Then win the Spy Cards Tournament on Metal Island. Dig spot in the second screen of the area. The bank gives interest every 30 minutes and can give you even MORE interest if you reach 500 berries in the bank. The first hit dealt to the equipped bug does no damage in battle. 036 – Wizard’s Tower – Go south from the Wild Grassland tunnel. The equipped ally's "Do Nothing" command recovers 2 HP as well. Found behind a cuttable bush behind the Sunset Inn. The equipped ally will not naturally heal from poison. 040 – Ancient City – While exploring the fog, in the room with 2 springs – one north and one west, go west. Go to the Ant Kingdom's Commercial District and talk to Gen and Eri. Each Bounty drops a unique Crystal item which can be turned into the Underground Tavern for rewards. This item will only be visible in searches to you, your friends, and admins.

Leif will ALWAYS block the FIRST giant laser attack for the entire party. Investigate the area. Skills cannot be used if it would drop the user's HP to 0. 019 – Healing Sophie – In snakemouth den before the first open doors. The equipped ally recovers 2 HP every 2 turns. On the first left screen from the first room of Golden Hills, up on a ledge. Enables Hard Mode changes enemy stats and increases EXP by 12%. PS will ALWAYS spawn a Jumping Spider or a Diving Spider at the first chance it can. The Bestiary is a glossary of every enemy you use the Spy skill on. Decreases an ally's chances of being poisoned by 50%. Maki, Kina, and Yin can now be fought in front of the Ant Palace's Bridge. Buy from Caravan. Dig spot in the entrance area, immediately left of the gate. Southeast of this area is the Peacock Island, while the Northeast edge of the lake is the Rubber Prison. Chapter Stacks 3 times. Healing items and skills used by the equipped ally will heal 1 more HP. Grants Leif the "Break+" skill, which reduces all enemies' defense for 3 turns. This guide is an overview of Bug Fables' Side-content, and is meant to be referenced when you are stuck or require a helping hand. In the Ice Puzzle Room with the honey geyser, on a ledge at the top of the right-hand side of the room. In a hidden area in the Honey Factory's Storage Room. Location: Peacock Island Peacock Spider is located in Metal Lake inside of Peacock Island. In Hard Mode, it will always spawn a Diving Spider. The main way to gain medals is through buying them from the medal vendors. On the left-hand side of the underground lake room. Behind a waterfall near the Cave of Trials. It has a chance of inflicting Poison. Español - Latinoamérica (Spanish - Latin America),,,,, Hard Mode awards you with badges everytime you defeat a boss. Increases an ally's attack by 3, but makes them unable to use Skills, Blocking, Items, Relay or be relayed to. It was developed by Panamanian studio Moonsprout Games, published by DANGEN Entertainment, released in November 2019 on PC and consoles at May 28, 2020.. Hidden within the foliage of nature lies a small but prosperous continent - Bugaria.

The equipped ally won't be awaken by attacks. The Tidal Wyrm has 2 parts: the head and the tail. The Bugaria Ultimate Explorer Guide - Quests, Collectables & More! You can open it right after getting Vi's Beemerang Halt.

Use the bounce shroom and platform your way to the counter. I tried to cover every single question a player might ask but I might have missed something so just comment with any questions. This submarine the player uses here looks much larger comparing to the ones the player see when they are at a pier. Upper Snakemouth, in a capsule in the room with the buttons that lift the blocks. FM can deploy Mothflies. If surrounded by enemies, you can spam shield and slowly take them out one by one. Complete 3 waves in B.O.S.S. Give it to Kali and fight Kabbu and Kali. Finish "I Wanna Get Better!" Northwest is the Fishing Village, middlewest being the Bugaria Pier while the Southwest is the Termite Capitol. Boosts an ally's attack 1, but also reduces their defense by 1. In the storage room. Examine the stained glass. Deliver the Wrapped Lunch to Yatanta's Brother in the room west of where the Primal Weevil was fought. Talk to Layna in front of the Termite Kingdom's Inn. When in a bind, they can charge up for a turn and then unleash a massive swarm.

