Personal Narrative 30. “When I was four, I was enrolled in a kindergarten class at a small academy. I have a knack for always getting hit in the head by the ball. A personal narrative is a piece of writing that recreates an experience based on your own experiences and can communicate a … I was always afraid of the water, but I decided that swimming was an important skill that I should learn.

One of the hardest things I’ve ever had to do was learn how to swim. Read the example and then write your own for your small

Example of Narrative Writing. I was in gym class when my teacher suggested we go outside and play softball.

Here are some examples of ways you can start a personal narrative with a strong lead. Softball is just not my game. Sample Five-Paragraph Narrative Essay Learning something new can be a scary experience. As we made our way out to the field, my stomach slowly turned into a giant knot of fear. If you need a guide to help you out in writing your own personal narrative essay, below is an example of a personal narrative. Personal Narrative Erie Public Schools – Personal Narrative Q1 1 Personal Narrative - Introduction In this unit, students will have the opportunity to write a personal narrative. The teacher overview is an overview of my lesson plans. I am the eldest and my brother is … Take note of the tone and words used that set the mood. Stephanie Jones_Autobiographical Essay/Personal Narrative Page 1 of 6 AUTOBIOGRAPHICAL ESSAY/PERSONAL NARRATIVE Stephanie Jones ID: 111222 My name is Stephanie Jones and I was born in Small Town, MB in August 1971. Sample Personal Narrative Keep an Eye on the Sky! I also thought it would be good exercise and help me to become physically stronger.

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