Polling by the nonpartisan Public Religion Research Institute captured that separation: In an October survey, 92 percent of voters who approved of Trump said Republicans are working “to protect the American way of life against outside threats,” while 75 percent of voters who disapproved of him said the GOP has been taken over by racists. Read: Why Trump’s favorite 2016 map should scare him.

Is there anything of this moment in pop culture that sort of gives you that Born to Run feeling today?

I think like a lot of people, Bruce just spoke to me and just gave me above all the sense of passion, like, don't drift through life, man, you know, roll down the window, and let the wind blow back your hair.

And there's Get Out, which is one version of that from now. March 20, 2020 . Born () April 6, 1958 (age 62) New York City, New York, U.S. Education: B.A. While most Democrats in the Pew poll indicated that they would prefer their party to seek common ground with the other, most Republicans did not—attitudes that explain both the appeal to Democratic voters of former Vice President Joe Biden’s promise to seek bipartisan cooperation if elected and the widespread skepticism among leaders in both parties that he’s likely to obtain it.

When I heard “Thunder Road,” my life changed.

He has also served as the Times' national political correspondent and the author of the weekly Washington Outlook column. No paywall. Brownstein in 2016. With the Democratic Party identifying much more unreservedly than even 10 or 20 years ago with the demands for change, and Trump so clearly stamping the GOP in opposition to all of them, the grinding trench warfare between these competing coalitions in the 2020 race probably only previews the struggle looming through the 2020s. Do you remember what piece of pop culture influenced you the most at that age? (Penguin 2007). It's much easier to compromise on what should the marginal tax rate be, or what's a reasonable date for net-zero carbon emissions, but people generally don't want to compromise on issues related to how much work you should do to ... make sure that racial minorities or women are treated equally. How does this seasoned analyst assess the U.S. political landscape in the 10th presidential election he has covered? [6] In 2005, he married Eileen Nicole McMenamin, the former communications director for Senator John McCain, in a nondenominational ceremony in Henderson, Nevada. All of those were states Trump won in 2016; by contrast, the President does not lead in any state that Hillary Clinton carried last time. On my left shoulder, you can see all of the LBJ books [the multi-volume biographies by Robert Caro, author of The Power Broker]. Mike Murphy, a veteran GOP strategist who now opposes Trump, says that 10 years ago he would have predicted that a public health and economic catastrophe of the coronavirus' magnitude would have produced a "1980 level wipeout" for Trump and his party.

Ideas journalism with a head and a heart. [3] In 1993, he was named their national political correspondent. Increasingly, campaign strategists and political scientists agree, voters are choosing between the parties more on their views about fundamental demographic and cultural change than on their immediate financial circumstances or even their views of economic policies, such as taxes, spending and regulation. On the whole, polls suggest that the 2020 election will closely track 2016, with small changes among key groups potentially tipping the result. Not that I can be an artist of that magnitude. What happened after the death of George Floyd was pretty inspiring. No ads. [4] In 1979, he graduated with a B.A. Anxiety, Defiance, and Refuge in Immigrant Los Angeles. His first wife was Nina Easton; they had two children before divorcing. [4] His father was an electrician.

He has been unique among presidents in offering virtually no concessions to viewpoints outside of his coalition. But he could still squeeze out another Electoral College victory without it.

That doesn't guarantee the Democratic coalition will consistently control the federal government, because the Electoral College and two-senator per state rule magnify the influence of the Whites most drawn to the GOP. It showed people really trying to address: What does it mean if you're in a country where a majority of the high school graduates in a few years are going to be people of color—and all the good jobs, all the commanding heights of the economy, are still run by white people? In this Feb. 26, 1980, file photo, Republican presidential hopeful Ronald Reagan and wife Nancy do some last-minute campaigning in Manchester for New Hampshire's presidential primary. Analysis by Ronald Brownstein. JUST WATCHED Trump's historic unpopularity may not be a deal … Republicans believe that the strong economy and Trump’s swaggering style will lead them to make small gains with Hispanic and African American men, suppress any defections from the working-class white women who backed him in 2016, and prompt greater turnout among the party’s base. I have, like, serious Zoom bookshelves, if you've ever seen me on CNN. (That was up from just one-fourth of Americans living in such landslide counties in 1976 and half as recently as 2012.) The Amazing Adventures of Kavalier & Clay by Michael Chabon. Previously, he served as a political analyst for CNN from 1998 through 2004 and has appeared on the Sunday shows of all four broadcast networks as well as other programs on cable and broadcast. Over the long term, the durability of attitudes toward Trump spotlights the likelihood of a widening rift between two Americas fundamentally diverging in both their exposure to and attitudes about such fundamental dynamics as the nation's growing racial and religious diversity, rising demands for greater racial equality, changing gender roles and the transition from an industrial to an information age economy. Ronald Brownstein is a senior editor at The Atlantic, a senior political analyst at CNN, and the author of several books, including The Second Civil War: How Extreme Partisanship Has Paralyzed Washington and Polarized America. That separation only intensified in the 2016 presidential election. Similarly, while about 4 in 5 Democratic voters and 55% of all registered voters say women still face significant obstacles in getting ahead (both up slightly since 2016), nearly three-fourths of Trump supporters reject that idea as well, also slightly more than four years ago. I always wanted to be a writer. In 2016, an anonymous author described the battle between Donald Trump and … And at the end of the summer, I remember very specifically saying to him, you know, Dad, I really appreciate you getting me this job, and everything you did for me, but I think, from here on out, I don't intend to make it any other way but writing for the rest of my life. And for some people it's enthralling.". [3] In 1997, he accepted a position as chief political correspondent for U.S. News and World Report. The relentless geographic and demographic sorting of the parties means that the two coalitions more and more inhabit separate realities: Nationally, Clinton beat Trump in the 2016 popular vote by a little more than two percentage points, but 60 percent of Americans lived in counties that were decided by 20 points or more, according to calculations by Bill Bishop, the author of The Big Sort. Democrats hope that revulsion at Trump’s behavior will help them make gains with traditionally Republican-leaning blue-collar white women and college-educated white men, and further boost their margins with college-educated white women, who have left the GOP in droves. I remember between my sophomore and junior year in college, my dad got me a job working at an electrical warehouse in Long Island City. But that is a foundational piece of their self-understanding. By continuing to use our website, you agree to our privacy and cookie policy. I originally thought I was going to write fiction. No question. The nonfiction equivalent of that, and this is going to almost sound like a cliché, but it wasn't a cliché in 1975 or ’76, was The Power Broker. "But it also prevents him from winning over these other people who would otherwise be conservative or be open to voting Republican, but simply can't stomach that culture war stuff he is so focused on. "This White Christian base has been shrinking and becoming more shrill at the same time: I think those two things are related," says Jones, author of the recent book "White Too Long," a history of Christian churches and racial bias.

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