A powerful new enemy gets wind of Ertuğrul's military endeavors.

As leadership changes in the camp, Tuğtekin refuses to give up on the power game. Altun Aba sets in motion a plan to kill Ertuğrul. Ertuğrul makes new enemies, and an old one returns. Dündar's decisions lead to divisions within the Kayı clan. Selcan repents and decides to mend fences with those she has betrayed. Halime hides from her family what she knows to be her fate. Ertuğrul brings news that may give the Kayı clan a second chance. The Knights Templar's position in Aleppo depends on Eftelya, who tries to turn Ertuğrul against Halime.

An informant pulls the wool over Şahabettin's eyes. The sultan announces his decision about Saadettin's fate. Ural confronts Simon and promises Saadettin Köpek that he will kill Ertuğrul. Süleyman's greatest threat is close by. At the camp, Hayme stands up to Kurdoğlu, who exploits another opportunity to strike against Süleyman. The cast of Resurrection Ertugrul says goodbye with the following messages: Engin Altan Düzyatan: “From the first day of the set, I and my colleagues believed the world that was created by Mentin … Netflix is a registered trademark of Netflix, Inc. Aliyar asks his subordinate to track down the maid present on the night of Toktamış's death. Ertuğrul makes inroads at Karacahisar, Helena runs from Vasilius's men, and the Kayı clan's prayers are answered. Ertuğrul's past comes back to haunt him. Gündoğdu gives Selcan an ultimatum. Noyan's spies at the camp have an escape strategy, but Gündoğdu double-crosses them and defends his plan in front of Korkut Bey. The Kayı clan reckons with treachery and finds new allies as Ertuğrul fights to settle scores with Saadettin Köpek and fend off Byzantine rivals. Gündoğdu becomes a pawn in two separate games of power. Defying the camp's vote, Sungur Tekin decides to seal Noyan's fate himself, and Saadettin Köpek takes on a risky gamble with Noyan. Candar is troubled by the Kayı family's secrecy. The Knights Templar's lethal weapon strikes the Kayı tribe on the eve of their migration. At the camp, public opinion is not in Süleyman's favor, and Hayme cracks down on Selcan. Saadettin Köpek conspires against Ertuğrul out of jealousy, but Ibn Arabi stands to foil his plot. When a good deed unwittingly endangers his clan, a 13th-century Turkish warrior agrees to fight a sultan's … Saadettin receives a shocking visitor.

Bahadır realizes he's been framed and anticipates retribution from Ertuğrul. Ertuğrul battles on two fronts, and Tuğtekin digs his own grave. Artuk receives an urgent message about Prince Kılıçarslan. Marcus falls for the Kayı tribe's ruse. Ertuğrul appears before the governor of Karacahisar Castle and falls for Vasilius's trap. A surprise visitor knocks on Afşin's door, and Numan leaves Ertuğrul no choice but to walk away from Halime. Ural conspires with Vasilius in a plan to take over Hanlı Market. At the camp, Hayme stands up to Kurdoğlu, who exploits another opportunity to strike against Süleyman. The emperor's son offers Ertuğrul a peace deal. After narrowly escaping a tragic fate, Ertuğrul makes a radical plan as time runs out for Şahabettin. Vasilius gives Saadettin Köpek evidence to prove Ural's innocence and pin the blame on the Knights Templar. After a talk with her son, Mahperi questions her trust in Saadettin. The sultan's magistrate hands down Ural's judgement, and tensions come to a head between Candar and Ertuğrul.

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