It comes with an easel for easy display on a mantle, curio stand, or bookcase. Copyright Karen Barber 2016.

I suddenly remembering that Jeff wasn’t home any longer and I only needed 4 place settings. It’s strange how when our children are small it seems like they will be with us forever. Keep each one safe, and may each one grow in grace and in a knowledge of the Lord Jesus in the days that lie ahead.

Father, as he is having to undertake this patriotic duty abroad, please watch over him and care for him as only You can.

The woman shared how she was in the grocery store and put yogurt in her cart and then realized that her son off at college was the only one in the family who ate it, so she had to put it back on the shelf. Give us the grace to share in their excitement and optimism over their new-found freedom and all of the possibilities it brings.

Prayer For Children Of Military Personnel, Prayer For The Men And Women In The Military, For A Brother In The Military To Stand Firm. We can know in our mind that this day is coming, but there’s no way to prepare for the actual emotional feelings that will come. Praying about Tragedy?

Ephesians 6:13. Fear, faith, and pride remain, and now add respect for your soon to be mature young man or woman for making a responsible decision. The distressed finish of the wood complements the weathered-looking typography of the poem, further adding to this plaque's rustic appeal.

I also pray that those who have made a commitment to live their lives as unto You, will be able to witness to all those who are living and working alongside them.

Protect parents of military children, and give them wisdom and love in the way that they treat their children when they return for their leave.

In Jesus' name, Amen. Lord, I know that having teaching and training from both parents is such an important part of a young child’s upbringing, and I ask that You would protect each one from any of the emotional disturbances that can surface when children are apart from one or more of their parents, for prolonged stretches of time. May they be equipped to carry out their duties in a manner that is pleasing to You.

It is with mixed emotions that we pre…

82nd Airborne Once a Soldier, Always a Soldier.

Enlarge our hearts to love them unconditionally even when the conditions of our relationship get difficult. O Lord, there are times when he seems to be searching and other times that he seems to be totally disinterred in the gospel.

Lord, for those that do not know You, raise up men and women and friends and strangers if necessary, to share the gospel with them.

Establish a heart-warming visual reminder of your family values with this 'Prayer for My Son' plaque. The value of time, i am not a military wife yet but i have learned the value of time from my service member. Give him the courage to defend our homeland without compromise, and protect him in every way. May we all grow in grace daily and grow in love and appreciation for the wonderful gift that came the day you first made us a family. God in his wisdom (and also I believe in a divine exercise of his great and providential sense of humor)  set up conditions with our second son going to college on the West Coast that prevented us from knowing on a day-to-day basis what was going on with our son. by Montana Horse Trailers.

We thank you for the future you have given to them to move into as they move out of our daily lives.

Prayer for Those in Prison Using Scripture, Young Adult Writers Opportunities Online on, Prayer by Proxy When the Person You’re Praying for Isn’t Present, Take Our Survey So We Can Develop Helpful Personal Prayer Content Articles for Those 18-30, Poem for Heroes “You Covered Me” by Merissa Lee Kelley, Jump Starter Prayers: When You Need Something and You Haven’t Prayed to God Recently, Crying on Palm Sunday? It’s always encouraged to feel, but use it to your advantage. Now that they have reached this landmark age and are ready to venture out on their own, we suddenly feel that our time together was too short.

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