This Monthly Content Update unleashes fire upon the Sea of Thieves, opening up a whole new world of sea combat tactics and yet more ways to upset other pirates. The latest rumours speak of Sir Arthur Pendragon returning to the world, a man with his own supernatural history. Throw these and they burst into flames – a surefire way to ruin another crew’s day! Il est possible de découvrir des coffres des cendres à bord de navires squelettes, mais la plupart sont gardés par des gardiens des cendres. Some devious pirates have mastered the art of making firebombs, which you’ll find in barrels around the Sea of Thieves. The Seabound Soul sent players across the sea with the charismatic Sir Arthur Pendragon in an all-new Tall Tale to free trapped spirits, only to expose a shocking revelation at its climax… Pirates were given an additional way to wage war with the introduction of firebombs, which resulted in many ships engulfed in flames – 1,536,128 vessels in the first two weeks of the update.

De nouveaux objets sont ajoutés chaque mois, alors visitez l'Emporium en jeu ou rendez-vous sur la page du Pirate Emporium pour en savoir plus. He offers Voyages that lead to Ashen Keys and Chests, including a helpful Ashen Chest Stash for pirates who’d rather not tangle with an Ashen Guardian.

See exactly where the journal is located on your map: Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window), Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window), Click to share on Reddit (Opens in new window), Click to share on Pinterest (Opens in new window), Click to share on Telegram (Opens in new window), How to get an Ashen Tome of Curses?

Be sure to lend the expired explorer a helping hand, but keep your wits about you…. The fifth and final journal will be on Flintlock Peninsula, the final island of the Tall Tale. De leur côté, les squelettes font tout pour préserver les secrets d'un passé inconnu de tous dans ces coffres des cendres. Selling this also unlocks a Commendation allowing you to purchase a certain Ashen cosmetic item.

Find the book to get started on Sea of Thieves’ latest story-driven adventure, a permanent addition to the game! What mission could he have on the Sea of Thieves during such a turbulent time?

For the first time since our mission began, our Commander issued new orders. Did you complete the tale before looking for it? Once he had spoken, the Commander burned so fiercely that even the fog seemed afraid, and so a path was cleared. Vous n'êtes pas encore connecté ?

He is naught but dust now, his power expended.

They dared to interrupt our journey and try to scavenge from us!

Sail on over and you will find the journal on some resource barrels beneath some giant rock formations on the North side of the island. Check out the Shacknews Shores … The Book is on a table with various Dark Relics on it with the Portrait of Sir Arthur Pendragon's eyes glowing. Duke est donc parti en quête d'aide, laissant les rênes des Fonds de cale à Stitcher Jim. Ouvrez-le pour commencer la toute nouvelle aventure narrative de Sea of Thieves, qui constitue un ajout permanent au jeu ! Et vous, jusqu'où irez-vous ? He will plague us no longer! Failing that, use the new water barrel on ships or just hope for a timely rainstorm…. Alarmed, Duke heads off to find help, leaving Stitcher Jim in charge of the Bilge Rats. First, we shall sail to Shiver Retreat, blazing a path across the waves. Even Duke is no longer content to just sit by! A great door protects the remains, and will keep pirates and other intruders at bay. ©2020 Microsoft Corporation. During your adventure through The Seabound Soul, you will experience and hear stories from Captain Martha Jane and Captain Randal Stone. The dead is done. Our precious cargo and its guard are below deck, in their rightful place.

Faites attention à ces derniers, car ils peuvent apparaître sans crier gare sur les îles ou lors des batailles navales annoncées par ces nuages en forme de navire. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam.

Wretched pirates! Il offre des voyages menant aux coffres et aux clés des cendres, ainsi qu'une cache de Coffre cendré pour ceux qui redoutent les gardiens des cendres.

Selon les dernières rumeurs, Lord Arthur Pendragon serait revenu d'entre les morts pour conter son histoire à dormir debout. Faux ! If you still haven’t completed The Seabound Soul and need some guidance, we have this walkthrough to help you along the way. With this latest update, The Seabound Soul wasn’t the only new adventure to experience in the Sea of Thieves. Vendez ce dernier pour obtenir une promotion permettant d'acheter un article cosmétique des cendres, et vendez les cinq tomes pour obtenir une promotion bonus qui vous permettra d'acheter une arme des cendres unique ! Ashen Keys to open these chests can be found on separate Voyages available to anyone, but beware the Key Masters who guard them with deadly fervour. At his instruction, we sailed to each of them in turn, and I went ashore.

I hope that this shall be our final diversion. As you discover each journal, you will learn more and more about the crew of the Ashen Dragon and their quest to the Devil’s Roar!

I can only hope I have hidden his belongings well enough that they shall remain undisturbed.

Prepare to meet the spectre of Sir Arthur Pendragon and embark upon the first chapter in … Meanwhile, the skeletons act to preserve mystical secrets from the past in their Ashen Chests.

Fire will catch and spread on ships, so if your vessel is set alight, you’d better be on hand with a bucket of water!

Il existe cinq tomes, que vous pourrez revendre à Jim !

Turn in all five of these Tomes to unlock a bonus Commendation, allowing you to purchase a special Ashen weapon! Son épée lui permettait d'offrir le repos éternel aux âmes égarées.

Note: During the Tall Tale, 5 Journals will be hidden on select Islands and need to be found and read to finish The Ashen Journals Commendation. Face south from the beacon and you will see resource barrels against the mountain side. From the Tall Tale book in the Captain’s Cabin of the southern shipwreck, turn around and you will find the journal. It’s on the west-north-west of the island.

•  Parlez du Festival des Damnés sur le forum de Sea of Thieves, •  Achetez Sea of Thieves ou abonnez-vous au Game Pass.

Our repairs had left us low on supplies, and I could not rule out the possibility of another attack.

He Speaks little, save to explain the Rites. Stitcher Jim in the tavern is your first port of call.

Les pirates qui veulent découvrir cette fable devront simplement s'emparer de son livre, sur l'épave du Blackwyche ! L'âme en partance ne déroge pas à la règle : vous trouverez ce livre sur l'épave du Blackwyche, sur Shipwreck Bay. Once on the island, walk up the hill that leads to the upper West side.

Head to the North East side of the island near the Burning Beacon landmark located North of the volcano. Tri-Rock Isle, Cinder Islet, Cursewater Shores. As before, our Commander bound the fool’s spirit so that he could not return from the Sea of the Damned. This is the location of the next journal. It was a risk, but I was right to take it. Reading through the journal you found on Shiver Retreat, you will learn that the next journal can be found on Liar’s Backbone.

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