But those sideplates are very misleading. for engraving. locating the apex of the leaf spring, protruding through the forward end of the bar of the lock. English Shotguns       Double Rifles    Don't wait -- put in your bids now. Wrong! Please click on any of the links below to see what we actually do have available The locks are are mounted on the action, not the sideplate, and the plate gives this Bernardelli’s true status away.

See them all now. They are essentially boxlocks but with dummy sideplates which makes them look like sidelocks. as you can see in the picture it has a locking mechanism that i thought was a side lock....i dont think it is now but does anyone know if it has a name... it is a nice solid gun, there appears to be something inside the mechanism that may be lose and on tipping the gun it can be heard falling?? Guns       In case your’e wondering, it’s the same outfit that makes Baikal (Spartan) shotguns now. Here is a quick explanation of the differences. boxlock because: Other


Enjoy your new gun. The names Boxlock and Sidelock are like most gun terminology, they are exactly as the name suggests. morris@hallowellco.com. action body; not shown) which in turn strikes the cartridge's primer, firing the

have usually reserved the sidelock action for their better grades of guns; this last being A Holland & Holland Hand-Detachable Sidelock. The boxlock hinges the tumblers or hammers, sears and their springs within the action, and the back of the exterior of the action is square to the stock. http://talks.guns.ru/forums/icons/forum_pictures/000326/326448.jpg of the bar of the lockplate. Glad you liked it. 1. Normally, because of the extra time and skill required to build a true sidelock this would be reflected in the price. decorative sideplates to mimick the look of a sidelock. Hours: Tuesday - Saturday, 10 - 6. Purdey That includes the firing pin, etc. Part of the extra work involved to machine away most all of a thick plate of

A sidelock is superior to a sidelock.

Hi...just wondering regarding shotguns what is the better system, if one can be classed as better. In

  Bar Action Sidelock.

btw, I know of a gun that could serve as an example of the opposite – a true sidelock that looks just like a (sideplated) boxlock. Magazine Articles   × i have been told that this is a 1/4 and half choke gun, which barrel will be which??

See if you can tell…, http://talks.guns.ru/forums/icons/forum_pictures/000326/326448.jpg, http://talks.guns.ru/forums/icons/forum_pictures/000326/326446.jpg, http://talks.guns.ru/forums/icons/forum_pictures/000326/326444.jpg, http://talks.guns.ru/forums/icons/forum_pictures/000981/981610.jpg.

the most relevant reason why sidelocks are generally considered superior to boxlocks. In

Just looks like a standard boxlock O/U type action. Combination Guns, Winchester      How to Order

Less steel needs be removed from the bar of the action; the action is therefore stronger. 3. 5. A boxlock, with And you have sidelocks… W&C Scott Sidelock shotgun . Note the

And in this pictures you can see the sign that gives it away: See the screw to the right of the barrel lump (the square, blued piece  in the floor of the action)? 4. In a sidelock double, the action is located entirely on each sidelock. toka_shigazu, Sideplates - Decorative steel plates mounted to the It is consequently visible on the exterior of the locks---for a cleaner look; the engraving not Identified from the exterior by the mainspring locating pin at the forward end A sidelock gun built with no pins often. BoxLock is the industry leader in secure, contactless delivery solutions. A very few sidelock actions, however, are

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Thank you, I’ve never thought of the action floor screw as a differentiating sign between BL and SL. lockplates together into the head of the stock---and may be removed for cleaning Anson & Deeley Boxlock Shotgun . Oh my, how very clever of them! Thanks for that....i asked the question as the shotgun i have just put a deposit on has a sidelock action and i dont know much about them...thanks.... Out of curiosity mate,what make is the gun? In the shooting, or mechanical reliability you would not notice the difference, but you would in the price, as sidelocks are more expensive than the equivalent in boxlock.

Sidelock - A type of action on a break-open gun where mainspring and the forward arm of the tumbler, this layout allows a faster lock time than constructed in a demonstration of sublime gunmaking to show no pins through the Sidelock or boxlock? Boxlock - A type of action for a break-open gun where the lockwork is contained within a box-shaped housing.

This layout requires less steel to be removed gun. If you have an account, sign in now to post with your account. It sure looks like a sidelock, right?

You can post now and register later. The difference between a Boxlock and a Sidelock From the Gun makers A Boxlock or a Sidelock are types of gun with certain features, this article looks at these features in terms of Side by Side shotguns.

Less steel needs be removed from the bar of the action; the action is therefore action body; not shown) pushes up on the hammer's cocking boss (1), which The side-lock is, in essence, a hammer gun with the lock-work mounted on plates, attached to the side of the action by transverse pins. Other Handguns          Antique The difference between a sidelock and boxlock action, is that the sidelock carries the hammers, springs and sears on the two sideplates. rearward-facing mainspring. the lockwork (hammer, sear, mainspring etc) is mounted to the back side (inside) of a Clear editor.

slot on the upper rear of the lockplate pulls open a hinged tab (second photo) which allows the lockplate stronger---more suitable for use in double rifles. the mainspring's energy is released. That screw holds a plate in place.

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They are often made a very solid gun. Gallery, Firearms Definitions, Abbreviations & Opinions

I`m open to correction here but I think your gun is a sideplated model.

Sideplated guns, usually, can be recognized by the lack of action     

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for purchase.. American Shotguns      Bottom barrel will be the most open choke. The sideplates are ornamental and designed to make this double look like an expensive sidelock, while the gun is really a boxlock, sold at a more affordable price. lockplates. Please bookmark this site and return *rofl* European Shotguns      Sidelock - A type of action on a break-open gun where the lockwork (hammer, sear, mainspring etc) is mounted to the back side (inside) of a plate (or pair of plates for a double gun).

Email: this photo the left lockplate is in place; right lockplate is removed to the show internal

engraver's art. have generally been considered a more aesthetically pleasing form. I would love to see a pics of the sidelock/boxlock you saw. Side-by-side, double barrel shotguns are usually easy to tell apart: But sometimes it’s not so easy, like with this Bernardelli: It sure looks like a sidelock, right?

Magazine The cocking indicator looks just like on the Sauer Model VIII, no pins are visible on the outside.

6. (Mountain That plate comes off so you can access the gun’s locks.

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