Yismach Moshe [4] The band released its official video for "Another Door Opens" from the album in July. The Holiday of Tisha B’AV 8. Limited Perspective5. 9. Shaliach Mitzvah Man8.

5. Aleph Bet Gimel6. Am Yisrael Chai Minyan Man You Can’t Know Where to Go9. 5. Minyan Man13. Davar Hakol Kol Yaakov8. 3. 1. Halelu She Had to Stare Alef Bet Gimel9. 5. Shlock Rock For Kids Time2. 5. We Are Lighting27. Humentashen8. 3. Tu Bishvat

Askinu Seudasa19. Under the Chupah the Rabbi will have spoken. Achas Shoalti11. Angel From Heaven6.

Track 6. Under the Chupah, Chupah, Under the Chupah they will drink the wine. 11. Spiritual Man10. Judah Maccabi6.

Have You Ever24. S’u Marom

Kel Hahodaos2. Good Name11.

Aliyah Dream Stop 4. 4.

2. Nekadesh13. 8. 6. Closing Theme8. 6. 5. 5. Cycles5. God Sent Us Email3. 4. Sara Rothstein

Kel Adon Nigun 3, Album 36 – Shlock Rock Shlockapella – March 2015 1. Representing 3. Benefit of the Doubt 9. 5. Gabbai of the Shul6. 3. Luckiest Ones in the World Shalom Aleichem Shlomo Keep on Giving7. Shlock Rock is an American-Israeli Jewish rock band, put together in December 1985, and officially founded in 1986, and led by, singer Lenny Solomon,[1] which parodies popular secular songs, substituting new, religious-themed lyrics for the music. Neighbors Yard of Spoken Scenes

The Streets of Jerusalem2. The Best You Can Be 3. 3. The Shuckle Energiah Ten Lanu Koach Aliyah Dream3. Note in the Kotel5. Search. Oogah Oogah Medley 5. Get the Feeling8. Shlock Rock is an American-Israeli Jewish rock band, put together in December 1985, and officially founded in 1986, and led by, singer Lenny Solomon, which parodies popular secular songs, substituting new, religious-themed lyrics for the music. The album was recorded in Haworth, New Jersey. Ruth’s Song 13. Wash this Way10.

Ma Yakar 8. 9. Opening Theme2. Prayer Jumping ... READ MORE », Album 14 – Shlock Rock For Kids Volume 1 – November 1995 View wiki Under the Chupah Parody of Under the Boardwalk – The Drifters Oh when the Choson meets the right girl and loves her true. Another Door Opens9. 3. 5. Track 4. Dror Yikra (yntl mix) Western Wall Sara Rothstein5. Runaway Jacob10. Achas Shoalti 2. Minyan Man Live, Album 3 – Shlock Rock 2 – Purim Torah – February 19871. Six Days of Creation12. 4. 7. The Formula Dodi Li9. 10.

Under The Chupah Sim Shalom12. Copyright 2016 Codevz.

6. 4. Baba Sali10. Achat Shtayim Rap28. 2. Yivarechicha 3. 1. Rock Moshiach Ki Visimcha Old Man Noah7. Track 3. Sara5. ViHaer Eineinu sung by Rabbi Moti Kornfeld

Into the Sea Halelu9. Oogah Oogah Medley6. For over 30 years – Lenny Solomon and his band have done things which no other Jewish Band has done. All Rights Reserved. Kesher Tefillin 12.

Under the Chupah 5. Jewish Pride Revisited 1. Track 5.

V’alu Ayin Tovah5. Arnona, Album 6 – Songs of the Morning – December 1989 Tzitzit 5. Tradition12. Keep on Giving 1. 3. Let’s Go to the Shul6. 7. When I Say Boker Tov2. Tu Bishvat Bo Yiddley God’s Hand is Complete8. Thank God 8. T’ka B’shofar10. Satisfied 8. I Got My Shabbos Z’chor Y’mos Olam And the Kallah sees her man and says He’ll do. Aishet Chayil4. Called Michal5.

Modeh Ani Jericho7. Professor Shnibblestein10. Track 8. Halelu Bein Adam Lechavero4. 6. Echad HaMarbeh 10. Spiritual Medley Finale, Album 20 – Shlock Rock Meet’s The Prophets – August 19991.

4. Shabbat ... READ MORE », Etan G The Jewish Rapper’s first Hip Hop Album. Dodi Li Elokai13.

Someday Lashem Haaretz Under the Chupah she’ll walk seven times. 12. Called Michal 9. Israel’s Song, Album 14 – Shlock Rock For Kids Volume 1 – November 19951, Modeh Ani2. ReJewVenated

Torah Tziva5. When I Say Boker Tov 7.

10. After Mincha11. 1. 10. Rabbi Mendel & Bassie Feldman V’shamru Good Midot3. Hey Brother9. 5. What Happened 12. V’Ahavta7. Baba Sali

Purim Medley27. 3. Recognize the Miracles B’Yado 13. Cycles 10. 4. The 12 Shvatim 1, Ma Tovu Help Me Rambam

Mizmor L’David20. 2. Spiritual Man 2. Peace of Mind 17. Laasok6. My Zeide20. And he will say Haray At Mikudeshes Li.

13. Track 5. Achashverosh 3. 10. 3.

Our King Saul I Make a Bracha2. Come Home12. Orot Anthem4. Rav Yehudah Hanasi9. To Maariv10. Crunchy Munchy Latkes22. 3. 8. Someone Elses Place10. To date they have released 36 albums. We’ve Got a Strong Desire feat. Shlock Rock is a band the creates satires of famous music and uses there own lyrics. For 25 years the Jewish rock band has been teaching Jewish ideas through music using song parodies, original music in English and Hebrew, and children’s songs. Solomon and Shlock Rock tour around the world, playing at concerts, schools, and Jewish events.

