By the end of this section, you will be able to: The study of the chemical behavior of gases was part of the basis of perhaps the most fundamental chemical revolution in history. A gas mixture used for anesthesia contains 2.83 mol oxygen, O2, and 8.41 mol nitrous oxide, N2O.

An acetylene tank for an oxyacetylene welding torch provides 9340 L of acetylene gas, C2H2, at 0°C and 1 atm.

Here we will combine the ideal gas equation with other equations to find gas density and molar mass.

The gases behave independently, so the partial pressure of each gas can be determined from the ideal gas equation, using [latex]P=\frac{nRT}{V}:[/latex], [latex]{P}_{{\text{H}}_{2}}=\frac{\left(2.50\times {10}^{-\text{3}}\cancel{\text{mol}}\right)\left(0.08206\cancel{\text{L}}\text{atm}\cancel{{\text{mol}}^{-\text{1}}{\text{K}}^{-\text{1}}}\right)\left(\text{308 K}\right)}{10.0\cancel{\text{L}}}=6.32\times {10}^{-\text{3}}\text{atm}[/latex], [latex]{P}_{\text{He}}=\frac{\left(1.00\times {10}^{-\text{3}}\cancel{\text{mol}}\right)\left(\text{0.08206 L atm}\cancel{{\text{mol}}^{-\text{1}}{\text{K}}^{-\text{1}}}\right)\left(\text{308 K}\right)}{10.0\cancel{\text{L}}}=2.53\times {10}^{-\text{3}}\text{atm}[/latex], [latex]{P}_{\text{Ne}}=\frac{\left(3.00\times {10}^{-\text{4}}\cancel{\text{mol}}\right)\left(0.08206\cancel{\text{L}}\text{atm}\cancel{{\text{mol}}^{-\text{1}}{\text{K}}^{-\text{1}}}\right)\left(\text{308 K}\right)}{10.0\cancel{\text{L}}}=7.58\times {10}^{-\text{4}}\text{atm}[/latex]. Find the empirical formula. 0.20 atm b. a. Assume that the propane undergoes complete combustion. [latex]{X}_{{O}_{2}}=\frac{{n}_{{O}_{2}}}{{n}_{Total}}=\frac{\text{2.83 mol}}{\left(2.83+8.41\right)\text{mol}}=0.252[/latex], [latex]{P}_{{O}_{2}}={X}_{{O}_{2}}\times {P}_{Total}=0.252\times \text{192 kPa}=\text{48.4 kPa}[/latex], [latex]{P}_{{O}_{2}}={X}_{{O}_{2}}\times {P}_{Total}=\left(0.252\right)\times \text{192 kPa}[/latex]. In recent years, the CO2 concentration has increased from historical levels of below 300 ppm to almost 400 ppm today (Figure \(\PageIndex{7}\)). If the collection flask is appropriately positioned to equalize the water levels both within and outside the flask, the pressure of the trapped gas mixture will equal the atmospheric pressure outside the flask (see the earlier discussion of manometers). What volume of O2(g) measured at 25 °C and 760 torr is required to react with 17.0 L of ethylene, C2H4(g), measured under the same conditions of temperature and pressure?

Next, use the density equation related to the ideal gas law to determine the molar mass: [latex]\text{d}=\frac{\text{P}\mathcal{M}}{\text{RT}}\frac{\text{1.56 g}}{\text{1.00 L}}=\text{0.984 atm}\times \frac{\mathcal{M}}{\text{0.0821 L atm/mol K}}\times \text{323 K}[/latex]. Chemical stoichiometry describes the quantitative relationships between reactants and products in chemical reactions. In recent years, the CO2 concentration has increased from historical levels of below 300 ppm to almost 400 ppm today (Figure 7). What volume of SO2 at 343 °C and 1.21 atm is produced by burning l.00 kg of sulfur in oxygen?

Unless they chemically react with each other, the individual gases in a mixture of gases do not affect each other’s pressure. A gas was found to have a density of 0.0847 g/L at 17.0 °C and a pressure of 760 torr.

A gas was found to have a density of 0.0847 g/L at 17.0 °C and a pressure of 760 torr.

What volume of hydrogen at 27 °C and 723 torr may be prepared by the reaction of 8.88 g of gallium with an excess of hydrochloric acid?

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