I have only played the first and the last on this list-Burly Men at Sea and Tales From the Borderlands. Only 4 challenges and two items to go. Each level has a time limit of just a few secoonds and you must get to the goal within that time. A horror story about a cabin in the mountains attacked by something, this group of friends has to survive... until dawn. I just want to say that both are really worth playing even though they are easy. Platinum Time: 30 mins This is without a doubt the fastest of all the easy PS4 platinums. Platinum Difficulty: 1 Can u shoot your way & clear the planet out of aliens?! If you continue to use this site we will assume that you are happy with it. Unlocking all of the trophies will take players somewhere between 30 and 40 minutes.

Interact with as much as you can, and you'll have it in a matter of hours. Get hooked on an immersive tale, where every decision Pulverize and destroy with a smile on your face in this retro-style skateboard platformer! The one thing that they all have in common though are trophies. Having grown up alongside PlayStation, Stephen has developed a wide knowledge of video games, from AAA blockbusters to the smallest indie gems. Unfortunately, the game does have some translation issues and the voice acting leaves a lot to be desired.

For me, the USA. Rescue your friend and escape from the dangerous factory! The go-to source for comic book and superhero movie fans. View Midnight Deluxe Trophy Guide, I ended up getting the platinum 3 times in this game. Platinum Difficulty: 1 There are a few specific trophies like completing a stage without dying or using grenades, but these aren't too difficult to accomplish after a bit of practice. Lost Sea is a 3D action game that takes place inside a procedurally generated archipelago. Like most other games that try to use some kind of story with puzzles, a guide will make your life very easy. Platinum Time: 30 mins

In order to unlock the game's platinum trophy, players will need to watch each of the park's attractions for five minutes. DISTRAINT 2 follows on from the events of the first game. How did you get the 36 Fragments to Midnight Platinum 3 times? My personal games i had fun to platinum where Killzone 3 and Resistance 3, Horizon was cool too the collectables filled in the story. Platinum Difficulty: 1 Platform . Just make it to the end of each level. RELATED: 10 Most Fun Jackbox Minigames, Ranked. Telltale have released many games such as The Walking Dead, The Wolf Among Us, Game of Thrones, etc. RELATED: Until Dawn: The 10 Most Important Choices You’ll Have To Make In The Game.

With the exception of the one obtained by purchasing an item from the game's shop though, all of the trophies will pop at some point during a playthrough of the game. I have literally seen titles from Ratalaika Games on sale for a dollar or two. i have uncharted 2 and 3 twice, and walking dead season 1 three times (PS3, vita, PS4). Search for clues, interrogate witnesses, and find a murderer. How would I regard another me? The game is short, simple and doesn’t do much but the controls are top notch. have 86 platinum trophies.

I can think of many other easy titles to get all the trophies for, but some of them don't have platinum trophies for completing, which some should for the kiddie titles to make them feel good about themselves (Paw Patrol, as my kids were excited to earn every trophy but sadly, no platinum for it). Guess Which Sony Exclusive Sold The Most? It’s a monochrome stylized 2D platformer that placed the player in the shoes of either Jack or Jill finding their lost friend at the end of each level. Doubt there's a faster one out there.

A recent PS Plus give away. Username: Password: Save : Publisher: Ratalaika Games : Game Name. The graphics are absolutely stunning and it's a game you'll get lost in so fast that you won't even notice it takes around ten hours to get the platinum trophy and complete everything. Hanna Montana used to be everyones easy trophy back on ps3 but you would look at someones trophies if they had a lot and know what they have been up to. KZ:shadow fall is not great.. not even close to the platinum on that.

Help Roh, a young girl, who gets trapped in a bizarre nightmare filled with creepy monsters! And so begins the journey of two little robots that want to live. Just like Ratalaika Games’ other titles, it is a Cross-Buy title that only needs to be purchased once providing two sets of Platinum Trophies and a grand total of  84 across two platforms. Platinum Time: 1 Hour Guides. Meet Luzia, a sarcastic twelve-year-old with a playful sense of humor. A one-stop shop for all things video games. Classic arcade balloon poppin’ fun! The game lets players control a hole with the main objective being to swallow as many items as they can to increase in size. . There are 11 attractions in total, so with setup time it'll take around 1 hour for the platinum to pop. It's my only one that I've got, currently working on Spider-Man. Unfortunately, it isn’t the most enjoyable game on this list but the relative ease and short game length will make it somewhat bearable. You play as a legendary thief known as Daggerhood. Those sweet bronze, silver and gold icons can help boost a player's status from lowly peasant to high leveled master of gaming. Golf Zero is a cute, fun and original little game with a mix of clever golf platforming gameplay, can you hit a hole-in-one on the world’s craziest golf courses? Platinum Difficulty: 1