Healing increases from 2 to 6 per turn and damage taken is halved while asleep. Enter the area behind large boulders in the Far Grasslands to the right of the Ant Mines (Where you find the Metal Claw) and fight off several waves of leafbugs. Seedling King is airborne for half the fight.

Climb the flytraps. Recovers 1 TP each time Chompy deals damage. The Peacock Spider is a bounty optional boss found within Peacock Island in Metal Lake. In Snakemouth Depths, in the mushroom pit before the boss room of Chapter 1.

Right of the entrance. Dig spot near the entrance to the Underground Tavern. Killing enemies while being fast increases your score.

In the room right before Devourer, up on a ledge to the right. Near the restaurant, use Kabbu's Dig to go under the fence next to the restaurant and use the spring to reach the top of the restaurant. If you are new, head on over to the Early Game Tips portion of the guide to start you off. 0 comments. Some of the information was provided by the Bug Fables Wiki so if you want more in-depth explanations, please check them out! Reduces ally's attack by 1, but attacks heal the equipped ally by half of the damage dealt to an enemy. Reduces the party's attack by 1 but experience gained is increased by 50%. Go to the treasure room in Bandit's Hideout and defeat the bandits there. Its abdomen has a face pattern on it with red, blue, and orange coloring.

r/BugFables: Bug Fables is an action RPG inspired by Paper Mario. Giant's Lair. A lot of the information was also taken from the Wiki such as badge locations, collectables, and quest rewards so please go support them. Ride the cable car to the top after completing "Cable Car Bodyguard". Then go to Muze's house. When attaccked, all other members gain 1 charge, up to 3 charges. You are scored on time and how much HP you finished with. Peacock Island Defeat a total of 20 bandits (Bandits, Thieves, or Burglars). Examine the mural on the Ancient Castle's second floor. Peacock Spider Use Vi's Fly to fly behind the waterfall. Level Grinding is non-existent as long as you fight almost every enemy in your way and complete any sidequests you have available to you. Boosts an ally's defense by 1, but also reduces their attack by 1. Use the Peculiar Gem to access Upper Snakemouth and complete the area. Purchase from the Termacade for 120 tokens. The equipped ally receives no damage while paralyzed. Observe the Colosseum from the roof of the Bomb Shop in the Termite Capitol. Boosts an ally's basic attack, making them ignore 1 point of enemy defense. Increases the equipped ally's attack by 1 when below 5 HP. This section is dedicated to any side-content, not listed anywhere else in the guide. Then defeat Cenn and Pisci south of the Explorer's Association. This is the ending of Bug Fables 50 discoveries list that you must find guide. Elizant II's Throne Room. Items that heal will poison the eater for 3 turns. This guide is an overview of Bug Fables' Side-content, and is meant to be referenced when you are stuck or require a helping hand.

Hello fellow Bug Explorer! Dig through a crack at the far left side of the Chomper Cave.

In the moving ice platforms room, on the right side where the spikes are popping out. Medal: Mightier Pebble and access to Whack-a-Worm. Talk to Prof. Honeycomb after finding the Tardigarde Shield Medal and the Heavenly Key. It is a large Spider with red eyes and two crystals attached to its front legs, which is uses to perform dances.

As long as you're good at blocking, they're pretty much nonexistent. Visiting the Fishing Village without fighting. The equipped ally's "Do Nothing" command recovers 1 TP as well. The loyal, heroic dog. Talk to the Termite on the 1st floor of the Termite Capitol's Inn. In the first room, use Vi's Fly to reach the far right pillar. Golden Path, Golden Hills, Lost Sands, Bugaria Outskirts, Golden Path, Golden Hills, Lost Sands, Chomper Cave, Wasp Kingdom Hive, Rubber Prison, Metal Lake, Bugaria Outskirts, Wasp Kingdom Hive, Metal Lake, Rubber Prison, Queen's Dinner - Tangy Carpaccio + Crisbee Donut, Crisbee Donut - Glazed Honey + Bag of Flour. Behind Chuck's hut. This game is essentially RNG since the placement of the flowers and the wasps can mess with you, ruining your perfect run.

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