Luckiest Ones in the World7. Shake Hands with Your Uncle Max. 8. Humentashen Ki Mitziyon Honor Your Parents 6. 12. Now I Know 9. Track 9. "[6], Shlock Rock parodies popular secular songs, substituting new, Jewish religious-themed lyrics for the originals, and is "best known for songs that educate and entertain through parody."[7][8]. Shlock Rock For Kids Time I Got My Shabbos9.

5. God Sent Us Email G’Milut Chasadim 9. Esa Einai11.

Rock Moshiach9.

Wash This Way 12. Limited Perspective Grape Wine6. Kos Ashreinu The Shlock Rock Almost on Broadway Hora8. New Shul11. Bag of Wofson’s Bagels2. My Menorah3. 1. Achashverosh3. Tzofeh V’Yodeah8. Ki Visimcha We’ve Got a Strong Desire

6. 8.

6. V’Samachta5.


My Kippah Tzion B’Rachamim, Album 30 – Shlock Rock For Kids Party Time – November 20081. Good Midot Bring Back that Shabbos Feeling18. Parody of Under the Boardwalk – The Drifters. Seder Too7. Oh It’s My Succah20. 5. Ribono Shel Olam David Went up to Goliath Guidebook. Generations7. 11. Tu Bishvat Medley24. Aleph Bet Rap30. Naomi4.

Recognize the Miracles8.

Shira Yetaira

Lo Lanu11. 7.

Havdallah11. Chanukah Night’s Alright For Lighting8. 3. Land of our Fathers4. Hachnasat Orchim Ready For Your Words10. Between Faith and Redemption The Melachot12. 7.

Blessed is G-d8. Go Down Moses13. Shilo.

Tu B’AV14. Jews of the World I have also been remiss for quite a while in sending you my sincere gratitude. 1. https://shlockrock.com/testimonials/from-washington-dc-the-turning-point/, Copyright 2016 Codevz. The Seder Started4. Hinay Lo Yanum15. Aseret Yemay Teshuvah17. Baruch Hu Fast Days of the Year8. Lenny grew up in Queens, New York. Track 8. Bench9. 4. Go to Shul7. My Wife Sara6. 1. The Flame – Shalhevet’s Song13. Yiru7. 2. Achashverosh Live, Album 4 – Emunah – February 1988 Shlock Rock is an American-Israeli Jewish rock band, put together in December 1985, and officially founded in 1986, and led by, singer Lenny Solomon, which parodies popular secular songs, substituting new, religious-themed lyrics for the music. Work to Live11.

2. Rav ... READ MORE », Album 32 – Shlock Rock A Shabbat in Liverpool – August 2010 4. Bar Yochai’s World7. 2. Watching the Sunshine12. 2. Torah Scroll10. 6. Recognize the Miracles (G Style), Album 26 Shlock Rock for Kids Volume 3 We’re in the Band November 20051. Yechadshayhu5. 7. Friend Will Pharoah Say Farewell18. Free Will 12. This video is unavailable. We’re Coming Back2. Succah Hop18. ... READ MORE », Album 17 – Lenny Solomon – Mikdash – November 1997 5. Hands of Peace4. Western Wall6. Ani Yehudi3. 10. U’Vacharta, Album 25 – Shlock Rock J-Rap City – September 2005 Under the Chupah 5. Don’t Forget to Bench26. 1. Yigdal7. Lecha Dodi4. Saleinu Al Kteifeinu12. Ein Adir3. Yifkod7.

8. Modeh Ani3. 7. For over 30 years – Lenny Solomon and his band have done things which no other Jewish Band has done. Baruch Hagever5. Choni HaMagil11. No More Bread22. Trust in God Keep on Giving Finale, Album 20 – Shlock Rock Meets The Prophets – August 1999 First Step Amen

Yoshev2. Professor Shnibblestein 13. Modeh Ani Now2. 9. Be Good Be Cool Be Jewish, Album 9 – Shlock Rock 5 ½ The Kosher Police – February 19921. Jewish Pride2. 7. 12. Stop4. 3. I Got My Shabbos5. The Kneina Hora

Wrappin My Tefillin7.

Baruch Hagever He is a proud Jew, always wears his kippah and tzitzit.

We’ll Be Kissing the Mezuzah Dor is Years 11. Shma Kolenu5. 3. He is an amazing boy, and everyone who knows him knows his destiny was to be a Jew. Vachai Bahem7.

All Rights Reserved. Bring Back That Shabbos Feeling

Kah Ribon Olam9.

Under the Chupah Bring Back That Shabbos Feeling3. 8. Watching ... READ MORE », Album 21 – God Sent Us Email – August 2001 The Tug6. Sabbath Blessing Mode, Album 37 Simchat Chayim – August 20161. Tzur Mishelo10. During his elementary school years, (he attended Yeshiva Central Queens) he played the accordian. All Shook Up 4. I am Director of the JCC13. Someday11. https://shlockrock.com/testimonials/from-toronto-saving-a-world/. 3. Grape Wine Spiritual Medley12. Minyan Man feat.

Ki Mitziyon10. Bless on it/Boogie in the Shul Yosef10. The Return of Traif and Tzuris 5. 8.

Hebrew Hokey Pokey14.

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