In the Doctor series, which ran on ITV from 1969 to 1977, he played Dr Duncan Waring, starring alongside George Layton, Geoffrey Davies and Ernest Clark. function sitestat(n){var j=document,f=j.location,b="";if(j.cookie.indexOf("st_ux=")!=-1){var k=j.cookie.split(";");var e="st_ux",h=document.domain,a="/";

Celebrities and Notable People Who Have Had Coronavirus. He is thought to have suffered a heart attack on Monday morning while visiting St Luke's surgery for a check-up.

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u = u.replace(/\/reviews\//, '/'); Robin passed away on February 1, 1999 at the age of 52 in Hedge End, Southampton, Hampshire, England, UK.

document.write(''); var geo_edition = 'uk'; Nedwell, 52, starred in Doctor in the House, the ITV series about male medical students at the fictional St Swithin's Hospital.

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His brother, Dr Jeremy Nedwell, said he had fallen from a ladder on Friday while working at his parents' home, where he had lived since the break-up of his marriage to PR agent Heather Inglis. Robin's cause of death was heart attack. "His natural personality and sense of comedy were immediately apparent and we

function countername(u) { if (u.match(prod[name])) { if (asset_id) {countername.push(asset_id);} ]+$/, '' ); At the time of his death, Nedwell had been due to appear in a forthcoming BBC children's comedy-drama, as yet untitled. u = u.replace(/\/(uk|i)fs\//, '/'); } "He was entertaining, considerate, and the greatest fun, with a huge laugh I

return countername.join('. Doctor star Nedwell dies Robin Nedwell at the height of the Doctor series' fame in 1975 Comedy actor Robin Nedwell has collapsed and died during a visit to a doctor's surgery near his home in Hedge End, near Southampton.

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Robin's cause of death was heart attack. prod['sport'] = /sport/; Robin Nedwell (27 September 1946 – 1 February 1999) was a British actor.

Robin Nedwell was born on September 27, 1946 and died on February 1, 1999.

var path = u.split('/').slice(3); "He was repairing a roof and dropped five feet onto concrete - he may have suffered a mild stroke.

countername.push('page'); u = u.replace(/[\?][^\? We took him to casualty and he had a few stitches in a head wound, but the hospital were not totally happy with him," he said.

Humphrey Barclay, the controller of comedy at LWT and producer of the Doctor var prod = new Array();

'); © 2017 Dead or Kicking / All Rights Reserved. "Over the weekend he was in some discomfort and on Monday he went to his local doctor's surgery. can hear now. Recently Passed Away Celebrities and Famous People. if (u.match(/\/(sport2|2|ifs)\//)) { Although he had not worked for two years, he was preparing to start filming on a new BBC children's series, S Club Seven. The actor Robin Nedwell, who has died of a heart attack aged 52, was blessed and cursed with looks that suited the market, but only for a very short period. if (document.cookie.indexOf('NO-SA=') == -1) { u = u.replace(/[#][^#]+$/, '' );

var si = document.location+""; While there he suffered a heart attack, and despite the efforts of the staff they could not revive him. ", 'Entertaining, considerate, and the greatest fun'.

Robin Nedwell Death Robin passed away on February 1, 1999 at the age of 52 in Hedge End, Southampton, Hampshire, England, UK. u = u.replace(/\/sport[12]\//, '/sport/'); As well as the Doctor series, Nedwell also starred in ITV's Cluedo series alongside Stephanie Beacham and June Whitfield in 1990, and in 1994 he toured with the Royal Shakespeare Company for two years.

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