You’ve got the old-school fans, and you’ve also got the glory hunters.

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These rejected Bond songs are for your ears only. I hear there’s 14 year old in the NYRB academy that’s a can’t miss prospect.

Group Champion: DeAndre Yedlin – he plays in the Premier League so he’s OBVIOUSLY our best right back.

Then, just five months later, he’s sacked.

Sure, they do the Poznan but at least they did it first (well, in the Prem anyway), and, at this point, Liam Gallagher is an embarrassing gobshite, but come on, they’re allowed a little bit of fun. When you buy through the links on our site we may earn a commission. Pro/rel takes care of it. The “Crystanbul” stuff makes my skin crawl and grown men from Croydon buying job-lots of Enola Gay smoke grenades off Amazon and calling themselves Ultras is really weird but it’s nice that they make an effort, I guess. Ooh, Ole Gunnar! Norwich: Yokels that drive their combine Harvester to matches. ¯_(ツ)_/¯.

I know his Liverpool connections and public comments didn’t help, but he brought success to your club. How can this man be hated for continuing his career?

These are your best options.

Mickey Mouse. It wouldn’t surprise me if these ‘fans’ had kept it on the down low for a couple of years, and at some point, switched allegiances to Manchester City, because let’s be honest, the only reason they were attracted to Chelsea in the first place was because they looked miles better than Manchester United. All teams have sets of fans, but none are as loud, as mobilised, as cornea-scratchingly in-your-face as Arsenal – and forget the lack of tangible, sustained success, isn’t that the real prize? The development academy is doing its job and we have prospects all over Europe. Roberto Di Matteo’s sacking., The bitter fans, currently known as Petr Cech haters.

Make him your cup of tea! This group gets mightily upset when “Euro dust” is sprinkled on a player and he magically becomes better. Gluttony – No team needs that many attacking midfielders.

We won the World Cuuuup!” in my ears, carving “The West Ham Way is not a thing” onto my desk while watching yet more videos of our fans trying to tear their own stadium apart. var os_host = document.location.protocol == "https:" ? I’m here to make sweeping generalizations about many of them and fit everyone into neat little boxes. You know, they’re sort of like Newcastle without all the good bits – none of the nice kits, the brown ale, Tino Asprilla or beloved managers with silver hair and wet eyes – and I can’t help that feel that is reflected off the pitch: like the Geordies’ supermarket-own equivalent while the Magpies finish their tour of duty in the Second Division. “Actually, Zubeldia is the one that gave Marcelo Bielsa the idea to…” This merry band of fans thoroughly appreciate Michael Bradley. US isn’t producing enough high level players?

Did you see Alex Mendez’ left-footed strike last week?

Wow, it’s up there with one of the worst in English football – obviously after that infamous James Milner Liverpool chant, and the 20 times one for Manchester United.

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How difficult must it be to be tarnished with the same ‘glory-hunting’ brush as with most of their fans nowadays?

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