Wing Beast Offense playbook for pee wee football. The left cornerback will have deep 3rd coverage, middle safety will have deep 3rd zone coverage, and the boundary cornerback will have deep 3rd coverage. FDU got a shot in the left corner by overloading and setting a ball screen in the slot. When using the overload defense, a team's primary goal is to stuff the line of scrimmage in case of a running play. The goal of the offense is, most generally, to score points.

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