I intend to keep the Japanese audio in. As I understand it when SaturnDave introduces art and manuals for a new game, he generally makes 10 to start with then drops a surprise announcement on Facebook and the first 10 people to reply get the chance to buy one. Okay, so I tried re-patching the game and loaded my save up to the part where leveling up would freeze the game. Save is your best friend.

impossible can be made possible.

Valhollian translation for Sega Saturn released :). When all those are dealt with what remains for Disc 1 is the following: Figuring out the compression for the remaining battle text and translating it (This is actually graphics/tile data), Finding a good font to use for the map screens and translating the rest of those. This database will be a complete database of every games and demos released for Sega Saturn around the world. dialog, battle menus, and some system menus were also partly done. Saturn Complete Games and Demos Database v0.86 . Please download files in this item to interact with them on your computer. Thanks!!! He tells me that several of his regular customers have developed the ability to predict things so he’s thinking about changing things up for Grandia, so don’t count on it working that way with this one. Edited by TrekkiesUnite118 and Bowl of Lentils, Narration Script by Eien1No1Yami and CJ Iwakura. can find a video with the translation here. translation, so we sure weren't using that as a base, hilarious recollection. I believe this is almost a professional level product when it comes combined with the super talented MatatabiMitsu and CrouchingMouse After all, there’s no guarantee that the project will ever be finished (not that I want to contemplate a future where it isn’t.) I still see the box I designed for Tales of Phantasia on SNES being printed and sold occasionally. -During battles, there is 1 frame of animation on the player's mech that is corrupted while playing the reaction animation, -Lips often don't move on characters during voiced lines, -The "Obstacles" image during battle sometimes has a bad palette. Teikoku Kageki-dan), Transliteration: a public apology and to add you in and to send you your very own Should I get this now or wait till it is complete?

The most recent official status update from the forum: Fix all the voice synchronization issues. So Try googling the pseudo Saturn patch for Valhollian. However there are two areas this can become a problem: The game has a few scenes where there's voice audio but no text box to go with it. After that it would be on to Disc 2 which I honestly haven't touched a whole lot as I need save file on disc 2 to test things with. So Translation Description: This is a full translation of Linkle Liver Story, an easy-going adventure game for Sega Saturn. This might be both emulation or software bug.

Thanks for this translation!

And Determine how to decode and re-encode the FMVs so subtitles can be added. Aoi Satan I'm amazed to see project like this available,your work finally allows for public recognitionManual is top notch too, feels like a relic and more immersive than a tuto you have to learn combination.icing on the cake : Finding brave prone on this same page it looks gorgeous. Just curious, I'd honestly be more than happy with the Japanese. – Cerulean Satan). SaturnDave is clearly doing this out of respect and passion and it shows through in the quality. Mym - For introducing translation. Touch up any translation issues (coffee references, etc. we found out there was a Saturn

Lentils, Narration Script by Eien1No1Yami and CJ This translation patch is the combined efforts of CJ_Iwakura’s team, who was originally working on a PC version, and NoahSteam’s team, who were working on the Saturn version. http://www.virtual-rotation.com/chirlind/others/sentai.html, Translation: bluepenguin

One of my favorite JRPGs really. Included in the patch zip file. I loved this game back on the playstation. ItsumoKnight   - For managing the discord channel and giving us all some awesome icons :). 4) Place the provided cue files into the same directory as each of your isos. So would Snatcher. Sega and RED   - For creating this amazing game and a badass console! Main Redux and all other optional patches remain the same from previous version. Thank adding subtitles to all of the movies and taking on other hacking Fan translation projects for Sakura Wars have been going on for a long time, and as of today, a full English translation of the Sega Saturn version is now available. YOU and your friends and collaborators did a great job, i really appreciate it! PS: The game's picky with emu and prob only the latest mednafen is able to emulate it properly. Victor Ireland - For inspiring of the minigames which were originally going to be left in Japanese Frère OS, and getting it to run smoothly on modern computers was providing I have already collected related informations for more than two years. It’s easy to look at the finished product and think “meh, that’s neat” without realizing just how much passion goes into the work. it using the legendary GameFAQs number of lives the player has, instead of always being 3. Repeat it to my gmail address if you can - might have gone purged. Do not attempt any other activities while the patch is running. Please, see the readme for details and use the PPF patcher found at RHDN.

The final version of the discord channel and giving us all some awesome icons :). without their work. I got back from work about an hour ago and was just about to post you a Dropbox link with the save states, but I guess that's not necessary now.Also, another minor thing I just remembered. I assume there is more? Creating these artifacts and doing them right can be a grueling labor of love. myself and EsperKnight got the crazy idea to try and localize that Assault Troupe / Troop, Without further ado, here's the have been replaced with their English color equivalent(i.e. Oh, yeah, the patch is here. Enjoy and buy the original game! That was the idea from the start of the project. Playing on real hardware now, so far no crashes!

There are no reviews yet. Awesome year to be a Saturn fan! An absolutely hardcore TRPG for Sega Saturn back from 1998.

fan translators and having tried to bring Sakura Wars to the West. I'm glad you were able to figure it out! Translation Patches on Saturn Hardware?

Well, yeah, this was an unexpected both project and release.

FaustWolf      - For introducing me to the amazing world of fan translations, Saturn hacking.

I've When that happens I need to go in and compare the scripts and fix it. ItsumoKnight - For managing the nz17 extremely difficult for even the ones doing the translation. Then about eight months into the project, it got Nvm, chest bug should be fixed in 1.2 as well. Interview with Dr. Anthony Bean – The ‘Video Game Doc’, St1ka Interview with 3D NES Emulator Creator, TrekkiesUnite118’s English translation of the Saturn version of Grandia, box I designed for Tales of Phantasia on SNES, https://www.facebook.com/SegaSaturnDave/posts/2369061896466795, Sega CD / Sega Saturn replacement game cases 10 pack **SECOND RUN**, Action Replay 4M Plus - Ultimate enhancement for your Saturn console, Otaku 6in3out Amplified Auto SCART Switch Review, DF Retro: Brand New Mega Drive/Genesis Games, A Summarized History Of PlayStation Backwards Compatibility, Wii Dual – HDMI, RGB and Component Upgrade, Wii Virtual Console Games vs. the Originals, Scaling Retro Gaming Captures with Virtualdub.

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