Exposed aggregate tends to have more freeze/thaw damage than broom finish. No regrets! .however, there are a couple of budget alternatives that I'd like to suggest to you that might consider. What did you do to make sure your builder delivered on time?

And a lot in common with certain gray pachyderms, Objects of Desire: Beautifully Individual Concrete Floors, Landscape Paving 101: Cast-in-Place Concrete, Concrete Driveways: Poring Over the Pros and Cons, Outdoor Style: Creative Ways With Classic Concrete, Kitchen Counters: Concrete, the Nearly Indestructible Option, Elephants of the Kitchen? Thank you all for chiming in!

Why would the front stoop be such a schedule priority? I love the look, but I would be concerned about someone slipping while using your front entry -- not just with ice, but with rain and even in nice weather. Hi,We were surprised to find out yesterday that we are going to need to make a snap decision about our front stoop. If you do banding throughout the yard you can pour the same color to match everything. Fiber Reinforced concrete is used to improve the performance of concrete cracking and shrinkage problems. Pros As soon as some tension is developed, it will lose its stiffness. You can't have either the bottom or the top step be different rises, which is what would happen if you just topped it with another material. It can also lead to poor water quality because it can leech into nearby ponds and rivers, affecting fish and other aquatic inhabitants. You should also damp mop it weekly to remove smudging, scuffs, and water marks, and restore gloss. ), the stoop (with rebar in it) has to support a 1 foot by 3 foot corner of the kitchen floor.

Or you can use a pressure washer but very lightly and remember to use a good sealer to protect this color finish afterword's. It is important to apply salt before an oncoming storm and then immediately following.

Right now, the floor is just floating, but they want to get that support in before we start adding weight.

Otherwise you may destroy what your trying to clean and it can happen fast with acid cleaners. Finished it will look sort of like European park paths, it isn't like big gravel on bare feet . Rock salt is beneficial for melting thick layers of ice and snow. If plants or grass have been in contact with salt, spray the affected areas down and try to wash away as much debris as possible. For contaminated areas, try applying a layer of gypsum to the soil. It is one of the first things to reach for when there is an approaching ice or snow storm to help break down ice formation on roads and other paved surfaces. There's various finishes done today ie: broomed, exposed, acid etched, sand blasted, colored and stamped are some of the common ones today. I wouldn't recommend any of the stronger acid type cleaners for the average "do it yourself homeowners". Deicing is important when you have hills, slopes, steps, walkways and steep driveways. Turns out I love it. Now if there's some hard stains/oil stains a simple over the counter concrete cleaner can be added to the equation, or applied directly to the effected area, (always read the directions as some need to be deleted before application).

Good luck guys! We will discuss the pros and cons of plaster vs. Pebble Tec pool finishes. For every 10% increase in road surface friction, a … This pool finish adds a watertight seal and makes the surface smoother for contact with swimmers than the underlying rough concrete shell. How do they hold up to freeze/thaw, salting, etc?

Consider how it will affect your landscape and your finished DIY projects. I shoveled it for them a couple of times last year, and would never install it on my property.

See if these 6 floors open your eyes to the possibilities, We look at the reasons concrete has a tendency to crack — and what you can do to help control it, A construction standard, cast-in-place concrete can be used for a wide variety of project types, Concrete floors have a raw and elegant beauty that can be surprisingly warm, Concrete adds smooth polish to driveways and a sleek look to home exteriors, but here are the points to ponder before you re-surface, Have you cast concrete aside as being too dull or crack-prone? You reached this page when attempting to access from on 2020-11-04 02:22:02 UTC.

Or should we have them pour the concrete lower and plan on choosing stones or pavers later?

Renovator....wouldn't solid granite be very slippery when wet? Also it's helpful to know what type of stain or discoloration your trying to remove. An interior exposed aggregate in a contemporary furniture store is sure to be a polished finish which is completely different than exposed aggregate exterior flatwork. . I don't know anything about your front stoop but IMO solid granite is by far the best choice. As with any coating system, there are pros and cons. Salt can significantly damage plants, grass and trees if it saturates into the surrounding soil. There are a few reasons why this might happen: After completing the CAPTCHA below, you will immediately regain access to the site. NOTE: if you install a salt system then precast is probably better. I also have a long long drive and learned fast how much pavers add up . You can do small areas of pavers like that for not too much over a compacted base and deep sand bed .. but they upgrade the whole look and that will tie it back to your red brick stairs. sbdesign, I am totally worst case scenario, too, lol.Thanks for the snow input, amberm!You have all talked me out of exposed aggregate.

But with a blue stone approach, I would probably be disappointed to see the transition to something else for the main entry even if I was wearing my heels. My neighbours have an exposed agg front walk. Create a free website or blog at Polished concrete flooring is relatively easy to maintain. Plaster vs. Pebble Tec Plaster Pool Finish.

