[citation needed]. ), Select what Skills/Gadgets you want on each slot.

Find a weapon that has that particular passive effect and is closest to max (Higher rank weapons have higher % Passive Effects). Fatal Bullet follows the events of Sword Art Online: Hollow Realization and takes place in Gun Gale Online, a game released by Zaskar following the advent of The Seed. Sword Art Online: Fatal Bullet

Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. Dimps After introducing them to GGO and explaining the basics, Kureha led the way to the tournament area, where both of them were to participate together as a team. However, upon witnessing the man's Laughing Coffin tattoo, Kirito realized that the player was actually one of the Player Killers (PKers) from Sword Art Online.

2 slot fire weapon... Yeah and also valor is actually pretty good too if you do not use guns that... 2 Players should be fine for everything. These cookies do not store any personal information. Written by TimeHelix / Feb 26, 2018 Other SAO:FB Guides: All Maps. Basic Gameplay Controls Note: Left Clicking also works for pressing Enter and Right Clicking works for pressing Backspace Although Kirito held suspicions about Seijirou's job offer based on his resources and ties with the government, he admitted to Asuna that he agreed to it due to the good pay. Having logged out several minutes later, Asada Shino awoke in her bed and started checking her home to ensure she was safe. The story of this expansion pack takes place after the true ending of the base game.

Japanese Moments later, they were greeted by a girl in a pink outfit, who apologized for being late due to the tournament registration taking longer than she had expected. As both parties stared at each other while standing still, Sinon suddenly aimed her sniper at Death Gun, generating a Bullet Line that prompted Death Gun to dodge backwards by reflex.

Following a discussion on the advantages of the UFG in Player versus Player combat, the Protagonist introduced the topic of Death Gun, stating he had his own tricks as well. Look at the rarity, base attack power and number of passive chip slots to help you make a decision on whether it is worth investing in.

JP February 8, 2018[1]NA February 23, 2018[2]PAL February 23, 2018[3]

Upon Death Gun's question, Kirito revealed that he was using the Kiriko account and read the name of Death Gun as "Steven".


While exploring the new room, the Protagonist found a strange capsule. Guides » Sword Art Online: Fatal Bullet - Basics Guide.

Farm the monster/boss for that weapon until you get a drop you are satisfied with. We also use third-party cookies that help us analyze and understand how you use this website. Boost the wanted passive skills to max by adding same-type passives from  material weapons, Trade out the unwanted passives with max % passive effects from. Upon returning to his senses, Kirito informed Sinon about his encounter with Death Gun, explaining what Laughing Coffin had committed in Sword Art Online before Sinon appeared in Aincrad on Floor 76.

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