'Our only issue and the whole issue for the fight was the ability to stop labor when it starts and that's not something they could do,' Chad said. Five weeks ago, baby Logan's gestational sac broke and he lost all his fluids. The comments below have been moderated in advance. He now has the same fluid level as his siblings. The Scotts have a 12-year-old son, Shayden, and a 7-year-old son, Landon. Life is a gift, life is a blessing. Lily may be a ballerina one day. Videos such as "First Family Walk - Scott Quintuplets" and "Our Daily Routine - Scott Quintuplets" helped raise their total view count to more than 82 million. Learn more, Contact us with your questions and we’ll answer, day or night. In every ultrasound picture, her toes are pointed and usually sticking into her siblings' faces. Glenford Scott is organizing this fundraiser. -year-old Sheridan and seven -year-old landed this family … Life is a gift, life is a blessing. The parents said their focus now is getting to the hospital an hour away from their home and being able to hold the babies as much as possible. After 29 weeks, the Scott quintuplets could no longer wait for their big debut. See more ideas about Quintuplets, Second love, 2 boys. He's delivered these 23 sets with an average gestation of 33 weeks.". There is some comic relief in watching a family raise quintuplets (we may not be laughing in the midst of 5 screaming kids, but we are told by … It has grown. Much of the journey was shared on their Facebook and Instagram pages, dubbed "Five Two Love" as a nod to the "scquints" and their two sons. Baby’s are due in June but will most likelybe here around April.I will keep this page updated with Doctor visits and Ultrasound pics. Learn more, Contact us with your questions and we’ll answer, day or night. So here we are, working hard and staying together supporting each other waiting for our Quints. Created May 26, 2017. The boys are Logan Matthew, two names we love and people we know that we love with those names and then Lincoln Alan. She goes, 'Ya. "At one point, I picked up Jamie's phone and she had 300-something texts. He performed the ultrasound once again and said that in fact he was wrong...it was not three but four babies. Their happiness grew to shock when they found out they would be adding a party of five to their family. Learn more, In the rare case that something isn’t right, we will refund your donation. They found a doctor in Arizona who could prolong labor for another three to five weeks and had commonly delivered quintuplets at 33 weeks in the past. She misses her plants. I asked if her there's five in there isn't there? Amy, a stay-at-home mom, has an incompetent cervix, making it difficult to carry a baby to full term. After five years of trying, Skyler and Jamie turned to fertility help. Speaking to Daily Mail Online, Chad said: 'So far everything's going as well as it can at this point. 542K likes. Family members created a GoFundMe to raise money for the out ... CA family welcomes quintuplets after heartbreaking loss ... Kim Kardashian jets into LA with Kendall Jenner and Scott … Chad, 36, and Amy Kempel, 34, look on at their premature quintuplets in the neonatal intensive care unit at Walnut Creek Medical Center after being born at 27 weeks, The family of four from California has grown to a family of nine, but the parents fear the worst for their babies after having four miscarriages and losing twins who were born prematurely, The Kempels reached out to lawmakers and President Trump for help to get a specialized out-of-network doctor to deliver their quintuplets after their healthcare provider denied them.

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