Although it is grown as a ground cover in some landscapes, its rapid growth and ability to adapt to a variety of soils makes matchweed difficult to control if it becomes invasive. Creeps and spreads to form flat, ground-hugging mat; sturdy enough to serve as a lawn. When matchweed plants are young or actively growing -- typically in the four-leaf to flower growth stage -- they take up the herbicide readily and the roots systems are weakened as a result. Larval host for common buckeye (Junonia coenia), phaon crescent (Phyciodes phaon) and white peacock (Anartia jatrophae) butterflies. As well as teas and poultices, Frog Fruit can also be dried and powdered – either just the leaves or the whole plant. It grows to a height of between 3-6 inches high, but can, if left uncontrolled, spread up to 3ft in diameter.

Apply mulch around flowers and ornamentals in a layer that is at least 2 inches thick to block the light matchweed needs for growth.

In more tropical environments it can be found on riverbanks and floodplains and in and around swampland.

It is similar to the related species Phyla lanceolata, but differs in having much shorter leaves that are often blunt and much more rounded. It is also used to treat E. coli. This makes hand-pulling and other cultural methods ineffective once it has become established. Tips may also be snipped and propagated to take root in water and grown on from there.

It is a fabulous choice for attracting bees, hummingbirds, and especially butterflies, thanks to it being a great nectar source – this makes it an excellent choice for a wildflower garden. It is often mixed with cumin powder if it is to be drunk as a tea. Common names in India include bukkan (Hindi), ratolia, vakkan (Marathi), poduthalai (Tamil), vasir, and vasuka (Sanskrit). Miller holds a diploma in social services from Clarke College in Belleville, Ontario. Subscribe by putting your email address into the form below and we’ll notify you when we update our site with more awesome content! Weeds establish easily in stressed, disturbed or bare areas of your landscape. Alternatively, smaller areas may be cut back with shears and take the time to trim lawn edges regularly to keep it from spreading into borders. Frog Fruit (Phyla Nodiflora), also known as Texas Frog Fruit, Creeping Lip Plant, Mat Grass, Matchhead, Cape Grass, or Turkey Tangle, is a member of the verbena family. It is popular in Chinese, Asian and Ayurveda medicine, where it is often used to treat non-fatal snake bites. longifolia Moldenke, Phyla nodiflora var.

It is often grown ornamentally as a ground cover plant, and is often present in yards or disturbed areas as a lawn weed. canescens (Kunth) Moldenke, Phyla nodiflora var. Moldenke, Phyla nodiflora var. Frog Fruit should be cut back over winter, to help ensure it flowers well for the following year. Phyla nodiflora, also referred to as matchweed, Lippia nodiflora, Capeweed and Turkey-tangle, is a broadleaf weed found in low, moist areas of woodlands and home landscapes. She is co-founder of On Fiction Writing, a website for writers. Frog Fruit is a relatively hardy plant, and quite tolerant of droughts or flooding. The flower takes on a match-like look, which is why the plant is sometimes called matchweed. Its hairy, branched lateral stems root at the nodes, and the leaves have small teeth at the outer tip. Grounds Maintenance: Managing Broadleaf Weeds in Warm-Season Turf, Texas A&M University Extension: Herbicides for Weed Control in Turf Grass, How to Prevent Crabgrass in a Wildflower Garden. Phyla Nodiflora is a rapid grower and provides excellent ground cover.

Call us 1-844-567-9909 Instead, consider taking a cutting from a wild plant. If you are growing Frog Fruit from seed, plant them in groups in a sunny greenhouse or conservatory from mid-spring when any chance of frost has passed. The inflorescence consists of a purple centre encircled by small white-to-pink flowers. However, you can prevent matchweed from taking over your landscape by properly maintaining your lawn and garden beds. reptans (Kunth) Moldenke, Phyla nodiflora var. Gupta, A.K., Sadasivaiah, B. Phyla nodiflora, the frog fruit, sawtooth fogfruit, or turkey tangle, is an ornamental plant in the family Verbenaceae, and is native to the area between the north of South America to the southern United …

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