But Jareg's ally protect is a 4 turn cd and I don't have him fast enough to do it every time, so I just do it whenever ready. Rearguard Sergeant - 176 speed. The key difference is that at the start of Round 3, you want to use Rosh’s A1 then you can hit auto. Even the 4:3 champ speed has plenty of room for maneuvering. If you do that and see that maybe SS is really close to Rhazin, for example, you might need to change the speeds up to increase their turn meter difference.

I’m using 172-176-179-181-236 and it work perfect for unm with the 236 champion doing 2 turn before the stun.

Please note that the simulator does not handle turn boosts of any kind, so if something seems wrong, please consider whether you are using speed buffs or skills or masteries that boost turn meters. Most commonly, the consistent pattern emerges after six boss turns, but I’ve seen it take a bit shorter or longer. When mixing these speeds, they are roughly equivalent to the speed with a 20 points difference. All you have done is acted like a Politician. I have added a new Sepulcher Sentinel masteries for Clan Boss and Dungeons. This subreddit is maintained by the players and fans of this game. He is my first Lego and after almost a year, I do not plan to rank him 6 because he is a joke.Â, At least give him a function! You just make sepulcher sentinel a 4:3 speed tune and she is back on track with her block debuffs. I will be able to put a Frost Set on my Skull Lord! The first hero I would like to see Buffed is Harvest Jack.

As you said many people use her, suggesting no buff is needed for clan boss usage since she is already desirable enough and not a vault guardian. Experiment and see! Everyone should have the opportunity to have 1 of there heroes buffed whether they are F2P or P2P. Normally, dealing with both these debuffs requires two champions, but you can do it with just a fast Sepulcher. I posted 6 different Reasons why they should do it. Simply select the corresponding tune and it will take you to a list of all such tunes I've been able to record. @dhr21577: Thanks for your input. But I kept my rotation up against spirit cb, so I'll count that as a win. All 2020 fusions but Rotos are useless, need rework.

If that will OP them then adjust multipliers - just allow their damage to scale with their primary stat so they are more useful. It should contain Buffs to Bad heroes + Decent heroes + Good heroes. Just tried skullcrusher @ 171 to get more crit % and it messed up the whole run. Bushi needs the lowest HP so he always gets targeted by the stun. Sadly, I don't have a buff extender. I am doing something similar too. This makes sense if you want to use Roshcard’s block damage buff to protect your whole team from both AOE attacks. Also with lower speed requirement you may be able to not use speed boots giving your champions higher damage. It may take a few seconds to load. The timing of his skills will also be important. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. Advantages of this setup is you can switch between UNM and NM clan boss by changing speed on your Slow Maneater with one gear piece. More posts from the RaidShadowLegends community. Harvest Jack A2 move is suppose to do Block Buffs - Poison - Decrease Attack. I've seen it happen and then my run went to hell because someone got stunned. Skullcrusher - 171 speed. Between the two the higher one will go first. I think the thread was a very good thread. Sepulcher will do her job better in Clan Boss if the skill is reduced to 3 turns. It also is viable on all affinities.

Here is a Screenshot of Sepulcher A2 move.Â. Gonna update the post to include my team's speeds after the artifact event, in case someone stumbles across this. Stalwart sets and Ixlimor’s passive provide extra damage mitigation, and the result is that I can (usually) last until the clan boss starts ignoring unkillable. I use the same team for NM with sepulcher at 226.

Lastly, Sepulcher Sentinel prioritizes her A1 if no attack down is on, even if her A2 is off cooldown and ready. The problem is Sepulcher A2 move doesn't move in Sync with the Clan Boss. Turn 9 Clan Boss goes -----> Single Target - Stun = UNBLOCKED!!!!!!!!! Another hero I would like to see Buffed is Skull Lord Var-Gall. Posts: 639. I'm struggling to get a 4 key on UNM, so it probably won't happen anytime soon. My normal comp is Sepulcher(254), Frozen Banshee(178),Rhazin(181), Skullcrusher(173), Valk(172). Simple Guidance: You can speed up 1, 2 or even 3 of your champions to move at a 4:3 Speed Ratio to maximize their skills (typically those with a 4 turn cooldown). What I would like is for the game to allow players to reduce this skill to 3.

258-285, 239-285, 171-178, 171-178, 171-172, To run this against affinities and for thorough insight on this composition, read this, 255-256 speeds on the warcasters, 211(cleanser),210(2nd dps),209(skullcrusher), 243-245 (Skullcrusher), 241 (Tower), 195-196, 193, 191, 257 (Tower), 241 (Skullcrusher), 240,192,191, 218 (Maneater 1), 207 (Maneater 2), 182, 178, 174 - NM. Valkyrie posted we will be having a huge Champion Rebalance coming.

Consistently lapping the CB means that she can use her def up and block debuffs ability to block the stun every time. Many of the simple tunes need little to no additional information, the more advanced ones can have whole guides linked within. Remember to look at what happens starting after the CB’s sixth turn to see the consistent pattern that they settle into. I’ve been able to explore lots of different potential setups with the use of an accurate CB simulator (it’s a modified version of a spreadsheet created by kuroshioizo). You can use this to plug in whatever speeds you want, and it will predict the turn order.

232, 231, 230, 191, 176: three fast toons. For Skull Lord to be a useful Crowd Control hero, He needs to Control all the rival heroes.

Skullcrusher. With the right speeds on your team, she can go last before the second AOE attack (which applies the slow debuff), and your whole team will still have block debuffs when the CB does it’s stun attack. It is not really that difficult to make a 4:3 speed tune work. If the CB targets somebody else, they might end up dying on the first AOE before the boss starts ignoring unkillable.

Or the game can allow players to reduce the Cool Down 1 more time. The three examples above involve only one fast toon, but the possibilities don’t stop there.

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