Bill Hamling not only founded Rogue, one of the early US men's magazines, but went on to develop a pornography publishing empire that eventually ran him afoul of President Nixon and the FBI in the 1970s and landed him in jail, along with Earl Kemp, his long-time friend, managing editor of his various enterprises and vice-president of Greenleaf. Founding editor Frank M. Robinson was followed by other editors, including Harlan Ellison and Bruce Elliott. [11] [12].

My quote has since become a standard joke in the fourth estate. Next, Rogue cartoonist Phil Interlandi was hired away by Playboy. No other men’s magazine—or science-fiction magazine or digest, for that matter—ever had that much editorial talent in depth. [46] Only that wasn't quite the case. Valentina Tereshkova was the first-ever woman to fly a spacecraft, on June 16, 1963. Michael Bronski, the editor of an anthology of gay pulp writing, notes in his introduction, "Gay pulp is not an exact term, and it is used somewhat loosely to refer to a variety of books that had very different origins and markets".

But even before Tereshkova took off, the United States was researching–and discarding–the idea of sending women into space, for reasons that had nothing to do with their abilities.

Also, in January 1958, the last Rogue cover done by Lloyd Rognan appeared. [17] [49] [50], Hamling liked the idea of the proposed books and grasped the concept of the throwaway sleazy paperback firmly in his hands.

Get the best of Smithsonian magazine by email. Their testing was overseen by Dr. Randy Lovelace, the doctor who created the Mercury mission’s astronaut testing standards, at his private clinic. [35], Rogue added eight pages, a circulation and ad department, and a new executive editor, Bruce Elliott, who introduced the staff to the three-hour drinking lunch. However, since both Palmer and Shaver had become residents of Wisconsin, Freedom Publishing was closed.

[2] Departments were written by Alfred Bester, Robert Bloch, and Fredric Brown. By early 1961, when Earl Kemp was hired on at Blake Pharmaceutical and while Ellison was still there, they were working in a 4-room office suite in the Graphics Arts Building and there was no name on the door. Glenview was near Evanston, the home of Bill Hamling's Greenleaf Publishing Company. [9], The familiar, world-wide recognized name of Hamlings' publishing company came from the telephone exchange (Greenleaf) where he was living at the time in Evanston, Illinois. Time and again Lloyd’s work (based on hand painted gouache watercolor paintings for the cover of Rogue by Hans Zoff) appears on the early covers of Rogue for Men magazine, Imaginative Tales, Imagination, Fate and others. But that wasn’t the big reason, writes Weitekamp. Rogue was a Chicago-based men's magazine published by William Hamling from 1956 until 1965. Henry Botts, a friend of Hamling's, became the first associate editor. [3].

This left his old distributor with no "sophisticated" men's magazine, unless Rogue was upgraded, which it was—to slick paper, full color, full-page cartoons, and a centerfold. In short order Silverberg was selling them manuscripts that appeared under the bylines of David Challon and Mark Ryan.

Imagination was an American fantasy and science fiction magazine first published in October 1950 by Raymond Palmer's Clark Publishing Company.

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