Those looking for an easy platinum trophy, however, have definitely come to the right theme park. Heroes Trials is a fast-paced adventure game with a trial system that takes you through more than 10 different tests that will prepare you for the final challenge. Some games, you can complete while barely earning a single trophy, they're so hidden in the side quests; others, most are unmissable. a couple of the POWGI games (wordsearch etc) are fairly easy to platinum as well. Gun Crazy is a fast paced and hectic arcade style action shoot em’ up in this homage to classic old school classics! A dusty arena. You do not even need to complete most of them to get all of the achievements or that platinum trophy. Some games take 1000+ hours and others take 15 minutes. This bizarre adventure game is worth playing anyway, but it also happens to be a very straightforward platinum. Trine 2 was very easy with a platinum that didn't even require you to beat the game. The Bunker was released on the PlayStation 4 in 2016 and is an FMV adventure horror game developed by Welsh independent studio Wales Interactive. A HERO AND A GARDEN is a cute visual novel about a hero that maintains a garden to repay his debts and learn a lesson in the process! Dying Reborn: The Ultimate Bundle was developed by Chinese indie studio NEKCOM Entertainment and was released on the PlayStation 4, Vita, and PlayStation VR in 2017 and can be purchased all at once. Resident Evil 5 was fun too get. You might need to play some of them a few times to gather all the trophies, but none of them are a huge struggle as long as you take the time to explore every choice given to you. Obviously there were exceptions. Double Platinum: No They're incredibly hard to get and I think the vast majority of gamers, even the best of the best, don't stand a chance ever getting them. Platinum Difficulty: 2 Congratulations! Rush Rover is a 2D top-down shooter game that includes random map generation, unique weapons, lots of different enemies and exciting boss battles. tower on the mountain and bring an end to the looming dread? counts. Experience a new take on the classic with unique tower defense and RPG elements! Hi Stephen, would you like a press copy of any of the POWGI games for the next time you update this list, or if you do a similar article for PS Vita?

@Tasuki the Lego trophies is possible if the second player is logged into their account on the same ps4.

And squareboy vs bullies takes a couple of hours. There's very little skill required in order to unlock all of the game's trophies and it can be accomplished in around 20 minutes. In Super Destronaut Land Wars, it’s up to you take shoot down enemies and collect points to move on to the next level! This is by far the lowest you can go to get trophies. It certainly seems like a lot of love went into making the game although perhaps not quite as much time. In Attack of the Toy Tanks players must take control of the provided vehicle of war and battle it out across the game’s 60 levels in the main campaign. Maybe. They publish games for the PlayStation Vita, PS4, Xbox One and the Nintendo Switch so if you are reading this then you can probably play these titles on a system you already own. What it lacks in production values it more than makes up for with creativity and humor. Just Ignore Them is an adventure game that revolves around boy named Mark, who is locked in a never ending chase to escape the monsters that pursue him. Hitman and lara Croft go are pretty quick too (if you use a guide). This is purely a clicker game so like the one above, My Name Is Mayo is one that won't take you very long and most people play purely for the trophy — still, if you want some brain simulation that won't require too much effort on your part, this is another good one to go for. Syrup finds a candy golem in her basement. Even the Ocean tells a unique narrative about identity, balance, and important environmental issues. I know the games chosen for this list are both easy and quick to get.

Repelling the Zeroptian Invasion with one UFO at a time on Zeroptian Invasion with some stunning pixel art chiptune OST. On the subject of time, those looking for an easy platinum can expect to spend 30 minutes or so playing Storm Boy. Help Hank & Larry find food and loot to survive through the harsh zombie infested streets! Play these games and you will give a serious boost to your Gamerscore or PlayStation trophy level very quickly.

Platinum Time: 2-4 Hours View My Name Is Mayo Trophy Guide, For some reason this game stands out as being the worst game on this list, even though it isn’t THAT bad. Super Strikers is an innovative mix between Tactical RPG and Soccer. A couple of turn-based puzzle games, they were originally released on mobile before later being ported to the PS4 and thankfully for us, because that means the trophy became easy. Platinum Difficulty: 1

Wake from your grave, master! @Rob_230 Fully agreed! Squareboy vs Bullies is an old school beat 'em up by Rohan Narang that follows i think i have 46 platinums, though about 10 are duplicates from multiple platforms, eg. The story is kind of interesting which helps distract from the fairly boring gameplay. Because when you've done the game once, you can replay each chapter rather than having to go through the whole thing again. Of course these do require a time investment as you play the game. Slay monsters, collect loot, level up and upgrade your gear. Double Platinum: Yes the order 1886 is a pretty easy platinum as well. No dodgy input lag or any crappy death. @get2sammyb The word games by POWG (all of them) are easy trophies, you just have to play the puzzles through. In recent years, Ratalaika Games have released some of the easiest games going. Alright, we admit it — the story isn't super compelling. New PS4 Games This Week (2nd November to 8th November), How to Use the PS5 DualSense Controller on PC. From what I hear, it doesn’t get much easier than My Name Is Mayo. @Dan_ozzzy189 A hard list should (but won't for some reason) include Singstar, Just Dance and the like. Life is Strange is one of the longer games on this list since it goes by seasons and chapters but much like Until Dawn, it's easy to get the trophies because you don't have to go super out of your way for any and none are particularly challenge.

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