Pro to poured in place: 2 options to the coping edge (bullnose or square edge). ( Log Out /  I was worried about brushed concrete as we have it on the front porch and back patio. Ive seen and experienced plenty of exposed aggregate that was WAY more slip resistant than typical broom finish. What to Know About Concrete Counters.

.have them cut control joints in every six feet or so to help prevent cracking . Laura ...we are away for the winter and after searching my photos I found no pix of the baseboards and try to describe them we installed a thick slab of wood creating a rather deep sill and mounted crown mold under the slab..with little crown returns at the end...this created an impressive foundation feature to our large windows that start at about 18 inches above the floors..the slab edges were rounded as are the corners of the window openings to go with our rather textured walls...we have big tall Windows across the front of our home..and we didn't want to distract from the views with a lot of trim just below the Windows ...and throughout the house....the baseboards added the custom finished feel to balance the absence of any other trim above...the baseboards are about 6-7" of stacked inexpensive narrower baseboards with one wider flat piece that we had routed and inserted further detail of a strip of carved wood that looks like rope...(at the base of the board we added a strip of reverse corner molding )...we painted it all and used the same trim around the doors...the finished look was very special while really using several inexpensive trims stacked ....if you are wanting a more modern less ornate but impressive trim perhaps just thin layers that stack downward like stair steps..a sort of Art Deco feel ... Niecie this is a beautiful place! Advantages. Once you weigh the pros and cons of rock salt, you can decide if you want to use it throughout the cold winter months. If the mixture contains too much water, a risk of rough edges and a poor finish exist because the concrete easily adheres to the stamp. I don't feel as though I have time to look into pavers and stone, so concrete most likely will be. Thanks everyone!

( Log Out /  Akers Landscapes When cleaning concrete, you should really know what type of concrete surface your trying to clean. In many cases, keeping the ice from forming on your driveway and sidewalk can significantly reduce injury caused from falling, slipping or sliding on the ice. I spent the extra cash and had exposed aggregate on my driveway, steps and front porch. Take your time as you go for best results, be thorough and if it's a large project break it up into segments or you may experience some back issues.

Learn about new design options along with the basics of using it outside, Industrial flair: See why concrete brick isn't just for retaining walls anymore, Clear the path for plantings or a more modern patio design by demolishing all or part of the concrete in your yard, Infinitely customizable and with an amazingly long life span, concrete countertops are an excellent option for any kitchen, Concrete countertops are beautiful, heavy and cool — and have their own peculiarities. I know our neighbours complain about slipperyness, but they do not apply a concrete safe de-icing product. We have stamped concrete in the backyard for a patio, that's another avenue you can take. Change ), You are commenting using your Google account. .and you want to calculate your cubic yardage by figuring you need 5" deep to start. The budget is for concrete, (though we are able to upgrade if we choose).

If not, instead of paving the whole length of the 90' drive (i love the hollywood thing you've got going now) .. .consider sticking with aggregates instead.

Grinding or polishing exterior work is very rare. you can contact your local concrete company for suggestions on products, there application and other helpful cleaning tips.

leave this to a professional concrete finish personnel that's experienced in cleaning concrete. One of the biggest benefits of treating your property with a salt mixture is to prevent the buildup of ice and snow. Salt finish is another option in addition to the two you identified.

You just have to dust mop or broom sweep daily to prevent dirt accumulation. This will displace the sodium with calcium and improve drainage to the existing soil. The color is simply etched into the upper 1/8" of the concrete surface. One other tip, if your cleaning a stamped or other colored surface, never use any major cleaning products on this. .,it doesn't hurt to walk on .

Concrete work is as varied as it gets.

Renovator8, that's a good question. simply use some soap and water, with a light bristle scrub brush and rinse. Interior polished floors can have huge variation in slip resistance as well. That's why we have "road repair"...! the reason they want to do it sooner rather than later is that, due to a small but meaningful mistake in the foundation plan (grrr!!!

And while it is a naturally occurring substance, there are some major disadvantages to using rock salt to keep your travel paths clear. and just mow right across it .. .

Even indoors, it was slippery and extremely uncomfortable for those wearing heels. For existing property, consider covering delicate perennials with a snow fence, burlap or plastic in the fall in preparation for the snow season. Here is a poured in place pool picture in Malibu, CA. Additional information is available in this. This helps prevent the rain or snow from forming a thick layer of ice and also makes it easier to clear the precipitation that falls on your treated surfaces. The Pros Of Using Road Salt Road salt is undeniably an incredibly effective way to lessen the number of dangerous and even deadly vehicle accidents which occur on otherwise slippery roads in inclement conditions. Rock salt is derived from the evaporation of salty water, explains the University of Hawaii.

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