How about our surname OABEL, pronounce here in our town as O-WABEL, during the days which we used operators to make an international calls the intl operators pronounce it as O’Bel or silent A. Correa family names are from visayas region.. How about Beating? The Philippine Statistics Authority provided a list of surnames as of 2018, but it only includes the top 5, and is still not releasing a full list of common surnames.). Chinese surnames are also common. Why doesn’t the Filipino’s go back to their original Family name’s?

10.VILLEGAS. Magbanua, Cabahug, Tupas), and Hiligaynon (e.g. My grandfather is from the Philippians and or last name is Taroc. THAT’S NEW TO ME. Abella, Espina, Balmes), and Portuguese (e.g. See also Spanish surnames, Basque surnames, Galician surnames. However, native surnames from the various native languages are also common. Here are some familiar Surnames in Luzon Philippines This is not correct. Puertollano is a Spanish/Filipino surname and not on the list… very scattered across the Philippines but my great grandfather is from Sta Cruz, Maranduque. That’s how my family got our last name. Eddie Garcia is a famous Filipino actor who has received awards for both his acting and directing. 8.MARTINEZ In Spanish REYES is masculine there for can NOT be LA REYES.

Reyes May mga case kse na ngbabaliktad ung registration nung unang panahon. But many of his crew were native Portuguese.

Natives were ordered to adapt last names from this directory. Definition from Wiktionary, the free dictionary,, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License, * = of Spanish origin (includes Christian surnames, given names as surnames, patronymic surnames, toponymic/habitational surnames and several Spanish words used as surnames), ** = of Catalan, Galician, Basque, and Portuguese origin, *** = of Chinese origin (usually from Hokkien), **** = of native origin (includes surnames from many Philippine languages). 1. Asiong or maybe we should ask Lea or Gerard about it. Valencia is a Spanish feminine word and surname, meaning “brave” or “strong” when naming a girl. Ocampo, Peredo), Tagalog (Manalo, Galang, Panganiban, Mallari), Basque (e.g. Many of the surnames that have been provided here are actually quite common Portuguese surnames. from bulacan. My father spoke of Basque ancestry and through DNA sequencing, have since supported the Spanish and Portuguese ancestry also. Do you know anything if this name?

5.PADILLA I’ve been told Nonoy is originally from Iloilo but my parents are from Mindanao. The Spanish / Portuguese languages and cultures have always been quite identical even to this day where grammar & vocabulary & sentence structure between both languages is around 89% similar, which is remarkably high for two modern languages, even from within the same language family, in this case ‘Romance’. In America I say it like NUH-noy and not No-no-y. Anybody else know of their Italian family names and any possible documented evidence?

fron where ur gomez is? This appendix lists the most common surnames in the Philippines per 2014 data collected by Forebears, a genealogical database and research aid. The name of my wife is Stephanie Descallar Saavedra. Salazar, Legaspi, Vergara, Guevarra, Arellano), Kapampangan (Pangilinan, Canlas), and Catalan (Abella), following behind. 1.MARCOS They would’ve been on the list if they were. Yes it should be DE LOS REYES for sure In the States, Luzon Filipinos often are confused as Mexicans because the resemblance is so close.

There is a province in spain called avila so that can be the origin of your name. Cruz

My father mentioned that his dad’s hometown is Bulacan sooo…maybe? The Forebears surname database may include or not include diacritics on certain surnames, and treats "San/Santa/Santo" as lowercase. Does anyone know their whereabouts?

Notify me of follow-up comments by email. DE LA REYES? Required fields are marked *.

6.GO Here is a list of the most popular surnames from around the world! I’m a Catiis too! The top 10 is usually cited to be the most prevalent. Dizon, Quiambao, Tiangco, Cojuangco) are of the early Chinese immigrants, usually the Sangleys. These surnames are a few surnames in the Gaddang Tribe Genealogy I created in 1978. Spanish surnames are predominant as a colonial legacy, with many of them are those listed in the Catálogo alfabético de apellidos (1849), but others are already used, with several soon became prohibited, such as dela Cruz, because of high prevalence.

How about ABENGAÑA? Im looking for my friends, you can help. my ex’s surname is ramirez. Only FEW Filipinos have real Spanish blood in them.

7. 2. Lawas is Visayan. I don’t see any Gaddang Surnames: Alayu, Aban, Abungan, Abuag, Addauan, Adalem, Aggabao, Aggasid, Alindayu, Alindada, Aliac, Alejandrino, Alcober, Ambatali, Angoluan, Angodung, Asiddao, Apaga, Bababaran, Balangatan, Balabat, Balunsat, Balusant, Bangad, Bannag, Balacanao, Baligod, Balauag, Balisi, Balut, Balassu, Basat, Bayaua, Bayabos, Bayun, Binaley, Birco, Busa, Beting, Bulungan, Cabanag, Cabauatan, Caddawan, Camonayan, Callang, Carub, Danguilan, Dangilan, Dinahum, Domincel, Dumelod, Gabbuat, Gaduang, Gadduang, Garingan, Gatan, Gauan, Gauuan, Gawan, Gozum, Guiab, Guimban, Gumiran, Gurat, Labog, Lauagan, Liban, Loggan, Ludan, Lumauig, Lumicao, Magalued, Maraggay, Naui, Paritang, Pataueg, Piggangay, Pisang, Tamani, Tottoc, Tugab, Tubban, Tumomba.

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