Electronic Partners is a trading name of Aftermarket Services Corp © 2020, Professional PURE Audio Hi-Fi Equipment services UK wide. It has two tiny plastic spigots that align into each end of the PCB connector shown in my photos, the clamp being underneath the ribbon cable. It allows you to permanently replace the yellow OLED display with an attrac... Fed up with the yellow OLED display in the Pure Evoke Flow radio dying?

Thank you so much! So glad I found this! Many thanks, GGT. Next was a learning curve to figure out how to fit the new part, so here’s my photo sequence and instructions to help those wanting to replace their displays with minimum fuss. Had been wondering what to do with my Evoke Flow after the display disappeared completely.Managed to find a spare OLED on eBay for £12.50 + £2.50 p&p.Although this part is only a half brightness model which means it's a bit dim in full daylight, it lets me use it again which is fantastic!

To re-connect the OLED to the PCB, you must ensure the black plastic latches are STILL OUT by a few millimetres then gently slide the connector ribbon in as far as it will go. The only ones who would attempt to repair my Oukitel phone and repaired it at a reasonable price.The service was excellent, Hubsan Zino pro Gimbal Repair in Glasgow – Lanarkshire, DJI Mavic Pro The camera won’t move up/down/side to side when using the controller, seems like a camera movement issue Repair in Stirling – Stirlingshire, bose cd radio radio cd Unknown Repairs Failsworth – Audio Hi-Fi Equipment Repairs Greater Manchester, Bose Wave Radio/CD Unknown Repairs Leicester – Audio Hi-Fi Equipment Repairs Leicester. AW. google_ad_slot = "1115917683"; A bit fiddly, but worth doing. Replacement OLED screen for pure evoke flow wifi radio This replacement was perfect so easy to fit with the detailed instructions.

No country selected, please select your country to see shipping options. …specialised in Cinemate 520 Control Console repair… Almost all of our Bose Cinemate 520 Control Console Repairs in Cheshunt are diagnosed and processed within 3-5 working days while also offering express services. I found you blog post and search eBay for a replacement screen... 2 days and 30 mins of work later and my radio is good as new! The communications and instructions were excellent and I am so pleased with the result. 22pin yellow white Pure Evoke F4 Oasis Avanti Flow radio 9919301000 RiTdisplay 3121193010-03 full bright oled lcd display screen 1. Above, one of our most recent repair request “Evoke Flow Unknown Repairs Bromley”. It is easy to gently pry it off using a plastic spudger tool and it will come away. AW. New display arrived very quickly. Fed up with the yellow OLED display in the Pure Evoke Flow radio dying? Recommend.

Because it should be future proof, I decided to go for the LCD (white on blue) screen: https://www.tindie.com/products/20617/. A free prepaid drop-off label is provided and no prepayment for your Audio Hi-Fi Equipment repair is required. Arrived within a few days here in France, well packaged, clear instructions, easy to install.

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